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PerformYardProduct Overview

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  4. Breakdown of core features

PerformYard product overview

PerformYard provides a modern software system that simplifies performance management for everyone. It enables HR teams to build their vision with flexible features and delivers a manageable employee experience.

With a few clicks in the system, users can streamline review cycles, distribute forms, send reminders, collect sign-offs, clean data, analyze feedback, and compile reports. Feedback across the organization happens in one place. This includes everything from 90-day reviews, annual rankings, project-based 360s, client feedback, and weekly check-ins to anything else HR teams want to be part of the process.

PerformYard has an intuitive and user-friendly design, so everyone from the CFO to the intern will feel comfortable and find what they need. As a result, employees can concentrate on feedback rather than software.  It also provides a dedicated customer success manager for every new customer to ensure total confidence when launching the first cycle. The success manager is available five days a week by phone or email. Additionally, they conduct training for the rest of the organization.

Pros of PerformYard

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  • PerformYard offers flexibility for HR to build custom performance management strategies. The solution has extensive features that can accommodate many performance management processes. It comes with numerous options for timing, forms, reviewers, sign-offs, workflows, visibility, and permissioning to make sure that the software does not limit the vision of the HR professional.
  • For employees, PerformYard is straightforward and minimalist. Its simple user experience, extensive email alerting, and single sign-on enable employees to zero in on giving and receiving great feedback rather than learning a new tool. Whether employees sign in once a week or once a year, they will find it uncomplicated to navigate PerformYard.

Cons of PerformYard

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  • For maximum value, users should be opinionated on the performance management process that’s right for their organization.
  • It is not the best fit for small organizations with fewer than 20 employees. The complexity of managing a performance process at that scale does not justify investing in a software solution of PerformYard’s caliber.

Breakdown of core features

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Performance check-ins

The software facilitates any review process across any frequency, and with a multitude of customizable inputs. HR teams can choose from a variety of question types to get the answers the staff want and include up-to-date goal performance in their reviews.

Users can monitor cycles with a live progress dashboard that equips managers and HR staff with the necessary information to ensure high participation rates. HR teams can also incorporate feedback from employees across the organization, including self assessments, feedback from direct reports, and multiple managers or executives. PerformYard allows input on employee performance from anyone outside the organization at no additional cost.

Goal management

This performance management software tool structures dynamic goals, and objectives update as business priorities change. It gives insight into goal progress and breaks them down into manageable and achievable parts that are shareable to the rest of the organization.

Users can cascade goals to document and communicate strategies across the organization. Every employee can define and track their individual goals, all tied to the company’s strategy and objectives. The software empowers managers to learn where the team is excelling and falling off track, with the visibility from updates, rollups, and influences. HR teams can use these insights to adjust resources and change direction.

Continuous feedback

PerformYard streamlines ongoing feedback to recognize achievement, document individual performance, and save important notes. It makes feedback a continuous dialogue that helps employees succeed.

The solution keeps managers and company leadership informed about employee performance in a documented, privacy-conscious manner. Managers can see a full track record of important information about their staff. Users can filter team feedback by contributor, date, and type, so finding the details that matter is more convenient.

Dedicated human support

PerformYard includes account setup, live training sessions, a dedicated success manager, and anytime phone support for every customer. Before launching the first review or check-in cycle, users can have the confidence that every last detail is in place.

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Quick Facts

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    All Industries
  • Pricing
  • Works Best For
    Any Sized Businesses





  • Assessments
  • Self, Manager, and Peer Assessment
  • Competency Assessment
  • New Hire Assessment
  • Custom Rating Scales
  • Assessment Comments
  • Assessment Comments with Attachment Capability
  • 9-Box Grid
  • Overall Employee Score
  • Anniversary Review
  • Custom Reporting
  • Custom Alerts
  • Custom Review Timeline
  • Assessment Status Report
  • Feedback
  • 360-Degree Feedback
  • Spontaneous Feedback
  • Peer Feedback
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Blind Feedback
  • Comments with Attachments for Managers & Employees
  • Supports External Reviewers
  • Feedback Status Report
  • Custom Reviewer Groups
  • Goals & OKRs


  • ADP
  • UKG
  • BambooHR
  • Gusto
  • Rippling
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Workspace
  • Okta
  • One Login
  • Custom SSO through SAML 2.0

Pricing Model

  • Per-employee basis


  • English