February 21, 2019

3 FSM Apps That Double as Performance Management Tools

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Quick access to information is crucial for managing your mobile workforce.

When it comes to choosing a field service management tool, you usually look for systems with dashboards that display quick stats about which workers are assigned to various tickets. You primarily want to see an overview of your working capacity, but do you also consider how the FSM will assist with your team’s performance management goals?

If you’re like most field managers, the answer is probably “no,” but maybe it’s time to rethink that. While performance management tools are usually standalone tools or bundled with an HR system, here are a few FSMs that also include performance management features.

Which FSM Software
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ServiceTitan offers a variety of software product offerings including a dispatching solution for field workers. Not only does this tool offer standard dispatching options like document management, automated navigation, and messaging, but it also offers the unique feature of technician scorecards.

Scorecards give managers the info needed to assign the right person to the job, displaying work history, call logs, and a Capacity Planning tool that shows skill strengths for each technician. Since ServiceTitan records this information, managers can identify opportunities for improvement across their team and set KPI goals accordingly.

Standout Feature: The Capacity Planning tool helps managers and dispatchers pair work orders with the most capable technician.

Service Pro

Similar to ServiceTitan’s Capacity Planning tool, Service Pro allows dispatchers to designate preferred technicians to various work orders. This not only matches technicians to jobs based on the technician’s skills, but it also pulls insights from the customer’s work order history to ensure their needs are met.

But Service Pro has an additional feature that makes it attractive from a performance management standpoint. A task tracking feature lets dispatchers and managers create, assign, and monitor tasks for technicians. When it comes to long term projects and performance improvement, this feature definitely comes in handy.

Standout Feature: Task tracking allows managers to create, assign, and monitor tasks for technicians, lending better visibility into project progress and individual technician performance.


While ServiceTrade doesn’t allow you to assign work orders to technicians based off their competencies, it does offer a unique Service Review feature that allows technicians to request a review from happy customers, on the spot.

This feature is obviously good for collecting feedback from satisfied customers, but its real value lies in its ability to automatically post testimonials on your company website, which improves search engine optimization (SEO).

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What’s more, the Service Review feature can also generate heat maps for managers that show where the most satisfied customers are and where service coverage could be expanded or improved. This also lends insight into individual performance based on which technicians typically cover a certain geographic area.

Standout Feature: The Service Review feature automatically posts reviews from happy customers on the company website in addition to generating heat maps for managers to view service coverage.

Field service management tools already pack a heavy punch in terms of features and capabilities, but finding an FSM that works for your business and includes basic performance management features is a double win.

When it comes to finding such a solution, you have a lot of options to choose from. Visit our Field Service Management Product Selection Tool to learn more, or contact us for a free shortlist of the best FSM software from one of our Tech Advisors.