February 9, 2023

Top JazzHR Competitors & Alternatives for 2023

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Key Takeaways

  • JazzHR is one of the top applicant tracking systems, but it’s not the right choice for all recruiters.
  • BreezyHR, Workable, and Greenhouse are all worthy JazzHR alternatives to consider if you’re looking for a stand-alone ATS.
  • BambooHR and Zoho offer an ATS in addition to other HR software functionality if you need more features.

JazzHR is one of the best stand-alone applicant tracking systems (ATS) on the market today. The software updates antiquated hiring processes with an easy-to-use interface, centralized candidate dashboards, and white-label branding options.

However, JazzHR may not be the best fit for recruiters with either low or high-volume hiring needs. It also lacks additional human resource capabilities beyond just the ATS. If you’re a JazzHR customer looking to upgrade your ATS, we’ve rounded up the best JazzHR alternatives to guide your search.

Keep your business’s unique recruiting needs in mind as you compare the top JazzHR alternatives. If none of the options seem like a good fit, explore our ATS Software Guide to find the right solution.

JazzHR alternatives

Breezy HR is the best ATS for small businesses with small teams.

Workable is the best all-around ATS that will work for businesses of any company size.

Greenhouse is the best ATS for fast-growing businesses that are hiring staff quickly.

BambooHR is the best choice for recruiters who need human resources (HR) software in addition to an ATS.

Zoho Recruit is the best pick for businesses that want a fully integrated software stack.

Breezy HR: Best ATS for small businesses

The BreezyHR logo.

If you’re specifically in the marketing for a recruiting and hiring tool, Breezy HR’s applicant tracking system features an easy-to-navigate drag-and-drop interface plus dozens of integrations that cover the major HR software. This stand-alone ATS offers a forever-free version of its recruiting software for small businesses, which sets it apart as a JazzHR competitor. If you need to upgrade, the transparent pricing schedule has tiers that make sense for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

Custom questionnaires

Overwhelmed with candidates that don’t match your recruiting needs? Find the right talent and identify qualified candidates faster with Breezy HR’s custom questionnaires. The questionnaire features eight question types, including video responses. JazzHR does offer a questionnaire option as well, but Breezy HR’s capabilities are more robust.

HR and recruitment templates

Most hiring tools, including JazzHR, offer a few native recruiting templates that companies can tweak. However, Breezy HR goes above and beyond by offering more than 800 templates that make it easy for employees to generate offer letters, ask for employee references, and more. This is especially helpful for small teams who don’t have time to write every document from scratch.

Reasons to choose Breezy HR over JazzHR

  • Forever-free version for small businesses
  • Easy scheduling
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Dozens of integrations

Workable: Best all-around ATS

The Workable logo.

Workable is one of the best-reviewed applicant tracking systems on the market, and it’s the one that will satisfy most businesses’ recruitment needs. Workable offers a great balance of features for various pricing tiers as well as a pay-per-job pricing plan that allows for flexibility if you don’t necessarily need a full monthly subscription. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is also built into the recruitment tools to assist companies with meeting DEI hiring goals.

Internal job board

Promote from within and fill open positions more quickly with Workable’s specially designed internal job board. This internal job board makes it easy to centralize all of your open positions and make them visible to the entire company. While JazzHR does offer the option to post a job internally, it doesn’t have a central job board as Workable does; you have to promote the link to the individual job post via other company messaging channels.

AI functionality

Tired of your recruiting team wasting their time on manual, repetitive tasks instead of doing actual talent acquisition? Workable offers a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) functionality that optimizes recruiting processes, such as auto-sourcing passive candidates who fit your job criteria. JazzHr does offer the ability to automate certain workflows within the tool, but currently Workable provides more powerful AI features.

Reasons to choose Workable over JazzHR

  • Pay-per-job pricing plan option
  • DEI resources
  • Internal job board
  • Proprietary AI functionality

Greenhouse: Best ATS for growing businesses

The Greenhouse logo.

Greenhouse is another ATS that is probably the closest direct competitor to JazzHR. When compared directly, Greenhouse’s features tend to be a touch more comprehensive and sophisticated than JazzHR, and it offers significantly more built-in integrations.

The system has a well-designed user interface (UI), and the candidate-facing portal makes a great impression on potential hires. It’s also GDPR-compliant, which is a plus for international companies hiring in Europe. However, the pricing isn’t transparent, and there is no free trial offered, which is a big change from JazzHR.

Job board access

Greenhouse provides access to over 1,000 job boards, which is a lot more than many competitors and will greatly increase job posting visibility. This contrasts with JazzHR’s more limited job board offering; combined, it allows users to post to less than 60 free and paid job boards, which is a significant decrease.

Scorecard ratings

Greenhouse has developed a unique rating system that uses symbols and colors to quickly gather impressions of candidates and help eliminate biases in the assessment process. JazzHR did recently implement candidate scorecards after many years of not offering them, but its scorecards just use a basic star rating system, and the design isn’t as visually appealing as Greenhouse’s is.

Reasons to choose Greenhouse over JazzHR

  • More integrations with third-party apps
  • Access to 1,000 job boards
  • Visual scorecard rating system
  • GDPR-compliant

BambooHR: Best HR software suite

The BambooHR logo.

Sometimes, you don’t just need an ATS but also an entire HR software suite, and that’s where providers such as BambooHR come in. BambooHR is a highly-rated HR solution that also includes ATS, so you don’t need a separate HR software stack. Its features cover the entire employee life cycle, from recruiting and hiring to payroll and benefits to performance management and offboarding. BambooHR is specifically designed for SMBs, so it’s a great option if your company is growing fast but doesn’t need enterprise-level HR tech yet.

Automatic alerts

Never miss out on a potential job application with automatic recruiting alerts from BambooHR. Not only does the system give you a notification when a candidate is ready to advance, it’s also available across the HR software instead of just being confined to the ATS. While JazzHR does offer email alerts as well, you won’t get notifications for other HR processes.

Communication tools

If you constantly have to track down messages and email threads in other apps, BambooHR will help you centralize all recruiting communication thanks to its in-app messaging. JazzHR does not offer native messaging tools, so you will need to rely on third-party apps to communicate with the rest of your talent acquisition team.

Reasons to choose BambooHR over JazzHR

  • Full HR capabilities
  • No need for separate HR software
  • Automatic alerts and reminders
  • In-app communication tools

Zoho Recruit: Best business software stack

The Zoho Recruit logo.

In other cases, you’re looking for even more than HR tech: You need an entire business software stack that works together seamlessly. While you can subscribe to the Zoho Recruit ATS à la carte, it really shines when used in conjunction with not just Zoho’s HR suite but the entire Zoho software stack.

If you are looking not just for an ATS but for an entire suite of software that works together, then Zoho is definitely worth considering. While it’s not as complex as enterprise solutions like SAP or Oracle, Zoho’s products are much easier to navigate, making it a great option for small to large companies looking for a comprehensive software solution without a prohibitive learning curve.

Assessment templates

Standardize candidate assessments and make final hiring decisions easier with assessment templates from Zoho. Zoho Recruit offers multiple types of assessment types that come pre-populated with questions you can then customize. JazzHR does offer the option to create assessments, but it has fewer types and templates than Zoho does.

Personalized portals

Zoho Recruit offers customizable portals for job candidates, vendors, and clients, making it a flexible solution for both a staffing agency and an in-house HR team. JazzHR is actually one of the few ATS that offer white label capabilities too, so if that’s the feature that was tilting your decision towards JazzHR, then it’s definitely worth looking into Zoho’s personalization options as well.

Reasons to choose Zoho over JazzHr

  • Full-stack software solution
  • Integration with other Zoho products
  • Assessment templates
  • Personalized portals

JazzHR Limitations

JazzHR has a lot going for it, which is why we included it on our list of best ATS software for 2023. For starters, all plans include unlimited users. The software has an easy-to-use interface, and the candidate profiles centralize all information in one place. Customizable recruiting workflows and automation features optimize recruitment processes such as document management. The white-label capabilities help set it apart from other ATS systems.

But, JazzHR also has its own drawbacks. It has an unusual pricing scheme that features a 6x jump in pricing from the base tier to the middle tier. The base plan only offers limited functionality and job listings, which means you need to be willing to pay for at least the middle-tier plan to make the most of this ATS. In other words, JazzHR is not the most cost-effective option on the market and may be too expensive for small businesses. 

Cost isn’t the only disadvantage of using JazzHR:

  • It offers fewer integrations than some competitors; this may be a deal breaker since it’s only an ATS and not a full HR software suite.
  • It posts to fewer job boards than some competitors — it syncs to about 15 free job boards and less than 40 paid job boards — which may limit the reach of a job posting and slow down the hiring process.
  • There is no dedicated mobile app, which is something that is offered by most competitors.

In short, JazzHR is the best choice for midsize businesses looking primarily for an ATS as opposed to HR tech with ATS functionality. If you are a small business, there are other ATS systems out there that offer a more enticing entry-level plan. And if you are a large business or enterprise, you’ll likely want a more robust ATS that can keep up with your high-volume hiring activities.

Choosing the right alternative to JazzHR

JazzHR is one of the most recommended stand-alone ATS systems, but it’s not the right fit for every business. If you’re specifically looking for an ATS, there are several great JazzHR alternatives on the market that may meet your needs better.

If you’re a small business looking to get started with your first ATS, check out BreezyHR’s forever-free plan. If you want the best ATS overall, consider Workable’s excellent balance of features and prices. And if you’re a rapidly growing business, Greenhouse’s unique functionality can help you take your staffing to the next level.

If you’re not just looking for an ATS but also an HR software, BambooHR offers basically every core HR function in one easy-to-navigate package. And Zoho offers ATS and HR tools alongside an entire stack of business software that integrates seamlessly with each other.

Choosing an ATS system is a complex decision. If none of these vendors meet your needs, check out our ATS Software Guide to browse other solutions.

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