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Kaiti Norton

Kaiti Norton is’s HR managing editor. Her analytical mindset and knowledge of the HR software industry have earned her a reputation for delivering high-quality, research-driven insight. As a content strategist, Kaiti is committed to helping a diverse audience of business leaders navigate the complex world of HR software.

  • Content strategy.
  • Company culture.
  • DEIB strategy.
  • Process automation.
  • HR software market analysis.
  • Bachelor's of Arts in English and Women's Studies from University of Louisville
Featured In
  • Webopedia
  • Small Business Computing
  • CIO Insight
  • eSecurity Planet
  • The Tennessean
Favorite Technology

In the HR world, I've become a personal fan of software products that pay special attention to work culture, like Lattice, Candor, Empuls, Qualtrics, Bob, and numerous others. Any platform that caters to what makes a company unique — its people — has an edge in my book. Personally, I'm keenly interested in tech that makes my day-to-day life a little smoother. Though I certainly appreciate the analog-ness of vinyl records and French press coffee, I've become an evangelist for smart home gadgets tools like Zapier that help me work smarter.

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