April 7, 2021

Building a Strong Executive Team: Benefits of Using eLearning to Train Millennials

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Millennials have been in the workforce for a while now, and they’re rising up the ranks in many companies. Many are managers in their workplace, but they’re finding it difficult to rise to that next executive level.

If you’re an executive that prefers to promote from within your own company, you may be wondering how you can get these managers ready for the next step in their career. eLearning may be the answer you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll show you the benefits of using eLearning software for training your millennial managers to become kick-ass executives.

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Improving engagement for millennials in the workplace

Employee engagement is one of the toughest challenges for employers, and it seems to be exacerbated with millennials. Only about 29 percent of millennials are engaged in their workplace, and about 60 percent are open to other job opportunities. Growth opportunities and continual learning can help keep millennials engaged in the workplace. This provides you with a larger pool of qualified employees to look at when choosing new executives.

Engagement trickles down, too. If your executives are highly engaged, then your managers are more likely to be. And if your managers are engaged, then your individual contributors will show higher levels of engagement, too. As an executive, you have to promote a culture of learning and provide opportunities for growth within your organization, both personally and professionally. One way to do this is by investing in eLearning software where you can customize courses for specific training programs.

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Best eLearning tools for executive training

Making millennials feel valued with training programs

When you invest time and money into training programs, millennial employees feel that you’re valuing their contributions to the company. In fact, around 76 percent of millennials said they would look for new job opportunities if they didn’t feel that their current company appreciated their efforts.

Through eLearning and training courses, you’re showing your employees that they’re worth investing in and that you want them around. For many, that’s worth as much as a raise (although you should still be giving them) when it comes to enticing employees to stay with your company. If you can make your employees feel valued, they’re more likely to fully buy into the company’s mission. You need that buy-in from your future executives.

Meeting millennial managers where they are

Not all of your millennial managers are going to think or learn in the same way. You need to tailor courses to their learning styles to make sure they’re staying engaged and retaining the information. Most learning management systems (LMS) allow you to customize courses to fit different learning styles and curriculum. You can also add videos and PDF tutorials to further improve the training.

You can even choose an LMS with gamification to motivate employees and keep their attention on the training. Gamification provides access to scenarios your employees will actually face on the job while giving them an environment where it’s safe to fail. Not only does this give millennial managers the knowledge they need to succeed as an executive, but it also gives them confidence.

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Providing online executive leadership training to millennial managers

While it may be tempting to provide more hands-on training to employees you’re considering for executive leadership, you may want to reconsider. Online training allows millennial managers to complete courses on their own time and gives them a chance to step away if they feel they’re losing focus. Not only does this improve their retention of the material, but it also keeps them motivated because they know they don’t have to commit to hours of training. In the end, you’ll get millennial managers who are qualified and confident enough to move to the executive level of your company.

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