June 21, 2022

Bonusly vs Kazoo

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Employee management is an important part of an organization’s operations plan, traditionally anchored in HR. The entire employee life cycle includes a series of processes that are business-specific and may include hiring, benefits, training, all forms of communication, performance reviews, exit interviews, and in some cases, employee rewards and incentive programs.

There are many employee management tools available to help you keep on top of these details. But, an employee experience platform can help you kick-start your employee recognition program and pull everyone in as well as help you better connect and motivate employees, all while boosting morale and improving everything across the board.

Bonusly and Kazoo are two such employee management tools that share common features like dashboards and reporting, automation, and integrations to keep you on top of real-time data about your organization.

In addition, unique features like continuous feedback through a centralized dashboard as well as customizable branding and visual analytics can offer the support and functionality you need to manage your employees.


Increasing worker engagement and boosting morale so your team strives to do their best is any manager’s dream. Bonusly is a fun and engaging recognition and rewards program that makes it enjoyable to engage your team, retain their efforts, and increase motivation and productivity, all while recognizing your best performers. Stand out features include:

  • Alerts and Notifications: Bonusly Signals allows an easy and instant ability to gather, understand, and act on employee feedback. You can use Bonusly, Slack, and email to encourage additional feedback for stakeholders and management.
  • Chat and Messaging: Bonusly integrates with Google Chat, so you can give and view recognition directly from Google Chat rooms and conversations.
  • Customizable Branding: Feature your company’s branding including name, logo, and color scheme, and integrate your existing tools to make this a unique experience for your organization and make it desirable to work there.
  • Visual Analytics: Surface analytics data to quickly gain insight into employee recognition trends and gauge impact of work via a visually robust chart-based analytics dashboard.

With those features in mind, Bonusly is best suited for any size organization that is seeking a fun, personal recognition and rewards program to enrich company culture while improving employee engagement and building a sense of alignment and purpose across the board.

Want to learn more?  Bonusly offers a free, no-obligation demo.


Kazoo is an interactive and impressive employee experience platform that will help you create a top-performing collaborative work culture no matter where people are located or how they perform their job. This is a top recognition software and rewards system that is unique because it offers the following features in an all-in-one environment:

  • Activity Tracking: Instantly automate rewards points for milestone celebrations and special days like work anniversaries and birthdays to help make individuals feel singled out and appreciated. With a global digital reward catalog of gift cards, travel and experiences, and donation options, there is something for everyone.
  • Continuous Feedback: Peer-to-peer recognition across the company with a social media-like feed is where you can amplify recognition with high-fives and comments that can be made public or anonymous.
  • Dashboard: Gauge impact of work through insights and reports as well as identify top talent and disengaged employees. The dashboard helps to facilitate better performance and inclusion across teams in an effort to minimize employee turnover and save money.
  • Data Analysis Tools: With custom analysis and reporting you can actually see the impact the program has through analytics on individual, team, and company levels.

Considering these features, Kazoo is best suited for companies seeking a unique employee experience platform to foster collaboration and create a high-performing, connected company culture, especially for hybrid and geographically remote teams.

Is Kazoo right for you? Check out Kazoo’s free demo.

Ready to Decide on Bonusly or Kazoo?

Bonusly and Kazoo are two great options when it comes to employee engagement, motivation, and recognition. When comparing the two solutions, it’s important to understand what needs they best meet as well as which key differentiating features you need now and which you can expand into as your business evolves. The size and makeup of your organization should also be a consideration.

If you’re still undecided, check out the free demos for Bonusly and Kazoo. Both will allow you to experiment with your specific requirements before committing to a tiered pay plan on either service. 

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