With the right software, productivity and collaboration seamlessly integrate as an inseparable force in today’s digital economy. Wrike and Podio are two software options that offer project management tools to simplify your business processes and help you achieve your team objectives. If you’re looking for the right productivity and collaboration software for your business, use our Product Selection Tool. It simplifies your search process. Just enter your desired features, price, or user requirements. We’ll send you a list of different options that meet your needs.

Wrike vs. Podio

Wrike delivers a minimalist project management platform for planning and managing projects, assigning tasks, and streamlining workflows. First released in 2006, Wrike features a centralized communication to keep your team on track, connected, and synchronized. Podio is a web-based productivity and collaboration platform that manages team projects with simplified processes and tools organized in an easy-to-use dashboard. Officially launched in 2011, Podio is one of the best customizable productivity and team communication and collaboration platforms. It keeps your workflow structured and simplified. Read also: Wrike vs. Basecamp: A Project Management Software Comparison

Customize workspaces

Wrike offers simplicity in its intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard. It has a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to create customizable boards and move cards with the project’s details into columns. You can adjust the workspace to adapt to your team’s preferences and style by building dashboard templates, using several different project management visualizations, or even adding custom tags and fields. Podio features the right tools and components you need in a productivity platform such as automated workflows, task management, personalized dashboards, and integrations and social collaboration. Its customizable workspace tile lets you see the project details, calendar, tasks, contacts, reports and views, images, and apps integrated with your workspace. It has advanced workflows that let you choose which process to automate.

Collaborate with teams

With Wrike, you and your team can strategize plans of action together to accomplish your tasks and goals. View reports on the status of your project to assess the progress your team has made. You can discuss the project with your team and assign project details as tasks while maintaining the full context of the work. You can also analyze your team’s performance to understand whether the tasks are delivered on time. Podio lets you consolidate communication, data, content, and tasks to simplify team collaboration. It is easy to keep your team organized, in sync, and on track. You can assign everyone their tasks, discuss the details, and attach files. All team members know their clearly defined roles, enabling them to showcase their best work. You can also view the task’s progress or status without being intrusive or slowing down the team’s momentum. And the tasks are integrated with all workflows or projects you have on Podio.

Access to boards

Wrike helps your business adapt to changes, letting you simplify processes so you can plan, manage projects, and assign tasks easily and quickly. Its centralized communication lets you keep everyone informed and on track. Every team member has access to well-organized boards and knows his or her role, tasks, priorities, and schedule. In other words, your team knows everyone’s expectations, which enhances employee confidence to get things done according to plan. Podio is a secure and dependable platform. It offers granular access control where you can define who can access each part of the project and what they can edit in the workspaces. It has an intuitive interface and easy to navigate dashboard. You don’t need technical expertise to organize your work in Podio. It is easy to organize and monitor projects, schedules, files, communications, and other details in one place. These features let you stay focused on the tasks.

Integrate other tools

With Wrike, you can integrate tools, applications, and other third-party platforms and enterprise systems you’re already using, including Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Box, Adobe, JIRA, WordPress, and Tableau. Podio offers flexibility through integrations in addition to easy adjustments on your team’s workflow. You can connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other third-party productivity tools.

A better choice: Wrike or Podio?

Wrike and Podio are excellent productivity platforms that offer the right tools to give your team flexibility and mobility to get tasks done. Choosing which one is the best depends on your business needs. Wrike fits well with all types of businesses across all industries. It features the tools professional project managers love, such as Gantt charts and traditional project management tools. Its simplicity and minimalism make it more appealing. Podio is easy to administer and works best for any size of business. You can make quick adjustments and control who can access the workspaces. Communication is fast, so you can bring in people outside of your team to join the conversation. And like Wrike, you can also customize the processes and workflow to suit your team’s unique work style. If you’re still undecided on which project management and collaboration tool best suits your business, check out our Product Selection Tool. It is fast, easy to use, and free of charge.