October 29, 2019

ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed: What’s The Difference And How Are They Priced?

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Job boards used to be just that—physical boards where employers posted ads for job openings. We host modern job boards on the internet where they enjoy wider reach, but that doesn’t mean they come without their own set of problems too. ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed are a great example of the different kinds of job posting websites out there, so it’s a good idea to compare the two.

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Table of contents

  1. Top HR software for recruiting
  2. Comparison table of ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed
  3. What is ZipRecruiter
  4. What is Indeed
  5. Core features
  6. Pricing
  7. Finding the right ATS for your organization

Top HR software for recruiting

No matter which job board tool you use, recruiting is difficult. However, the right software can make it a lot easier. Check out this list of the top HR software for recruiting.

1 BambooHR

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Streamline your processes and simplify your procedures with BambooHR’s human resource information system. This software allows you to quickly and securely organize your data in one easy-to-use system. With Employee Self-Service, Manager View, customizations and absolutely fabulous reports, your human resource team will see major time and money savings. With real-time software, you can access current data from your HRIS software without worrying about inaccurate or old data.

Learn more about BambooHR

2 Namely

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Namely is an end-to-end HR, payroll, and benefits platform It is an HR software that employees actually use — built to fit your company culture. Offerings include payroll, benefits administration, a robust HRIS, 360° performance reviews, time off tracking, goals, team planning, reporting, and more. Manage all of your HR data in one place, with personalized service to help your company get better, faster. Namely is 100% configurable, allowing the system to scale with and encourage growth.

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3 Zenefits

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Zenefits allows management of core HR functions along with payroll, time tracking, stock options, and many more features common and uncommon to competing Human Resources Information System solutions. Zenefits also makes onboarding quick and easy; a new employee requires only five fields to be completed by HR, and Zenefits’ online interface allows employees to easily complete and sign onboarding documents electronically.

Learn more about Zenefits

4 Gusto

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Gusto is an online HR service built to streamline the business processes involving payroll, benefits, and HR. The service includes a reliable set of payroll features, an intuitive interface, and automation functions that are cost effective and can be tailored to business needs. Built with small businesses in mind, users can automate the calculation, payment, and submission of payroll taxes to government agencies. It also provides the use of bank or check deposits and tax calculations.

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5 ADP Workforce Now

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ADP Workforce Now's HRIS solutions integrate seamlessly wiith popular business software applications and with leading payroll, HR, and financial systems. You can manage key business functions like time tracking and scheduling, and your employees can view pay statements, benefits, retirement accounts, and more. With the aid of automation and machine learning, the software can often alleviate administrative burdens, streamline workflows, reduce compliance risk and improve employee engagement.

Learn more about ADP Workforce Now

6 Paycor

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Paycor delivers a unified human capital management solution with a singular focus on helping business leaders, entrepreneurs and HR practitioners make a difference in their organizations. Intuitive recruiting, HR and payroll solutions enable small and medium-sized businesses to manage their most valuable asset – their people. Paycor’s Perform solution helps users become more efficient while allowing for better connection with employees through a modern, unified HR & payroll solution.

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7 Workday

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With Human Capital Management software from Workday, businesses have the tools to manage people-related tasks in a more cost-effective, efficient way. With self-service features, you can organize, staff, pay your employees and manage all activities from hiring to retirement all in a quick and easy way. Workday’s software solutions allow you to keep track of your entire workforce and analyze it based on position, salary, history and any other dimension.

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8 Ceridian

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The Dayforce platform, provided by Ceridian, is built with a single, flexible rules engine that is combined with real-time updates and calculations to help address complex regulatory requirements. Data can be stored in a central location and Dayforce provides insights across all HR functions. Ceridian’s certified payroll and benefits experts can provide consistent support and apply best practices and quality controls to the payroll and benefits process, so businesses can focus on what matters.

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9 Paycom

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With Paycom's HR Management, you can automate your core processes – all within a single software. Paycom’s user-friendly app empowers employees to engage with the HR database directly for training, questions, and updating personal information. Empower employees to take responsibility for data accuracy with 24/7 access to HR information. Freed of this administrative burden, HR can pursue more strategic initiatives as a partner to the C-suite.

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10 Rippling

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Rippling allows businesses to manage HR & IT with one system. In just 90 seconds, a company can set up (or disable) an employee’s payroll, health insurance, work computer, and third-party apps, like Gmail, Microsoft Office, and Slack. Because Rippling gives you a single underlying system for employee data, connected to all your internal and external apps, any change you make in Rippling will instantly update all your other systems faster than you can say “just one click."

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Comparison table of ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed

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Official logo for ZipRecruiter. Official logo for Indeed.
ZipRecruiter Indeed
TechnologyAdvice rating 4/5 4.5/5
Works best for Any Sized Business Any Sized Business
Applicant Tracking Features
Job board posting Yes No
Mobile-friendly Yes Yes
Screening questions Yes Yes
Skills testing No Yes
Job alerts Yes Yes
Free job posting No Yes
Sponsored posts No Yes
Branded company page No Yes
Resume sorting Yes Yes
Messaging No Yes
Interview scheduling No Yes
ATS integration Yes Yes
Careers page No No

What is ZipRecruiter?

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The internet is home to hundreds of job boards, so posting your job opening to all of them can seem damn-near impossible. This is where ZipRecruiter comes in.

While ZipRecruiter is a job board site, it goes beyond being a place for employees to only post openings. When you post a new job opening on ZipRecruiter, the site syndicates your post across other job board websites. This means many more people see your position, improving your odds of finding the right candidate.

Unlike other job board sites, ZipRecruiter isn’t free, but the company does offer free trials so you can dip your toes in first. Once you post an open position, candidates can apply through ZipRecruiter where you can then review their resumes and profile information through an employer portal.

What is Indeed?

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At first glance, Indeed is just another job board site. But don’t be fooled—Indeed offers powerful features to help you find the right person for the job, making it a sort of job-board-ATS hybrid.

Just like other job board sites, Indeed lets you post job openings for free, but Indeed also lets you promote openings to help you stand out. Additionally, Indeed offers an AI-powered recruitment platform for tech jobs, traditional recruitment services, skills assessment tests for applicants, and an interview scheduling tool.

Pricing for Indeed depends on the services you want to use, but the majority of employers will post jobs for free and occasionally pay to promote posts as targeted ads.

Core features

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Comparing ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed isn’t as simple as looking at how they stack up on the same features. Both solutions offer two of the same core features, but beyond that, they start to look quite different. The next two sections outline how ZipRecruiter and Indeed handle posting jobs and sourcing candidates differently.

Posting jobs

Employers post job openings on ZipRecruiter by filling in slots. Slots are the number of job postings you’re allowed to have running at one time. The number of slots you get depends on your plan, but any job opening you post is distributed to over 100 job boards around the internet. Slots are reusable, so once you’ve filled a position, you can swap out that job posting with a new one.

Indeed works more like a traditional job board site when it comes to posting jobs. Employers can make an account and start posting job openings for free with the option to promote posts as targeted ads. Beyond posting jobs, Indeed also lets employers create a presence with Company Pages, which lets you add a description of your company, your logo, photos, and more. Applicants and employees can also visit your page to leave reviews of your company.

Sourcing candidates

ZipRecruiter only lets you post so many job openings at a time, but it places no limits on the number of applications

you can receive. Use the Candidate Dashboard to review resumes, applications, and answers to any pre-screening questions you may have required. ZipRecruiter helps applicants find your openings by alerting job seekers with relevant skills from any of the job boards where ZipRecruiter shares your post.

If you’ve used an applicant tracking system before, Indeed may feel more familiar. When a candidate applies, you can review their resume, application, assessment test results, and cover letter before scheduling an interview, all without leaving Indeed.

At the time of publication, Indeed does not syndicate job postings across other job boards, and job openings posted to Indeed do not appear in search results for the Google Jobs in-browser app. That being said, Indeed is one of the most popular job board sites on the web, so job openings posted there typically rank high in Google search results.


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ZipRecruiter and Indeed handle pricing very differently. ZipRecruiter effectively operates as a software as a service (SaaS) company, offering access to its software in three different tiers. Pricing information is not shared publicly, but ZipRecruiter does offer free trials for each of its tiers.

Indeed’s pricing model works a little bit more like a social media website. It’s free to create an account and start posting, but if you want a significant number of people to actually see your posts, you’ll probably need to promote them as targeted ads. Additional services from Indeed such as Indeed Hire and Seen by Indeed come at an additional price. You’ll need to contact Indeed for a custom Indeed Hire quote, but Seen by Indeed is available in three different tiers.

Finding the right ATS for your organization

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