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Computer and Technology, Customer Service / Call Centers, eCommerce, Government / Public Administration, Healthcare, Marketing / Public Relations, Staffing / Recruiting, Non-Profit / Public Sector, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Retail and Wholesale, Telecommunications
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Any Sized Businesses

About Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a recruiting software platform that helps companies find qualified candidates, conduct interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions. Greenhouse assists hiring representatives in planning, sourcing, interviewing and hiring phases.

Greenhouse allows companies to assign role to hiring team members, allowing two-way communication on expected tasks and data results. Each job assigns one or more people to the roles of Hiring Manager, Recruiter, Coordinator, or Sourcer. Greenhouse has a variety of user types, as well as policies and permissions that can be set by an indvidual company. Communication is streamlined through saved email templates, email tokens, social media @mentions, and in-house communication and collaboration features.

Companies can utilize Greenhouse interview kits allow prospective hires to communicate directly with HR representatives, sync schedules, review role context and expectations, and upload their resume. Job vacancies can be automatically pushed to integrated job search sites, such as SimplyHired, Indeed, and Glassdoor.  Greenhouse helps companies make evidence-based hiring decisions with a dashboard view of everyone’s feedback, ensuring a data-based conversation.

Greenhouse provides data-driven reports to accelerate the hiring process. Users have access to sourcing, pipeline, timing and performance management reports. Each report can be exported to Exel, and includes a variety of filtering options, along with the ability to drill down into each number to see the actual candidates being referenced. Mobile capabilities are available on iOS and Android devices, and allow users to access content from anywhere.

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