Since they were first introduced in the 1980s, human resource (HR) software solutions have come a long way. What started out as a way to easily run payroll or manage benefits has evolved into big business for companies who develop HR software, especially for those who develop human resources information systems (HRIS). HR managers find that using HR software increases employee engagement, makes applicant tracking and talent acquisition easier, and lends a big hand when it comes to performance management.

An HRIS is certainly a useful — and in many cases, necessary — tool, but not every business needs all the HR functions offered by such a system. Thankfully, many options still exist for small to mid-sized companies and HR personnel who are only looking for core HR capabilities like payroll, recruiting, workforce management, and basic HR tasks. Best of all, some of these tools also integrate with your existing business software, delivering a better ROI for all of your integrated systems and making it easier to keep up with employee data.

If you’re looking for an HR management software that gives you core capabilities such as employee engagement, talent management, and general HR functions, use our HR software category page. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll send you a list of the best HR management software tools right for you.

Here are a few of the best HR tools based on the integrations they offer.

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  • HR Software Category: Payroll
  • Words Best For: Midsize and Enterprise Businesses

When it comes to payroll tools, most systems integrate with third-party ledger systems such as QuickBooks or Sage and an HRIS like Workday or ADP, but a few systems offer other, unexpected integrations that can help your HR experts make the most of your existing business software.

Optimum Payroll is a standalone HR system from Optimum HRIS that integrates with Click Boarding (an employee onboarding tool) and ShiftWizard (a healthcare scheduling tool) in addition to Optimum HR software and third-party accounting systems. While Optimum Payroll is built for any type of workforce, the integration with ShiftWizard makes it particularly useful for the HR department when running payroll at healthcare companies. Add shift pay differentials to the already calculus-like work of scheduling healthcare workers, and you’ll be grateful for a system that eases some of the burden.

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  • HR Software Category: Time & Attendance
  • Works Best For: Any Sized Business

Many time and attendance solutions integrate with accounting software, but what Jibble lacks in ledger integrations, it makes up for in creative integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. It’s a free HR software and time clock application that allows employees to keep track of their hours worked, leading to a better employee experience. Timesheets can be automated for payroll, making this a lighter version of a human resource management system.

Using either of these social collaboration tools, you can “jibble in” or “jibble out” to clock in or out. For example, in Slack, you can clock in to work by typing “/jibble in” after integrating the two systems, and Slack will relay your hours back to Jibble. Employees can also type “/jibble times” in Slack to view their timesheet for the week. Comparable functions exist for Microsoft Teams.

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  • HR Software Category: Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Works Best For: Any Sized Business

In addition to offering a unique learning management system (LMS) powered by artificial intelligence, Docebo also offers a complete API system and a long list of integrations for other software systems. From Google Analytics to Shopify to WordPress, the human resource management software creates a seamless experience across many of the tools your hr team probably already uses and makes online training easy.

Employees and HR professionals have a lot of software tools to keep track of as is, so giving your workforce one less tool to remember by integrating Docebo with WordPress is a welcome relief. And for more tech-savvy companies that need advanced HR technology, Docebo’s API is a major selling point if you have a specific integration in mind that isn’t currently offered as a turnkey integration.

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  • HR Software Category: Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Works Best For: Any Sized Business

Most modern applicant tracking systems (ATS) integrate with email providers and job search websites like Indeed and Monster, but PCRecruiter is a human resources software that stands apart in that it also allows integrations with recruiting sites CareerBuilder and TextKernel.

An additional integration with RingCentral means you will spend much less time switching back and forth between different tools. HR leaders will spend less time recruiting and managing payroll and spend more time investing in company culture and optimizing the employee lifecycle. PCRecruiter puts all the tools HR professionals might need throughout the day in one place, lending HR managers and recruiters a helping hand during the recruitment process when hunting down a new software developer or marketing director.

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Zoho People

  • HR Software Category: Performance management
  • Works Best For: Any Sized Business

Although we’ve listed Zoho People as performance management software, the HR solution handles a wide range of HR processes such as employee engagement, talent management, benefits administration, and human capital management. This HRM is great for those who use other Zoho products, such as Zoho CRM. All of your HR services are integrated into your other Zoho systems.

If you’re not a Zoho user, there’s still other integration offerings that offer immense benefits. AdobeSign integration allows HR professionals the ability to have employees and clients easily submit electronic signatures. Google Calendar keeps everyone on the same page, and the Zapier integration is an invaluable tool for automating human resource processes such as employee performance, talent management, and other general HR management functions.

Finding the right HR software

When it comes to HR software, you don’t always have to splurge for a fancy HRIS, though there might come a point when that makes sense for your business. Until then, plenty of standalone HR tools are out there, and many of them also help you make the most of the business software you currently use.

Top Human Resources Software Recommendations