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FieldPulseProduct Overview

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FieldPulse product overview

FieldPulse is an all-in-one tool for service businesses to stay organized and in control of their business and increase efficiency and revenue. Businesses can work seamlessly across all devices including iOS, Android, tablet, and a web browser at no additional cost. FieldPulse centralizes data including customer lists, estimates, invoices and payments, files and photos, costs and profit, and job history for easy access.

The solution frees up time spent on day-to-day administrative tasks by streamlining time-consuming tasks and using automation. Users can automatically send service reminders to customers, set up an online booking, alert technicians of changes to their schedule, and automate follow-up emails after work is completed for reviews.

FieldPulse allows teams to manage jobs with scheduling, dispatch, timesheets, and routing. Businesses can track payments and signatures and take them directly on the phone or over email. Users can bid jobs and create invoices on the spot and accept electronic signatures and payments by creating price lists and service bundles.

Pros of FieldPulse

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  • FieldPulse is intuitive and streamlined so users won’t waste time with unnecessary steps and convoluted processes. Instead, users can simplify and automate the systems and workflows they already have in place — all at their own pace.
  • The software offers complete integration with QuickBooks and customizable features. Users can customize their workspace with custom fields and forms, tags, color coding, and user permissions so they’re in control of who has access to customers and financial information. Additionally, customer emails and SMS can be templated with smart fields, pulling information from customer accounts like job titles, notes, and customer contact information.

Cons of FieldPulse

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  • While FieldPulse includes project management features, it was ultimately designed for small to medium-sized residential businesses and has not been optimized for large commercial jobs. So some features, like the schedule view, may not be ideal for teams of more than 40.
  • Currently, the solution lacks a payroll management feature, although timesheets can be exported.

Breakdown of core features

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FieldPulse provides features for managing fieldwork and on-site workers.

Invoicing and estimates

FieldPulse allows complex estimates and invoices to be drafted in the field by technicians and submitted on the spot or sent to managers for remote approval. Users can store invoice item templates of labor rates, commonly used supplies, and equipment to populate estimate/ invoice, then generate a PDF with just a tap without repetitive manual entry.

Teams can use the Good, Better, Best feature to show tiered pricing options for product comparisons or upload files like sales sheets to a repository for reference. Users can attach contracts, photos, and files, as well as take full and partial payments and accept signatures on contracts and other PDF documents from their phones. Signature requests can also be sent through email, then signed documents can be attached to customer, job, or project records for easy access. Users can run reports or filter invoices to see which payments are overdue or set up push notifications to stay on top of opportunities. Additionally, teams can automatically apply discounts, track commissions, and sync payments between FieldPulse and accounting solutions, like QuickBooks or Xero.

Scheduling and dispatch

FieldPulse lets businesses minimize travel time, fuel expenses, and possible overtime. Its scheduling tools allow users to find available team members and time slots for new jobs based on rules created. These can include relative location so customers can be visited in sequence or whether a technician has worked with a customer before. The scheduling feature automatically notifies technicians of new assignments.

Job-status updates, schedule views ranging from daily agendas to map plots time frame or team member, live activity feeds, job and customer notes, GPS location tagging, and clock-ins give users a detailed, up-to-date view of the business when they need it most to keep everyone on the same page. Teams can create purchase orders and group users into teams under different managers. Larger teams can be grouped under projects with jobs and subtask lists.

Customer management

FieldPulse connects everything from contact information and estimates/invoices to job history. Users can see where opportunities stand, what jobs are won or lost, and keep tabs on who should be followed up with by customizing customer profiles with status changes, tags, notes, and custom fields. Businesses can stay in touch with customers every step of the way by sending templated SMS that can be used to track vehicles and see estimated arrival times to automate triggers for sending service reminders, follow up with customers for feedback and reviews, and confirm payments. The software lets users send links to the customer portal so customers can create new jobs and view payments, estimates, and other documents.

Cost and profit

The software enables businesses to track revenue and costs. Users can view costs and profit breakdown by job, revenue over time, or products vs. services. Job costs can be tracked by line items, allowing businesses to look at overall job profitability and see which jobs (and which techs) are costing money or are true profit centers. Cost visibility can be controlled in FieldPulse, so it’s only viewable to managers.

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Quick Facts

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    Field Services / Maintenance
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  • Estimates and Invoices
  • Customer Management
  • Contracts and Signatures
  • Route Planning
  • Mobile Payments
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Online Booking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Recurring Jobs
  • Time Tracking
  • Job Scheduling
  • File/Photo Attachments
  • Cost and Profit Tracking
  • Customer Communications
  • Phone support
  • Reporting
  • User Roles and Restrictions
  • Automation
  • Customer Portal


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  • Xero
  • Square Payments
  • EZ Fleet Tracking
  • GPS Insight
  • NiceJob
  • Ruby Receptionists
  • The Home Fixers
  • CardConnect
  • Reece


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