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Linxlogic, Inc. works to develop industry-specific solutions for companies that work in the service sector. They produce service management software that handles scheduling, tracks appointments and monitors lead generation. With a mission statement centered on helping businesses in the service sector, it’s no surprise that Linxlogic’s main products are top-quality service business software. Passion, commitment and excellence are core values for at the company. These ideals help their employees build top-notch service management software that functions as an all-around business solution for clients of every size.

ServiceTitan is an excellent solution for companies who need reliable service scheduling software. Not only are clients able to create and track appointments, they can use ServiceTitan as service tracking software too. Now, when technicians are out in the field, their sales and efficiency can be tracked back at the office. On-screen performance tracking is one major bonus. Create in-house competitions between regions as a new motivational gamification technique. The dispatching software is powerful, too. Customer notes and service history are all available with the touch of a button. ServiceTitan empowers technicians and mobile units, which is a must in any service industry software. ServiceTitan functions as a world-class business solution for any company in the service sector. Its wide array of functions ensures efficacy both in the field and in the office.

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