June 3, 2015

What Customers Want From Service Companies

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Service companies have a bad rap for disappointing customers. Each year, the community forums fill up with vitriolic comments, media outlets spotlight high-profile blunders, and new studies benchmark the dire state of customer service, leaving consumers skeptical and confused about whether or not they can trust their providers. But do these perceptions truly reflect the performance of service companies, and service technicians, in particular?

To get a clearer picture of how field service technicians are delivering on company promises, TechnologyAdvice designed a nationwide internet survey, conducted between May 21-23, 2015. We surveyed over 3,800 U.S. adults about their recent interactions with service technicians. The 469 who confirmed an recent in-home visit were further questioned about the details of their experience, touching on logistics, job preparedness, communication, and the overall impact of the visit.

The infographic below highlights some of the study’s main findings. (Click the graphic to open it in a new tab).


In the complete report, we provide a breakdown and analysis of each area, including arrival time, first-time fix rate, technician-to-customer communication, billing, and customer sentiment. We also provide a number of recommendations (technology and best practices) to help field service organizations optimize delivery.

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