August 24, 2023

5 Best HVAC Apps of 2024

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The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry is transforming. With the rise of smart technology and the increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions, HVAC professionals are turning to mobile applications to enhance service delivery, streamline operations, and provide superior customer experiences. HVAC apps are revolutionizing how technicians and homeowners interact with their systems, from remote diagnostics to real-time temperature control. This article delves into the world of HVAC field service management apps, exploring their myriad features, benefits, and the future potential they hold for the industry. 

After thorough research and analysis of 22 HVAC service apps, we narrowed down the top five for 2024:

  • Housecall Pro: Best invoicing and payment features
  • GorillaDesk: Best for integrated customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Jobber: Best for real-time tracking
  • Connecteam: Best communication tools
  • mHelpDesk: Best for workflow management in HVAC operations

Our picks for the top HVAC apps

Housecall Pro: Best invoicing and payment features


  • Customer review management
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks
  • Online university and other guides
  • Comprehensive mobile app


  • Limited integration with software other than QuickBooks
  • Unnecessary features can lead to feature overload

Scheduling: Easily set up new and recurring jobs, organize your calendar, notify technicians, and manage job details.

Dispatching: Advanced technology to keep track of your employees, allowing you to send the right technician to the appropriate job automatically.

Invoicing: Make invoicing efficient with one-click digital invoicing, auto reminders to customers, and an integration with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Integration: Seamless integration with QuickBooks ensures streamlined financial management, reducing manual data entry and errors.

Review Management: Handle and manage customer reviews to improve and maintain your HVAC business’s online reputation.

Estimates: Create and send professional estimates to potential customers, streamlining the quotation process and improving conversion rates.

Basic Plan:

Price: $49/user/month

Features: Optimized solutions for your business, including credit card rates as low as 2.59%, drag & drop scheduling, real-time dispatching, paperless invoicing, easy estimates, customizable text notifications, in-app employee chat, job cost tracking, review generation, price book management, online booking, employee time tracking, custom local phone number, customizable dashboard, mobile payment processing & tracking, competitive consumer financing, saved key performance reports, instant credit card payouts, mobile app for iOS & Android, and Pro community membership.

Essentials Plan:

Price: $129/month for 1-5 users

Features: All Basic Plan features plus QuickBooks integration, detailed job & estimate reporting, visual price book, flat rate pricing, custom checklists, technician performance tracking, equipment tracking, premium review management, employee GPS tracking, postcard & email marketing, expense cards, live website visitor chat, and Zapier integration.

MAX Plan:

Price: Contact for pricing, accommodates 1-100+ users

Features: All Basic and Essentials Plan features plus advanced reporting, open API integration, key account onboarding specialist, escalated phone support, and the ability to add users for $35/mo each.

Add-Ons Included: Sales proposal tool and recurring service plans (These add-ons are an extra monthly cost for the Basic and Essentials plans with a total value of $80).

Housecall Pro makes the cut due to its seamless and efficient one-click digital invoicing system. With an integration into QuickBooks, it streamlines financial management, reducing manual data entry and errors. The platform’s user-friendly interface and native mobile app make it accessible for technicians on the go. Customer reviews often highlight the software’s reliability and ease of use specifically.

Founded in 2013, Housecall Pro has been dedicated to helping home service professionals thrive. With its roots inspired by a single father who was a house painter, the software was developed to provide professionals with an easy-to-use platform that offers freedom and flexibility in managing their businesses. Serving over 25,000 businesses, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, Housecall Pro offers a comprehensive SaaS operating platform combined with modern financial services. Their relentless innovation has led to the addition of features like BuildBook for construction management and Trade Academy to empower the next generation of tradespeople.

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GorillaDesk: Best for integrated customer relationship management (CRM)


  • Great value compared to competitors
  • Continuous upgrades and new features
  • Helpful and responsive customer support
  • Client-friendly interface


  • Lack of sales commission tracking features
  • Once a job is marked complete, users cannot go back and add to the invoicing.

Estimating Software: GorillaDesk streamlines the estimating workflow, allowing users to create, send, and track estimates with ease. Once an estimate is accepted, an invoice can be generated quickly.

Recurring Invoices: The platform supports the creation of recurring invoices, accommodating various frequencies like monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Drag & Drop Calendar: GorillaDesk offers a birds-eye view of the schedule, providing drag-and-drop flexibility for creating customers, adding jobs, and making adjustments.

Job Scheduling Simplified: The software allows for easy scheduling of recurring jobs. If there’s a need to cancel or reschedule, users can adjust a single job or all future jobs with a click.

Efficient Resource Management: The job scheduling software is designed to help businesses manage their fleet and resources efficiently as new bookings come in.

Customizable Estimates: Users can add estimates to service templates for existing jobs or create stand-alone estimates for customers, ensuring accuracy and professionalism.

Free trial available

Basic Plan – $49/month

Client Manager (CRM)

Quotes & Estimates

Scheduling & Dispatching

Route Planning

Invoicing & Payments

Credit Card Processing

Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Pro Plan: $99/month

Everything in Basic, plus:

QuickBooks Sync

Subscription Billing

Route Optimization

Customer Portal

Review Generation

Device Tracking

Documents & eSignatures

GorillaDesk’s commitment to streamlining operations while enhancing customer relationships sets it apart. 

Its intuitive Client Manager integrates with other essential features, ensuring HVAC businesses can efficiently manage customer interactions from initial contact to invoicing. The platform takes a holistic approach to CRM, combined with a user-friendly interface and extensive functionalities.  Overview

GorillaDesk is a field service management software tailored for businesses that operate on-the-go, such as HVAC professionals. Designed with mobile entrepreneurs in mind, it offers features like scheduling, invoicing, and automation, all accessible through user-friendly mobile and desktop apps. In addition to being a popular option for HVAC, its versatile tools and functionalities make it suitable for various industries.

Jobber: Best for real-time tracking


  • Recurring job feature
  • Client email reminders
  • Comprehensive client overview
  • Route management and scheduling


  • Data saving issues and bugs reported
  • Easy to duplicate entries; hard to clean them up

Client Manager (CRM): Jobber’s CRM centralizes customer data, offering a complete history of interactions and jobs.

Job Management: Jobber consolidates the job process from quoting to invoicing with tools like automated follow-ups.

Scheduling & Dispatching: Jobber’s calendar facilitates easy job scheduling, team assignments, and route optimization.

Online Booking: Customers can book appointments directly, and Jobber handles the scheduling.

Invoicing & Payments: Jobber simplifies invoicing with automated reminders and integrates online payments.

Customer Experience Enhancements: Jobber offers automated reminders, a client portal, and two-way texting to improve client communication.


Price: $9/user/month

Number of users: 1


Price: $49/user/month or $40/user/month (billed annually)

Number of Users: 1


Price: $129/month for up to 5 users, or $104/month for up to 5 users (billed annually)

Number of users: Up to 5


Price: $249/month for up to 15 users or $200/month for up to 15 users (billed annually). Extra users can be added for $29/month each.

Number of users: Up to 15, with the option to add more at an extra cost

We recognized Jobber as the best HVAC app for real-time tracking largely due to its intuitive interface that offers a live view of team locations, job statuses, and route progress, ensuring technicians are always in the loop. This real-time insight boosts our operational efficiency and fosters trust with clients, as it can provide timely updates. Jobber’s commitment to transparency and seamless tracking capabilities also bolstered our choice.

Jobber offers a range of features tailored for the HVAC industry, ensuring efficient job management from initial customer contact to invoicing. Key capabilities include real-time scheduling and dispatching, a robust client manager (CRM), and seamless invoicing processes. The platform also boasts a user-friendly mobile app, enabling HVAC professionals to manage their tasks on the go. Jobber’s newer features include a drag-and-drop calendar, credit card processing, and business financing options, further enhancing its utility for HVAC businesses.

Connecteam: Best communication tools


  • Ongoing efforts to enhance software based on user feedback
  • Straightforward pricing structure
  • Responsive support team
  • Comprehensive solution for HVAC


  • Issues with GPS reported
  • Some specific feature requests are still to be implemented

GPS Time Tracking: Ensures staff is at the right place and on time, providing a clear overview of technician utilization and time-to-completion.

Schedule and Dispatch: Allows building of work schedules accessible via mobile phones, with job information like location and tasks. It also facilitates easy management of availability, shift swaps, and last-minute changes.

Task Management: Assign tasks to individuals or teams and track their real-time progress. This feature ensures that tasks are completed efficiently and on schedule.

Digital Reports and Forms: Technicians can fill out, add images to, and sign digital reports, forms, and checklists, ensuring accurate and timely documentation.

Instant Communication: Provides a platform for immediate communication with staff via chat, file sharing, and direct client contact through the app.

Guidelines and Policies Access: Boosts quality control and consistency by providing technicians with on-the-go access to essential guidelines and policies.

Free plan available

Operations Basic: $35/month (or $29/month if billed annually)

For the first 30 users

Each additional user costs $0.6/month ($0.5/month if billed annually)

Includes time tracking with all report types, GPS, unlimited jobs, shift info, open shift claiming, and more

Operations Advanced: $59/month (or $49/month if billed annually)

For the first 30 users

Each additional user costs $1.8/month ($1.5/month if billed annually)

Includes everything in Operations Basic, plus advanced filtering, smart groups, geofencing for the time clock, recurring tasks, and more

Operations Expert: $119/month (or $99/month if billed annually)

For the first 30 users

Each additional user costs $3.6/month ($3/month if billed annually)

Includes everything in Operations Advanced, plus live GPS tracking, multi-branch management, process automation, and more

Connecteam stands out as the premier HVAC app for communication tools, primarily due to its holistic approach to team interaction. It offers instant chat capabilities, ensuring real-time communication between technicians and the back office. Sharing files, images, and in-app assets streamlines information flow, reducing misunderstandings. Additionally, technicians can directly contact clients through the app, maintaining professionalism without compromising personal contact details. The added feature of contact notes ensures that client preferences are always at the forefront.

Born from a need to simplify business operations, Connecteam focuses on clear communication, efficient training, and smooth operations. The company’s guiding principles prioritize customer needs, teamwork, and dedication. Over time, Connecteam has introduced new features, including improved GPS tracking for time logging and enhanced scheduling tools.

mHelpDesk: Best for workflow management in HVAC operations


  • Easy navigation of the platform
  • Helpful tutorials
  • Responsive customer service
  • Free trial and setup


  • Cancellation complications reported
  • Loss of data while using the app was reported

End-to-End Job Management: mHelpDesk offers a robust job management system that integrates dispatching, scheduling, custom forms, and billing. This comprehensive system tracks each step, from the initial customer contact to payment, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Workflow Management: The software provides complete visibility over your workflow, allowing you to track each job stage from start to finish. It can be customized to mirror your current workflow and automate processes.

GPS Tracking: mHelpDesk offers GPS tracking using any iOS or Android device. This feature provides real-time location data, integrates with Google Maps, and doesn’t require any special hardware.

Custom Forms: The software comes with an easy-to-use custom form builder, allowing businesses to fill out forms on both web and mobile. This ensures that field data syncs back to the office in real time.

Staff Communication: mHelpDesk emphasizes seamless communication with its integrated messaging system. It offers automated appointment push alerts, email and text alerts, and a log of all communications.

Mobile Access: The mHelpDesk mobile app, available for iOS and Android, ensures field technicians can access their scheduled jobs. The app also supports offline access, allowing work to continue without an internet connection.

Starting from $169/user/month

In our quest to identify the best HVAC FSM for workflow management, mHelpDesk emerged as the clear winner. Its comprehensive job management system seamlessly integrates dispatching, scheduling, custom forms, and billing, offering a holistic view of operations from start to finish. The platform’s adaptability allows businesses to tailor workflows to their needs, ensuring efficiency at every step. Moreover, its intuitive design and real-time data synchronization make it a valuable tool for HVAC professionals.

mHelpDesk, founded in 2007 by two former Lockheed Martin engineers, has grown into a leading field service management software. With its roots in developing enterprise web applications for significant entities like the Department of Defense and the Army, mHelpDesk brings a wealth of experience to its platform. 

Tailored for industries including HVAC, the software offers a comprehensive job management system, GPS tracking, custom forms, and a mobile app for on-the-go access. Over the years, mHelpDesk has continuously evolved, introducing new features to enhance its capabilities, ensuring it remains a top choice for professionals seeking efficient workflow management.

Why is field service management software important for HVAC businesses? 

Field service management software is pivotal for HVAC businesses. At its core, HVAC operations involve intricate coordination between office staff, field technicians, and customers. FSM software streamlines this coordination, ensuring timely and efficient service delivery. 

With features like scheduling and dispatching, businesses can allocate tasks optimally, reducing downtime and ensuring the right technician is assigned to the right job. Inventory management components ensure technicians have the necessary tools and parts, preventing job delays. Integrated customer relationship management systems enhance customer interactions, fostering loyalty and repeat business. 

Real-time tracking and route optimization reduce travel time and costs, while reporting tools provide invaluable insights into business performance, highlighting areas for improvement. In essence, FSM software consolidates various operational facets of an HVAC business into a unified platform, driving efficiency, improving service quality, and ultimately boosting profitability.

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Finding the right HVAC app for you

Having the right FSM software can be the difference between operational excellence and missed opportunities. As the industry evolves, so do the tools designed to support it. The perfect HVAC app should streamline your current processes and be adaptable to future needs. When choosing, it’s essential to consider features, user-friendliness, scalability, and support. 

Remember, the best software aligns with your business goals, empowers your team, and enhances customer satisfaction. Take the time to research, test, and invest in a solution that truly fits your HVAC business.

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An HVAC app is a software tool designed to streamline and manage operations specific to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry.

The benefits of using an HVAC app include improved scheduling, efficient job management, enhanced customer communication, and real-time tracking of technicians and inventory. 

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