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About Slack

Slack is an operating system for teams, where people and apps work together. Slack helps your team work transparently so you can find the people and information you need to make decisions efficiently.


Teams in Slack work together in channels that can be organized by project, department, office location, or anything else, really. This makes it easy to follow the topics that are important to you. Public channels are open to anyone on your team so marketing can see what designers are working on, sales can see what’s on the product team’s roadmap, and new hires can easily get up to speed instead of starting with an empty email inbox.

Slack connects to the tools and services you already use and centralizes your notifications, files, and data from 400+ different applications. This means no more searching through emails for that one follow-up, constantly switching between different tabs and dashboards, or juggling dozens of tools – each with their own login. Slack helps your team work smarter by providing all of the information and context you need to make effective decisions quickly.

Everything you share in Slack is automatically indexed and archived so your company can create a comprehensive knowledge base with zero effort, simply by working in Slack. And, Slack’s search makes it easy find the information you need, whenever you need it.


Slack surveyed thousands of Team Owners and Admins to see how Slack helps their teams work. The average team using Slack sees:

  • A 32 percent increase in productivity
  • A 48.6 percent reduction in internal email
  • A 25.1 percent reduction in meetings
  • And, 80.4 percent feel Slack has increased transparency on their team.

These findings have both tangible and intangible benefits for any business. Fewer meetings, reply-all email threads, and lengthy conference calls means your team can work smarter and be more productive. Additionally, this helps your team feel more connected and engaged at work.

We recommend Slack to any business looking for a team or social collaboration tool, but especially the growing number of businesses with remote workers. In fact, TechnologyAdvice was an early adopter of Slack, and our Technology Advisors are available for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on Slack or any other business technology solution.

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