April 22, 2022

4 Types of Apps for Greater Employee Engagement

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A recent Gallup survey reveals that employee engagement has dropped for the first time in the last decade. Salary is always an important consideration, but employee engagement is key to an organization’s success as well. Employees need to feel supported in their roles and have opportunities to advance.

Technology apps for employee engagement can help organizations improve their communication, training, and other internal processes, which can lead to more engaged employees and an overall better employee experience. Below are various types of employee engagement apps to consider.

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Communications Apps

The importance of real-time, clear internal communication cannot be overstated, especially among remote employees, or those working on several teams. Employees can feel connected with each other and always know what’s going on if the company uses employee communication apps.

With internal chat groups provided by Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack, for example, teams can connect and collaborate. Employees can share photos and documents, and management can share company news, congratulatory messages, or policy updates.

Communication apps built into platforms like Asana, Clickup, and Zoho Projects help employees track projects and keep everyone on the same page. Employees know what’s expected of them, and they can see their progress in real time.

Communications apps can also take the place of meetings. Research found that more than two-thirds of employees think that meetings get in the way of their productivity. All the communications apps mentioned here allow managers to submit or distribute documents in advance to conduct more efficient meetings.

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Training Apps

Clearly, training is important to employees and companies. In fact, three-quarters of working Americans believe a lack of training is preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Using training apps allows companies to deliver training in the form of videos, podcasts, or reading material, while also administering employee surveys and quizzes. eFront, Matrix, Saba, Neo LMS, and Thought Industries all make training more fun by incorporating social learning elements, such as message boards and social media groups.

Companies can determine what types of training each employee needs, and then match training options to individual employees. Employees may then access the training anytime from anywhere. This level of customized learning management can help to bring employees up to the desired level of competence and put them on the track to promotions, which is a win-win for everyone.

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Time Tracking Apps

Miscommunications regarding an employee’s work time can cause resentment and wage issues. Managers may overschedule employees, or have to constantly remind workers to clock in and out, creating contentious management-employee relationships.

Time tracking apps can prevent all these situations and streamline the time-tracking process. Toggl, FunctionFox, Paychex, ClockShark, and Hubstaff, for instance, all offer automatic time tracking to reduce payroll errors and simplify the time clock process.

Companies can use time-tracking apps to avoid overscheduling workers, create more equitable work schedules, and maximize productivity.

Automated Workflow Apps

Tedious, time-consuming manual work processes can also decrease employee engagement. Workers want to feel fulfilled and perform meaningful tasks, but repetitive tasks can be quite laborious.

However, project management software and task management software includes task and workflow automation to help employees keep track of activities that need to be done, accelerating project completion.

Such automation often includes programmed responses to a defined event. For instance, if a project budget is exceeded, the automation rule triggers a notification about expenditures exceeding the pre-set threshold.

Automation also prompts recurring events according to a predefined schedule. This saves project managers time from continuously setting up and reassigning these tasks. Below is a list of software solutions that incorporate automation for project and task management:

What’s more, field service apps such as ReachOut enable you to create work orders on the spot, eliminating the need to keep calling the office.

In addition, software such as Field One, ServiceMax, Software Fusion, and many more have the ability to create invoices in the field, allowing customers to be billed on site. This ultimately means you get paid faster. Customers can digitally sign an invoice to keep the accounting process flowing as smoothly as possible.

Other types of tedious work, like routine equipment maintenance and employee sign-offs on compliance procedures, can also be facilitated and scheduled with ReachOut and Synchroteam.

Freeing up employees’ time and energy with these workflow apps that incorporate automation means employees can focus on the tasks with the most impact for the organization.

By improving communication and teamwork, and reducing repetitive work, various types of employee apps can boost employee engagement and satisfaction for any industry. The various types of employee engagement software mentioned here empower your employees to work smarter.

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