February 24, 2016

15 Best Job Listing Sites for Employers

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At first glance, picking the best job listing sites is easy. And yet, recruiters still struggle to find qualified applicants. Employers compete for talent not only in their local area, but across state lines and even national borders.

Online job boards, though perhaps not as effective as they once were, are still the leading source of new hires, according to the 2015 IAEWS Source of Employment Survey. Some 32 percent of job seekers said they found their last job through a commercial job board. Furthermore, about 42 percent of recruiters said they found at least a quarter of their new hires through online job boards.

What do these numbers mean?

They mean it’s a job-seeker’s market, so recruiters need to be strategic about listing jobs online. Gone are the days of set-and-forget posts on generic job boards. Today, recruiters must think like marketers. Who is the audience? Where do they go? How can I reach them through all the noise?

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best job listing sites. Not all are the classic job boards you’re familiar with. When compared to other behemoths on the list, some of the niche hiring sites might seem inconsequential. Nevertheless, we included several to help you maximize reach and fight increased competition. If you think you’re going to use a generic job board to find a qualified developer that can write in every language you need, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that I’ll sell you.

The websites below were selected based on a number of factors, including their Alexa ranking (which indicates global traffic — lower is better), Moz domain authority (indicates trust and backlinks), referring domains, and top keywords.  


best job listing sites linkedin

Fast becoming the online replacement for your resume, LinkedIn unquestionably belongs at the top of our list. While it’s not a job board at all, it is becoming the go-to place for recruiters to publicly post jobs. Applicants love it because they can auto-fill electronic applications using their LinkedIn profile. Recruiters love it because of easy information-gathering, and job postings can be shared and reshared by employees, friends, etc. Notably, all the top referring keywords are variations on the site’s name, which indicates strong brand recognition among searchers.

Alexa Rank (Global): 17

Domain Authority: 99/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Facebook, Yahoo

Top Referring Keywords: LinkedIn, LinkedIn login, linked in


best job listing sites stackoverflow

StackOverflow isn’t an online job board in the strictest sense of the word, but it does serve as a niche hiring platform. If you’re looking for qualified web and/or software developers, there are few better places to post a job. The referring keywords, while not job-related, indicate that a mostly-developer population browses the site.  

Alexa Rank (Global): 57

Domain Authority: 91/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Google.co.in, GitHub.com

Top Referring Keywords: favicon size, php redirect, jquery checkbox checked, pythonlamba function list


best job listing sites craigslist

One of the web’s most popular ‘local’ destinations, Craigslist is an extremely low-cost option to list job postings online, though some have rightly questioned the resulting applicant quality. Since most job postings are free, you can afford to try it out. As with LinkedIn, the eponymous referring keywords are proof of the brand’s strength.

Alexa Rank (Global): 71

Domain Authority: 89/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Facebook, Yahoo

Top Referring Keywords: Craigslist, Craiglist, Craigslist SF, Craigslist NY


best job listing sites github

As with StackOverflow, GitHub is not an online job board; it’s a community of developers that happens to include a section for employer job postings. Once again, the referring keywords indicate that the desired audience is present. If you’re looking for developers, you probably should post here.

Alexa Rank (Global): 81

Domain Authority: 95/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, StackOverflow, GitHub.io

Top Referring Keywords: font awesome, bootstrap, fontawesome, google fonts


best job listing sites indeed

The first “real” job board on our list isn’t technically a job board. Indeed is a search engine that aggregates job listings from all over the web — a one-stop-shop for job seekers and employers alike. Indeed appears as a referring domain elsewhere on this list five times, more than any site that isn’t Google or Facebook. Indeed’s referring keywords indicate strong brand recognition and functional relevance for recruiters. The site ranks high for users searching “jobs” and has a steady volume of inbound traffic. You can’t afford to ignore Indeed.

Alexa Rank (Global): 164

Domain Authority: 90/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Taleo.net, Facebook

Top Referring Keywords: Indeed, Indeed jobs, jobs, indeed.com


best job listing sites upwork

Upwork is an online community of freelancers. Although mostly used for contract work, it’s not unheard of for a freelancer to get hired full-time after their contract period. Regardless, freelance work is becoming more popular among job seekers and employers alike, so if you’re posting a temporary or contract job, don’t neglect Upwork. A note on the referring domains: Upwork was formed from the merger of Elance and oDesk.

Alexa Rank (Global): 619

Domain Authority: 74/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Facebook, Google.co.in

Top Referring Keywords: Elance, Upwork login, oDesk, freelancer


best job listing sites glassdoor

Another entry on our list that isn’t a job board in the strictest sense, Glassdoor has become one of the leading places for job seekers to research companies before applying. Powered by user-generated content — salaries, interview tips, employment reviews, etc. — Glassdoor also gives employers the ability to post jobs, respond to reviews, and research compensation.

Alexa Rank (Global): 759

Domain Authority: 87/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn

Top Referring Keywords: ADP, Glassdoor, Paycom, Glassdoor work-life balance


best job listing sites monster

One of the original generic job boards, Monster is still a viable option for employers to list jobs, though it is certainly losing relevance as employee referrals and job search engines become more prevalent. The keywords indicate it still has good brand recognition (Super Bowl commercials are worth something) and job seeker relevance.

Alexa Rank (Global): 1103

Domain Authority: 90/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Indeed, Yahoo

Top Referring Keywords: Monster, cover letter examples, interview questions, monster jobs


best job listing sites freelancer

Like Upwork, Freelancer is a place for contract, temporary, and project-based work. More popular internationally than in the United States, it is still a viable place for employers to find talent, especially those looking for virtual assistants or other remote workers.

Alexa Rank (Global): 1474

Domain Authority: 78/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Facebook, Google.co.in

Top Referring Keywords: freelancer, freelance, freelance jobs, freelancers


best job listing sites careerbuilder

Another one of the original job boards (according to Wikipedia, the original), CareerBuilder has the name recognition and financial backing to maintain relevance even in the referral-driven recruiting world. Of course, it’s crawled by Indeed, so assuming you’ve posted here, it will show up in the results for anyone using the job search engine.

Alexa Rank (Global): 1903

Domain Authority: 90/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Indeed, Yahoo

Top Referring Keywords: CareerBuilder, career, career builder, careers


best job listing sites seek

If you’re hiring in Australia, listing your job opening on Seek is essentially a requirement. It’s by far the most popular Australian job board around. Comparable to Monster or CareerBuilder in the U.S., Seek is a generic job board that’s become a leading resource for Australian workers and employers alike.

Alexa Rank (Global): 2595

Domain Authority: 76/100

Top Referring Domains: Google.com.au, Google, Facebook

Top Referring Keywords: Seek, jobs in Australia, seek.com.au, jobs


best job listing sites angellist

If you work for a startup, you’re probably familiar with AngelList, the popular site that links angel investors with early-stage startup companies for investment/funding purposes. It’s also a good place for startups to post jobs and find employees. Startup culture can be challenging, and AngelList visitors likely know that. No one likes turnover.

Alexa Rank (Global): 2817

Domain Authority: 73/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, LinkedIn, Google.co.in

Top Referring Keywords: 500 startups, startup jobs, sverve, anetwork


best job listing sites dice

Dice is a niche hiring site, but for an ever-broadening niche: technology jobs. Unlike StackOverflow and GitHub, Dice isn’t just for developers. Employers list opening on Dice for business analysts, digital marketers, data scientists, and more. If you’re a technology company or looking to fill a tech-related position, Dice is likely a fit for you.

Alexa Rank (Global): 4739

Domain Authority: 79/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Indeed, LinkedIn

Top Referring Keywords: Dice, Dice employer login, tech jobs, Dice.com


best job listing sites totaljobs

TotalJobs is a leading option for companies in the United Kingdom. In addition to job postings, TotalJobs publishes a fair amount of recruiting and career development content. Referring keywords indicate a mostly job-seeker audience, though a large portion find TotalJobs via Indeed.

Alexa Rank (Global): 5147

Domain Authority: 64/100

Top Referring Domains: Google.co.uk, Indeed.co.uk, Google

Top Referring Keywords: cv template, total jobs, cv templates, s1 jobs


best job listing sites snagajob

Snagajob finishes out our list of the best places for employers to list jobs online. Once again, it’s a generic job board, so you’ll have mixed results. And once again, referring domains indicate that Indeed sends a large amount of traffic, so anything posted on Snagajob is also seen there. Snagajob may be a better option for larger employers, such as national retail chains.

Alexa Rank (Global): 5516

Domain Authority: 72/100

Top Referring Domains: Google, Indeed, Yahoo

Top Referring Keywords: Kohls, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Michaels

* * *

This list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, it was cut down from a larger collection of 50 sites we assembled. While you could try to post on every job board available, the better approach is to focus on a few of the most relevant and make sure your opening gets picked up by Indeed. With over 150 million unique monthly visitors and almost million new jobs posted every week, Indeed is by far the world’s number one job resource.

If you think we’ve left out any of the best job listing sites or would like to see source data for this article, let us know in the comments.  

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