January 15, 2019

6 Field Service Apps That Do Mobile Right

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The changing landscape of field service management has driven providers to adopt mobile workforce solutions at an unprecedented rate. It’s almost comical for a technician to pull out the old clipboard and carbon-copy quote or invoice these days, as every service company seems to use a mobile field service app. These apps bring speed, ease of use, and centralized organization to the field service company, and a better experience for the customer.

Which Field Service Management Software
is Right For Your Business?


Strategy Analytics reports that the global mobile workforce topped 1.5 billion in 2017, and mobile technology is keeping up with these workers’ demand for better software. As the number of field-based employees rises, companies need mobile apps to give them greater access to business-critical information outside the office.

According to Field Service, a conference featuring leaders in field service customer experience, automation is the greatest driver of new revenue for field service companies. This makes sense when you think about it — the less manual office work technicians have to do per job, the faster they can move through tasks. Mobile field service apps make that automation possible for a growing mobile workforce.

When looking for a new field service app, make sure that your options have the best features for your particular business. These may include:

  • Cloud backup: save invoices, customer history, and vital job information in the cloud where both office and field technicians can access it securely.
  • Payments: a critical piece of the billing cycle puzzle. When technicians can take payment at the jobsite, the company’s accounts reconcile quicker.
  • Image, document, note attachment: document unique customer needs and job requirements right at the site. Images help clarify otherwise messy issue descriptions.
  • CRM features: track customer needs, maintenance histories, and identify upsell opportunities right at the job site.
  • Dispatch, scheduling, time tracking: make the workforce more flexible and efficient with mobile-ready dispatch. Automatic time tracking via GPS or geofencing make payroll easy.
  • Internal document storage, contracts, tax information: give technicians and managers access to job-critical documents in the field and reduce confusion over agreements and job scope.

To get you started in your search for the best field service app for your business, here are six options that do mobile the right way.

Field Service Apps That Do Mobile Right


FieldEdge is the cloud-based field service management app from the company behind dESCO ESC. This mobile-ready app is designed to streamline communications with the office and reduce calls or trips back to the home office that disrupt workflow.

FieldEdge also keeps the customer, tech, and dispatch in sync with with the latest job changes via communication notifications from the app. An integrated CRM puts customer details at their fingertips, where techs can also access invoicing, mobile payments, and create on the spot changes to jobs.

Standout Feature: Automatic job status updates within the app. FieldEdge monitors and updates the job status according to a tech’s movement through the app rather than relying on the individual to manually update the job status as it changes.


RazorSync comes equipped for use on any device: mobile, tablet, or desktop/browser and is priced for both small businesses and enterprise companies looking to improve their mobile field service management. Look for a Quickbooks integration, mobile payments, work orders and fast billing within the app.

Like many of the options here, RazorSync tracks technicians as they move from job to job via GPS. This tool helps improve customer communication and dispatch efficiency.

Standout Feature: Customer portal for increased communications and scheduling for better customer service. Both the office and technicians can see conversations and customer actions within the portal, and customers can self-serve scheduling, job updates, and billing.

Miracle Service

Miracle Service comes standard with features like scheduling, contract management, and billing to keep the field service office under control. They also offer integrations to 20 accounting apps including Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP. The mobile service option gives technicians access to a range of administrative tasks, greatly reducing the need for in-person check-ins with the office.

Standout Feature: Miracle Service is modular, so you can mix and match the important features your company needs and expand your options as your business grows. Mobile technician management — what makes Miracle Service a mobile app — is an optional add-on, but worth the extra charge for the flexibility.

Salesforce Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud field service app allows employees to work from anywhere, even without cell service. Offline features save to the phone and back up to the cloud later when the device connects to cell service or internet. Service Cloud is IoT-connected and can monitor machinery with connected devices, making it perfect for maintenance companies and facilities management teams that need to passively monitor systems.

Standout Feature: Einstein Vision, powered by the Salesforce Einstein AI, identifies parts, checks inventory, and provides technician support all in the centralized app where technicians are already working.

HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro makes mobile-connected field service easier for both the company and customer. Collect payments, keep track of electronic invoices, and speed up the office’s invoice-to-cash cycle with Instapay, which makes fast transfers into the company’s bank account. HouseCall Pro also handles scheduling on third-party apps like Facebook, Yelp, and your website, and the app provides automated marketing features such as email, follow ups, and direct mail.

Standout Feature: Technicians can securely talk to customers and the office through a custom SMS messaging tool. With this tool, technicians don’t have to share their personal mobile numbers with customers. The app also splits customer and office communications into separate tabs, reducing the likelihood of accidental miscommunications.


FieldPulse is field service management software designed specifically for mobile teams. It includes Gantt-based scheduling for greater dispatch clarity, a GPS-driven employee time clock for reduced manual entry errors, and even commission tracking to motivate on-site selling. Teams can take payment on-site through Square and manage their books with Quickbooks-connected accounting tools.

Standout Feature: FieldPulse makes building invoices fast with an item repository. Technicians can save their most common invoice items and add them quickly. This feature results in a reduction in office errors and faster billing cycles.

FSM software is improving as fast as the industry is growing. Look for mobile apps that make life easier for technicians and the back office, as these will reduce the time at jobs and costly manual back-and-forth communications.

Looking for the latest in field service software? Connect with one of our Technology Advisors today for help finding the FSM software that’s right for your business. Call 855.718.1369 or use our field service software product selection tool for a free, 5-minute consultation.

Top Field Service Management Software Recommendations

1 Commusoft

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Commusoft is a cloud-based job management software designed for the field service industry with a keen focus on plumbing, HVAC, renewable, electricians, fire and safety, and more. Commusoft’s powerful web-based and mobile applications work for both small and large companies (2-200+ employees).

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2 BuildOps

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10+ field technicians?
HVAC / mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing?

Get the #1 all-in-one Field Service and Construction Management Software for commercial MEP contractors. Streamline your dispatch, quoting/invoicing, service, projects, and reports.

BuildOps boosts your revenue, maximizes profits, and improves communication between field and back-office.

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3 Jobber

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Jobber provides industry-leading software for growing home service businesses that helps organize their operations, impress their customers, and power their growth. Unlike pen and paper or single feature apps, Jobber replaces daily operational tasks and duplicate entries with streamlined, tailored automation. Since launching in 2011, businesses using Jobber have serviced nearly 15 million people, delivering over $9 billion in services to their customers.

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