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Our Culture Compass

At TechnologyAdvice we believe our success starts with attracting, hiring, and developing amazing people for our team. In sharing who we are and how we work, we’re giving you insight into our culture so you can make sure it’s a match for you. Our Culture Compass was created to be remarkably explicit and transparent about our unique culture to give you the best opportunity to thrive in our environment and reach your full potential.

We want TA to be the place for you and hope our culture resonates with you! If not, that’s okay. We believe in ensuring that everyone understands and aligns with our team’s goals, fostering a collective sense of purpose that drives our actions and dedication. 

These are not just words on our website. Our core values are foundational to who we are as a company and the success of our team. We strive to achieve our highest potential and are dedicated to making a consistent effort to grow in these areas.

Be transparent

Being transparent is being honest and sharing the reality of a situation, even when it’s hard to hear. Examples include:

  • Asking for help and taking ownership when something isn’t going as planned.
  • Giving honest, constructive feedback to help each other learn and grow
  • Proactively sharing information.

This results in every team member empowering one another and aligning within and across departments to do their best work.

Challenge mediocrity

Challenging mediocrity is bringing ideas to the table. Improving an imperfect process. Examples include:

  • Thinking outside the box.
  • Questioning “why?” with the intent to improve.
  • Working harder, smarter, and more efficiently than the status quo.

The result is that our team, company, and clients improve every day.

Crave knowledge

Craving knowledge is asking questions and digging to find the best possible solutions. Examples include:

  • Learning a new skill, language, talent, or hobby and not stopping there.
  • Shadowing a team member who does something you’re interested in learning more about.
  • Identifying knowledge gaps within yourself and following your curiosity, because the more you know the more our business grows.

This results in our team continuously learning, growing, developing, and producing experts in our field.

Make calculated decisions

Making calculated decisions is analyzing trends and diving deeper into your knowledge base. Examples include:

  • Leaning on data to support your research and ideas.
  • Looking for ways to improve efficiency and processes where they lack.
  • Thinking 3 steps ahead and staying agile as you navigate new paths.

This results in our team using facts, data, and intelligence to guide our business, making us well-rounded and prepared for contingencies.

Value each other

Valuing each other is doing something to make someone else’s day more productive or fulfilling because when one of us wins, we all win. Examples include:

  • Pitching in with administrative or project tasks.
  • Giving back to our community through both financial contributions and volunteering our time.
  • Recognizing and speaking kindly about one another.
  • Supporting one another both personally and professionally.

This results in our team being friendly, genuine, welcoming, helpful, attentive, and willing to roll up our sleeves for the greater good.

A growth mindset

Our team is dedicated to growth and actively seeks opportunities to learn and develop. We see failure as lessons learned. We stay curious and expand our knowledge and skill sets beyond our current capabilities. 


We are always ready to embrace new information and pivot our focus. We are a fast-growing, privately held company and base our decisions on constant feedback and data. Our plans and goals will change so we welcome opportunities for our roles and responsibilities to adapt with us.   

A team-first mentality

We help each other out and organize our days with the big picture in mind. We all work toward a common goal, prioritizing collaboration and open communication. We don’t let titles, location, gender, background, etc. define who gets invited to the table. Your voice and authentic individual ideas are valued and taken seriously.

Intrinsic motivation

We are self-starters and find motivation naturally. We are driven, hold ourselves accountable, and require minimal oversight to remain productive and committed. Due to this, we provide flexibility and autonomy day to day while trusting team members to communicate accordingly. We know what is needed to get the job done.


We navigate ambiguous situations and find innovative ways to overcome challenges regardless of our limitations. Instead of limiting ourselves with “I can’t”, “I don’t know how”, or “Is it possible?”, we ask ourselves ” What would it take?”


We go beyond the immediate tasks at hand to push our goals forward. We expect everyone to be proactive, take initiative to make the most of their work week, spot opportunities for improvement, and take it upon themselves to enact change or make something better.


We believe work is more fun when you know and are known by the people you work with. This can look like being a mentor, directly messaging a colleague to tell them they did a good job, sharing in a meeting, or helping someone out when they need it most. With events like an annual company talent show and virtual happy hours, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and encourage one another through life’s ups and downs. 


We move fast! We have a bias toward taking action and value progress over perfection. Projects and tasks move quickly providing you a way to make an increased impact. We pivot often based on business needs and thrive where we embrace the unknown. We’re all about getting out of our comfort zones, introducing new ideas, and questioning the status quo. There will be learning opportunities when we’re innovating and moving fast! 


Growth varies for everyone, and we’re here to support you, whether you’re an individual contributor or a leader. You will have opportunities to develop new skills, carve your own niche in the business, participate in one of our Employee Resource Groups, ascend to a leadership role, or explore new paths within the organization. We’re invested in your career journey however that looks.


Our workforce spans the globe across four continents, representing a rich tapestry of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. We enjoy the benefits of cross-cultural collaboration, an array of global perspectives, language diversity, and the commitment to cultural sensitivity. We are continuously adapting the way we work, communicate, collaborate, give back, and have fun, to align with being a remote-first organization.

Committed to DE&I

We recognize that diversity extends beyond the color of our skin to include ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, cultural backgrounds, experiences, and skills. Our way of operating is to allow our teammates to show up as themselves every day. We ask our team to equally respect individual differences, and do their best to embrace and amplify the shining light of others. We protect one another by creating inclusive, safe spaces and holding a high standard of trust and respect for individual contributors as well as leaders. By doing this, we have created an environment where people feel valued, trusted, and connected. 

We have big goals ahead and need an extraordinary team to achieve them, so if you read this and get just as excited as we are, the opportunities are endless!

See opportunities at TechnologyAdvice.

This may be just what you’ve been looking for if…

  • You like to try new things and learn from your mistakes.
  • You thrive working at a fast pace.
  • You take ownership of your day and will adjust when needed to get the job done.
  • You enjoy working with people who are different from you.
  • You approach coworkers with kindness and thoughtfulness.
  • You want to be a part of an always-evolving company.
  • You are always challenging yourself to learn and grow.
  • You are resourceful and will figure things out when you don’t know the answer.
  • You are a self-starter who takes initiative when you see opportunities.
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This may not be the place for you if…

  • You struggle to adapt to new opinions or perspectives and don’t want to challenge yourself in this area. 
  • You aren’t looking to derive any kind of meaning from the work you do.
  • You are not willing to commit to maximizing your work week.


We’d love to work with you

No matter who you are or what stage of your career you find yourself, when you join the TechnologyAdvice team you begin an incredible adventure.

Core values

Be transparent

As stakeholders of TA, we deserve to have honest, open, & consistent information about our business. Every employee, no matter the level on the org chart, practices transparency about their work.

Challenge mediocrity

We attack our goals with passion & a sense of urgency. We hold each other accountable & produce results above & beyond expectations.

Crave knowledge

At TechnologyAdvice we continually increase our knowledge, deepen our understanding, & invest in our personal and professional growth.

Make calculated decisions

We combine data with cross-team collaboration & balance diligence with speed to ensure prudent & tactical decisions that grow our business.

Value each other

We go out of our way to lift each other up, applaud victories, & communicate with respect & honesty. We care about the success of the team, and motivate and encourage, one another.