Wrike and Clarizen are renowned project management solutions used by international businesses and various industries because of their valuable features and user-friendly interface. 

Wrike is a comprehensive project management software. Aside from features for project management, Wrike has capabilities for marketing, product development, information technology, professional services, and business operations. Clarizen is another leading project management solution. Just like Wrike, Clarizen has features for project management, information technology, professional services, and marketing.

In this article, we’ll compare the capabilities and features of Wrike and Clarizen to help you determine the better suited software for your needs.

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An overview of Wrike vs. Clarizen

Wrike is a household name for project management teams everywhere in the world. It has useful project management features including task management, reminders, reports, time tracking, and mobile applications. Wrike has a free version and low-priced plans. Wrike can take care of the project management needs of every business — it is suitable for freelancers to large companies.

Clarizen is a top-rated project management solution that has a useful set of features to ensure the hassle-free completion of work projects. Clarizen has features for task management, time tracking, reporting, team collaboration, and a mobile application. This project management software has scalable and quote-based pricing, and its costs can be tailored to the exact needs of your business. Clarizen is used by businesses of every size.

Comparing the features

Both Wrike and Clarizen have valuable project management features. Among these features are task management, time tracking, and mobile applications.

Task management

Wrike has a task management feature that lets you create and assign tasks to team members. Assigned tasks are viewed by team members, so every member knows who’s doing what. Files and documents may be attached to tasks. You can also adjust the visibility of each task and give your clients access to viewing the tasks assigned. Wrike’s task management feature can also be viewed by workload, which means you can easily monitor the amount of work each team member is working on. This ensures an even work distribution and lessens burnouts.

With Clarizen, all task-related activities can be done in a single screen. Clarizen’s task management feature will give you a centralized view, so you can see what each member is working on, review the entire workspace at a glance, adjust task priorities, change task assignees, and edit due dates and timelines in a single page. You can also view the workload assigned to each member, giving you a deeper insight in case a member takes longer to complete tasks. Users can also attach documents, videos, and links to tasks.

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Time tracking

Wrike tracks the time spent by your team members working on a task. You can manually log your time spent working or let the Wrike system log the time entry automatically. When you start the timer, you can see the number of hours you’ve spent working on a task on your screen. Wrike can only track time for one task at a time. So, if you suddenly decide to work on a new task while currently working on a given task, the timer for the first task will be paused and a new timer for the new task will automatically start.

Clarizen uses timesheets to track the  minutes, hours, and/or days spent working on individual tasks. You can see all logged  time entries for a particular week in the timesheet. The tasks can include the duration of time worked per day. In Clarizen’s timesheets, users can also log their overtime hours. Users can manually review the timesheets for errors and get approval before submitting them to you, or you can opt for all timesheets to be auto-submitted by users without approval.

Mobile application

Wrike has a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. The mobile app gives you access to folders, projects, and tasks. It lets you assign and schedule tasks to other members as well as attach images and files to tasks straight from your phone. You can review and respond to @ mentions from the app, track time spent on tasks, and access personal and shared dashboards. Reports in the mobile app are viewable as tables. You can share these reports with team members or clients.

Clarizen also has native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. The mobile app lets you access important information you need on the go. You can review and update all your projects, tasks, and issues using the mobile app. File attachments and cases may be viewed and edited in the app. It lets you create and assign new projects and tasks. Similar to Wrike, track time and submit expenses using the app. When submitting expense reports, you can attach receipts directly using your phone’s camera.


Wrike has integrations with a lot of helpful apps and tools. It can integrate with solutions for customer relationship management, collaboration, cloud storage, email services, and marketing:

  • Box
  • Gmail
  • Pipedrive
  • HubSpot Marketing
  • Basecamp

Clarizen also has an extensive list of integrations. Platforms for business intelligence and analytics, customer support, content management, accounting, and team communications integrate with Clarizen:

  • Slack
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Zendesk
  • SharePoint
  • Tableau

The final answer

Wrike and Clarizen are both dependable project management solutions. The answer as to which one is the better software relies on your business needs and personal preference.

Wrike’s robust features can definitely help you manage projects easier. Its time tracking feature can help you avoid any potential error in logging time entries. Since it automatically adjusts whenever you switch to other tasks, you can be sure all work done will be accounted for. However, Clarizen’s task management feature lets you see all the important details on all the tasks assigned to every team member in one screen. You don’t have to spend time switching tabs because Clarizen gives you all the vital information you need on one screen.

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