February 19, 2020

How To Use Namely To Increase Employee Engagement

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Namely is a popular human resources (HR) platform for businesses of all sizes. While it’s probably most used as an HR system of record and HR information system (HRIS) tool, the software does include some helpful employee engagement features. These tools are baked into the general use HR tools in Namely, or your team can elect to set them up separately.

If Namely doesn’t have the right employee engagement and HRIS tools for your needs, we can help you find the perfect software for all your HR requirements. Use our HR Product Selection Tool, and we’ll match you with up to 5 HR software options that meet your feature needs.

Which HR Software is right for your company?



Namely onboarding task list.

A speedy and organized onboarding process keeps new hires engaged and excited for their first day. By setting up processes that smoothly collect and verify pertinent data, Namely helps HR teams get off on the right foot with new hires.

Namely provides an onboarding task management module that helps HR professionals organize and follow up with new hires to ensure all paperwork, initial training, and necessary conversations happen. Use the Namely templates to plan your onboarding, or build your process from scratch. HR can send new employees an unlimited number of esignature documents to keep everything on file in a central location to stay compliant.

Company news feed

Namely engagement through news feed.

One way to improve engagement for individual employees is by ensuring that everyone is informed. Transparency helps improve buy-in, which increases engagement.

Namely increases transparency in teams with their company news feed feature. Upon login, every employee sees the latest news posted by the company and their coworkers in the news feed. Work anniversaries and birthdays are shared automatically, while individuals can use the format to share congratulatory messages, latest employee-related news, and company-wide announcements. The social media style news feed keeps employees informed and engaged.

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Goal setting

Individual performance toward goals in Namely.

When companies align top-level goals with team and individual goals, everyone can draw a direct correlation between the work they’re doing and the company’s vision. Namely offers a goal setting platform where individuals can track progress toward completion.

The goals tool is located within the performance tab, which also includes the employee’s reviews and any tasks assigned to them. The visual location of these three tools and their connections help keep employees aligned to the company’s overarching goals.


Group performance review with Namely.

The reviews tools in Namely give individuals access to all of their performance reviews and those they’ve written for others. These tools also include helpful forms right in Namely for managers and administrators to set up reviews that are simple for employees to use. Review cycles can be automated in the tool, which saves mental load for admins. Every company has access to unlimited reviews, giving them the ability to set up a review cycle that meets their needs.

Task management

Organized and efficient task management is built into every part of the Namely platform. Actions in Namely like time off requests, onboarding asset completion, or benefits enrollment become tasks for the responsible person, and automatically notify the workflow owner when complete. Use task management to guide performance reviews, onboarding, training, benefits enrollment, and follow-up on goals.

Finding the right HR software with employee engagement doesn’t have to be difficult

Namely has some great employee engagement features, but it might not meet the rest of your requirements for an HR software. Use our HR Software Product Selection Tool to get a short list of up to 5 HR software vendors who have the features you need.

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