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Smartsheet vs. ClickUp

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Smartsheet and ClickUp.

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Smartsheet and ClickUp are two of the most widely used project management solutions today. Both solutions have an easy to use interface, robust features, and competitive prices.

Smartsheet is an enterprise-ready online project management software app trusted by countless businesses in over 175 countries. ClickUp is an intuitive and straightforward project management software with capabilities for business sales, marketing, and design. We’ll explore and compare the features of Smartsheet and ClickUp to help you understand how each project management software can benefit your company.

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Smartsheet vs. ClickUp: an overview

Smartsheet is a top-rated online project management solution known for its ease of use, security, and system availability. This software is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and offers features such as client portal, collaboration, customizable templates, multiple views, portfolio management, resource management, time and expense tracking, and mobile access. Suited for business of all sizes, Smartsheet offers average pricing.

ClickUp is a leading project management platform that aims to make the world more productive by removing friction caused by using so many different applications. This all-in-one software has features for process management, task management, time management, collaboration, reporting, video recording, full customization, and mobile access. ClickUp is ideal for any business size. It has a free version and low-end pricing.

Features comparison

Smartsheet and ClickUp have features for multiple views, collaboration, and mobile access.

Multiple views

Smartsheet allows users to choose from multiple views so they can visualize work how they want. Users can easily switch between grid, card, Gantt, and calendar views with the same data. Grid view enables the attachment of documents directly to a sheet. Card view utilizes drag and drop function to move cards between lanes and quickly update the entire team on the changing status of work. Gantt view lets users adjust start or end dates of tasks through drag and drop. Calendar view gives users an interactive, comprehensive view of all their activities and critical timelines.

With ClickUp, users can choose from nine different view types: list, board, box, calendar, Gantt, activity, mind maps, timeline, and workload view. List view lets users sort, filter, and group tasks. Using board view, tasks can be dragged and dropped between columns. Review ongoing and completed tasks through box view. Use the calendar view for resource management. Visualize task dependencies using Gantt view. Get an aggregated view of all activities with the activity view. Choose mind maps view to build free-from mind maps. Monitor schedules through timeline view. Manage capacity and workload while using workload view.


Smartsheet has a content collaboration and proofing feature that allows users to work together. The system lets members work simultaneously in providing proof reviewers. Colleagues, vendors, and clients are able to review content proofs without needing access to the sheet. Users get to provide detailed feedback via pinned annotations, conversations, and individual approvals.

ClickUp promotes collaboration through team reporting, real-time editing, real-time syncing, comment editing, mentions, and multiple assignees. Additionally, this software has emojis, screenshot editing, comment assigning, discussions, sharing, quoting, and image pasting capabilities. The comment assigning feature lets team managers assign tasks directly from comments. The system has a collaboration detection feature that lets users see when others are currently editing something, resulting in better collaboration and avoidance of collisions.

Mobile access

The mobile applications of Smartsheet can be downloaded from Google Play Store and the App Store. The app allows real-time access to Smartsheet data, anytime and anywhere. Whether a user is in a meeting or on the go, they can easily update information in the editable grid, track real-time progress on dashboards, and fill out forms to collect data. Adding photos from smartphone devices, viewing attachments, taking action on alerts, scanning barcodes, updating requests, and submitting approvals can also be done using the mobile app.

ClickUp also has mobile applications downloadable from Google Play Store and the App Store. The mobile app enables users to create tasks and access the board view, list view, and time views of their tasks. Tasks can be prioritized through the app. Customization is also possible with the app’s Custom Fields. The ClickUp mobile app works in offline Mode, too, so users can create and view tasks even with limited internet access. App notifications keep the users posted.


Smartsheet has integrations with platforms for file syncing, sales automation, customer support, payroll, and mobile app creation:

  • Dropbox Business
  • AppSheet
  • ZenDesk
  • Salesforce
  • Rippling

ClickUp integrates with applications and tools for team communication, visual collaboration, secure access, issue tracking, and time tracking:

  • Clockify
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Jira
  • Microsoft OneDrive

Which project management software to use?

The beneficial features of Smartsheet and ClickUp make it easy to see why these two project management solutions are trusted by numerous companies. In order to make the right choice between the two, you have to consider the factors that are more important to you.

Smartsheet is easier to use and implement than ClickUp. In addition, with Smartsheet’s familiar spreadsheet-like interface, users might be more comfortable using this software. ClickUp has more features than Smartsheet — however, some users find these features and functions overwhelming. ClickUp might be the better choice for you if you can allocate sufficient time to train users to confidently use the system; some of its features, such as the offline mode for mobile access and the comprehensive collaboration possibilities, can be invaluable for companies.

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Project Management Resources Smartsheet vs. ClickUp