May 14, 2019

5 JazzHR Competitors To Help With Your Recruiting Efforts

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If you’re looking for a new applicant tracking system (ATS), it’s probably safe to assume that you’ve already looked into JazzHR. While JazzHR is an excellent and popular tool, this doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for every company

This article provides a general guide to comparing ATS solutions, but you can also receive a personalized list of the best ATS solutions for your needs by giving us a call at 877.702.2082 or by completing the form at the top of our Applicant Tracking Systems page.

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Here are five of the best JazzHR competitors, in no particular order.


Screenshot of SmartRecruiters candidate view of a senior product development engineer

Based in San Francisco, SmartRecruiters is another industry-leading ATS with a full recruitment system. This solution allows recruiters and hiring managers to sync job postings across a number of different popular job boards in addition to creating your own Sourcing Dashboard.

The Sourcing Dashboard pulls together candidates from across a number of different job boards such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and others. SmartRecruiters regularly adds new features based on customer feedback, but this abundance of features may seem overwhelming to some people, especially those who work at smaller companies.


Screenshot of Jobvite onboarding dashboard for a new copywriter

Candidate nurturing is a common feature among ATS solutions, but Jobvite takes a unique approach to candidate nurturing based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Using a method called Continuous Candidate Engagement (CCE), Jobvite sends intelligent nurture cadences that are designed to reach candidates at the optimal times and frequencies for receiving applications. This solution also integrates with social media platforms for finding candidates outside of job boards.

While Jobvite is short on drawbacks, it does offer little flexibility in the way of customizing recruiter emails. Email communication sent from your company to candidates will come from a Jobvite email address, and you can’t add custom signatures to emails at this time.


Screenshot of emailing a candidate for an in-person interview on Recruiterbox

Most recruiters face a Catch-22: they either can’t get enough applicants, or they get a lot of irrelevant applicants. RecruiterBox wanted to ease this pain point, so they developed an ATS that has candidates answer qualifying questions upfront.

This helps to weed out applicants that aren’t a good fit, so you can spend more time focusing on candidates that show more promise. RecruiterBox also offers a lightweight design and good UX that makes for an easy-to-use tool.

Like Jobvite, though, RecruiterBox also doesn’t allow you to customize email communication between you and a candidate, so you will probably need to send emails outside of the system if you want to ensure they aren’t caught by spam filters.


Screenshot of candidate pool in Workable

If you’re a smaller team or looking for a no-frills solution that gets the job done, Workable might be for you. Workable’s main selling point is its ease of use, but it also offers a People Search browser extension for Google Chrome.

People Search lets you find candidates’ email addresses, résumés, and more, all from searching their names. This extension sources data from trusted sources, and it even lets you download candidate information as a PDF document.

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While Workable users sing its praises, they do acknowledge that it’s built as an out-of-the-box solution. So if you’re a larger company looking for a highly customizable ATS, Workable may not be for you.

Zoho Recruit

Screenshot of dashboard in Zoho Recruit

If you’re an experienced ATS user, Zoho Recruit offers a standout solution with no limits on the number of candidates you can keep on record.

Zoho Recruit also integrates seamlessly with the other SaaS offerings from Zoho, so you can easily create CRM records for candidates if you also use Zoho CRM.

While this tool is highly customizable and flexible for a variety of different business’ needs, it does leave something to be desired in terms of its UX. If you’re a seasoned user of ATS software, you shouldn’t have any problem getting up and running with Zoho Recruit, but for those new to ATS software, this tool presents a learning curve.

We can help with your search.

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