January 22, 2018

5 Must-Have Integrations for Your ATS

Written by
Shiv Pandey

Modern Applicant Tracking Systems are a boon for recruiters. They make life so much easier by automating all the manual and repetitive tasks – adding resumes, tracking job closure status, managing candidate submissions, email communication, interview scheduling, etc.

However, an Applicant Tracking System cannot truly leverage automation and make processes efficient for recruiters on its own. An ATS, like any other software, cannot function alone and needs to be integrated with other enterprise apps and systems recruiters would already be using.
That’s why integrations are such an important part of any software. So what integrations should your ATS have to give you an edge as a competitive recruiter? Ideally, an ATS should integrate with:

  • job boards
  • candidate sourcing tools/platforms
  • social media platforms
  • communications tools and apps
  • file storage platforms

There are many other types of integrations and frankly, it totally depends on the needs of individual recruiters. But we believe these are the 5 must have integrations for any ATS:

1. Job Boards

It is becoming more imperative for recruiters to get the right candidate for the right jobs. With the emergence of job boards like Monster, Glassdoor, LinkedIn Jobs, Indeed, and others, candidates can find relevant jobs with a single click. So, how do you ensure that you get the attention of the potential candidates for your jobs?

By posting your jobs on as many job boards as possible. Do this quickly by integrating your ATS with multiple job boards. Publish the job in your ATS–and if your ATS integrates well with the jobs boards–the jobs will publish there automatically. This means you don’t have to publish jobs on all these job boards individually.

2. Candidate Sourcing Platforms

Technology plays a critical role when it comes to recruiting candidates. For a recruiting software like ATS to become effective, you need to combine several parts of the hiring process together. An ATS by itself won’t provide effective sourcing of candidates.

To solve your sourcing issue, integrate candidate sourcing tools like Talentbin, Hired, ZillionResumes, and HiringSolved with your ATS to get the most out of sourcing passive candidates.

For example by integrating Talentbin with your ATS, you will be able to source passive candidates wherever they are online. ZillionResumes can help you source candidates by providing database of candidates from multiple online sources. Another popular way an ATS can help you source candidates is by providing a browser extension that lets you capture candidates from anywhere on the web.

3. Social Media Platforms

In a recent study, over 1400 staffing professionals were asked to name the best source of qualified candidates. They voted social media as the top source for finding new candidates (and they voted it the top source overall behind existing candidates from an ATS). This statistic shows that social media recruiting has become an integral part of the recruitment process for staffing companies. But without integrating social media tools directly with an ATS, you will not be to identify, attract, engage and hire talented candidates.

With the integration of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook with your ATS, you can efficiently post jobs on different social media channels in one go. Also, by integrating an ATS with social media tools, you can take advantage of analytics to track which social media platform performings better.

4. Email Communications Tools

Email communication is crucial to the hiring process. Every ATS facilitates email communication, but what if the emails you send to candidates from your ATS also show up in your Gmail/Google Apps account in sent items? What if the emails you sent directly to candidates from your Gmail account also get recorded in your ATS? This is only possible if your ATS is integrated with Google Apps/Gmail. An integration like this would be a boon if Gmail is your primary means of email communication.

For mass mailing campaigns, you need to connect with an email marketing software to make sure your mass mailers deliver properly. Without these tools it would be impossible for you to send out the hundreds of thousands of emails needed to source candidates for your job openings.

5. File Storage Tools

With the help of file storage apps like Google Drive and Dropbox, you can not only break free from the hard disk space constraint you might have in your ATS, but you can also easily sync your saved and existing files in your file storage app and save room in your ATS.

For example if you are a heavy user of Google Drive and have saved all your candidate resumes there, you can import them effortlessly in your ATS if it integrated well with Google Drive. Cloud storage is becoming more and more a reality of the modern computing world and your ATS should be in line with this reality.


Integrations make your ATS a complete software that uses the full potential of your favorite apps and tools you anyway use during the course of your work. When you shop for any ATS make sure to review the integrations carefully as more doesn’t always mean better. Your ATS should have integrations that you can use. Otherwise, it would be as bad as not having any integration at all.


Shiv Kumar Pandey is the Marketing Head of Talentnow RecruitX, a leading Applicant Tracking System for recruitment agencies with more than 1000 customers from across the globe. Shiv specializes in technology marketing and writes about various aspects of recruitment technology. You can follow Shiv on Twitter @skpunimatrix.

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