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About PerformYard

PerformYard is a performance management company headquartered in Rosslyn, VA. The company was founded to make performance reviews, feedback, and goals easy to manage. PerformYard allows HR to build custom appraisal processes using a long list of flexible features, it helps managers complete reviews quickly without extra admin work, and it gives employees a record of their achievements so everyone knows where they stand.

PerformYard’s cloud-based solution automates the performance appraisal process from start to finish. The platform automatically distributes review forms, sends reminders, collects sign-offs, cleans your data, aggregates feedback for analysis, and compiles reports. With PerformYard the traditionally burdensome review cycle all happens on auto-pilot.

PerformYard will manages any type of feedback your organization solicits: 90 day reviews, annual rankings, project-based 360s, client feedback, weekly check-ins and everything else is easy to implement in the intuitive and modern software. The feedback from a diverse list of sources can all be kept securely in one place.

PerformYard uses a dedicated implementation team so migrating your existing process does not have to be a big project. Most customers report being fully switched over to PerformYard in under two weeks. Your implementation manager and customer success representative are always available to you on the phone, through email or the in-app chat box. Support is free and unlimited.

PerformYard works for companies of any size that are looking for a low-cost and flexible solution for performance management, especially those organizations who want to streamline and formalize a burdensome and makeshift process. 

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