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Don Hall is a contributing writer to Technology Advice and Enterprise Storage Forum, where he covers data storage technology, storage hardware and software, and data networking. He worked for more than two decades as an IT Supervisor for the federal government and as IT Operations Supervisor for an IT Military Command managing programmers, cybersecurity staff, and infrastructure and networking personnel. Previously he worked as an application programmer. Don earned a B.S. in Business Information Systems from San Diego State University and has certificates in Technical Communication and web development with an emphasis in Java/Open Source. He has also had an active CompTIA Security + (ce) since 2011, and a Network +(ce) since 2015.

  • IT Operations
  • Data Storage
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Networking
  • Data Storage Hardware & Software
  • Customer Service
  • Content Writing
  • CompTIA Security+ (ce)
  • CompTIA Network+ (ce)
  • Web Developer with an emphasis in Java/Open Source certificate of proficiency
  • Technical Communication certificate
  • B.S degree in Information Systems from San Diego State
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