April 18, 2019

8 ADP Competitors for Any Company’s HR Needs

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A mainstay of human resources software, ADP offer solutions for businesses of all sizes and of varying needs. But ADP may not meet your company’s needs. Not every company needs a full-service human resources information system (HRIS), and ADP doesn’t meet some companies’ unique HR requirements. Whatever the reason you’re looking for ADP competitors, we’ve got the best HR solutions for your needs.

This list is broken down into two main parts: best of breed ADP competitors and best overall ADP competitors. Mix and match the best of breed tools to build the right HR network for your company’s needs, or choose one of the full-service ADP alternatives that caters to your company’s size.

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Best of breed ADP competitors

Small business payroll: Paychex Express

paychex express payroll software

Paychex has payroll solutions for all business sizes and service needs, from small businesses with few complicated tax exceptions to multinational enterprise businesses with several tax codes to balance. Paychex Express provides small businesses with payroll processing, tax filings, and a mobile self-service app, but doesn’t require companies to pay for payroll preparation services they don’t need.

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Enterprise payroll: UltiPro

ultipro payroll software

UltiPro’s payroll software within their human capital management solution (HCM) makes payroll easy for companies with multiple locations across the US and Canada. Use the Smart Tax Search to automatically apply federal and local tax codes, which are updated quarterly to ensure compliance. Use the Payroll Gateway to access the latest payroll information and quickly process checks, direct deposits, and off-check payments from a single location.

Time and attendance: Buddy Punch

Use Buddy Punch’s time and attendance tool to track employee time and attendance and schedule your employees all from a browser, mobile app, or by scanning their individual QR code. It doesn’t take long to set up an account and get employees started with the tool. Buddy Punch has native connections to many major payroll tools, or you can export the time and attendance data via .csv or Excel file.

Talent: SmartRecruiters

smartrecruiters adp alternative

The SmartRecuriters best of breed recruiting and ATS tools connect companies with the employees that will best fill their open positions. The tool breaks the recruiting and hiring process into 3 main areas: attract, select, and hire, each with corresponding tools that help companies find and hire the best talent efficiently. The software includes data visualizations that help teams understand where the process needs improvements and where to celebrate the best wins.

Benefits: Lumity


Lumity benefits documents.

Lumity is a benefits administration portal. It provides easy access to plan information employees need to make an informed decision. It also includes critical data analytics that companies need to optimize their benefits offerings. Employees can receive dedicated expert guidance when managing their benefits, and companies get data-driven insights into the benefits their teams use most.

Best overall ADP competitors: SMB HRIS

Zoho People

zoho people adp competitor

The Zoho family of software is known for providing low-cost options for companies of all sizes. Zoho People is a fully featured human resources information system that combines payroll, recruiting, applicant tracking, human resources data, benefits, and people management tools in a single interface. Automate many processes and receive notifications for important dates and tasks. Zoho People works best when companies purchase and integrate the tool with other Zoho products, but it also integrates with best of breed products, such as Quickbooks or GSuite.


Screenshot of the payroll feature in Zenefits

Zenefits gives small businesses the power to add new HR modules as they need them, including payroll services, time and attendance, and performance management. This extensible program will grow with small business needs, but always includes benefits administration and employee information systems.

Best overall ADP competitors: Enterprise HRIS

Access SelectHR

access selectHR

Access SelectHR is a full-service HR tool designed for enterprise companies. It combines self-service tools, automated rules, and data analytics to help HR representatives spend less time filing paperwork and more time improving the human resources at the company. Use the hiring, payroll, and performance management tools alongside benefits administration modules to give employees full-service HR from a single app.

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