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Wrike vs. Huddle PM

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Wrike vs. Huddle PM

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Getting the right project management tool is becoming more difficult, especially now that the market offers us such a wide array of software options. Wrike and Huddle are two of the productivity and collaboration platforms available to businesses that are looking for a helpful and easy to use project management software. Comparing these two helps us evaluate which one best suits our business requirements.

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Wrike vs. Huddle 

Wrike is a software as a service (SaaS) product that was initially released in 2006. Out of San Jose, California, Wrike emerges as one of the best project management tools in the market. It delivers a minimalist platform for planning and managing projects, assigning tasks, and streamlining workflows. And it has a centralized communication to keep your teams connected, in sync, and on track.

Huddle is a cloud-based collaboration and productivity platform founded in London and first released in 2006. Huddle offers a collaboration and client engagement platform that lets you work together with your team and connect with clients wherever they are. Integrated with Mac and Windows operating systems, it is widely used in the UK, securing 80% of central government departments. While it’s technically a collaboration software, many teams use Huddle to manage their projects.

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Customizing the dashboard

Wrike’s dashboard has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, allowing you to create customizable boards for your team. You can move cards with task descriptions and other details into columns that indicate project stages with its drag-and-drop Kanban-style board, or use any of the other project views to get a full picture of your tasks. Thus, it is easy to customize and adjust the boards to suit your team’s preferences.

Huddle’s intuitive dashboard allows teams to collaborate on shared projects that  achieve a common goal. You can collaborate with your teams and remote staff more effectively by sharing documents, files, and comments in a single interface, and connect to clients and partners securely.

Team collaboration 

With Wrike, it is easy to make strategies and follow up on action plans with your team. It lets you focus on the project and accomplish tasks, keeping you on track with your team’s objectives. It enables you to have an overview of the project’s progress and assess its status and the team’s performance. Wrike ensures every team member is on the same page with its centralized communication that keeps everyone informed about the details of the project.

Huddle allows a smooth team collaboration and secure communication with clients and partners in its digital workspace. You can assign tasks, manage activities, and safely share and edit files with your teams — both office-based and remote. With Huddle, collaboration is simple and secure. It is easy to manage documents, revisions, approvals, and discussions as they all live together in one place.

Streamlined workflow   

Wrike’s streamlined workflow and processes make it easier for your team to deliver tasks on time. It offers a well-organized board with a simple interface to view the details of your project and work on the tasks and schedules. Team members know their roles and the larger expectations for the team, giving them the confidence to accomplish the assigned tasks and reach their goals.

With Huddle, you can stay productive and connected with your teams. Its simplified workflow lets you create tasks, assign document approvals, and request files easily and securely. Everyone in the team is on the same page as they can access the board, files, communication, and content. You can also track team activities in your personalized dashboard.

Third-party integrations

Wrike allows you to integrate third-party productivity tools and enterprise systems you’re already familiar with such as Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Box, Adobe, JIRA, WordPress, and Tableau. 

Huddle provides secure mobility. It is accessible on your mobile device or desktop, and it lets you seamlessly integrate existing productivity tools and applications you love such as Microsoft Office and Office Online. 

Wrike or Huddle?

Choosing which project management software is the best for you depends on your business needs. Wrike is well-suited for all types of businesses across all industries. In addition to the project management tools it offers, its simplicity and minimalism might be the reasons why you should choose Wrike.

Huddle’s beautiful shared workspace makes it easy to manage content and collaborate with teams. It has great mobility that teams and remote workers love. Huddle ensures the security and confidentiality of the conversations you have with clients and partners.  

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Project Management Resources Wrike vs. Huddle