Asana vs. Accelo

Project Management Resources Asana vs. Accelo

Asana vs. Accelo

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Asana vs. Accelo

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In today’s business landscape, we cannot discuss productivity without mentioning collaboration. Often, these two words are used synonymously. This is largely due to technology — working with teams has never been this easy and efficient. Businesses are all about the work people put in and the relationships they establish.

Asana and Accelo, two excellent project management platforms, offer businesses the right tools to keep teams connected and organized. And they’re only among the many software options in the highly-competitive market.

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Asana vs. Accelo 

Launched in 2012, Asana is a SaaS designed to help teams simplify collaboration and enhance work culture. It is a stylish project management software that keeps your team organized, connected, and productive. Everyone can contribute to the work needed for achieving team goals — plan projects, assign and perform tasks, track schedules, and hit deadlines. 

Accelo is designed for small and mid-sized businesses in the professional service sector, providing tools and resources to manage client operations — sales, quotes, projects, tickets, retainers, timesheets, billing, and scheduling. It’s a project management tool that takes advantage of the power of the cloud in offering a complete service operations solution to businesses in the industry. It helps automate processes and streamline collaboration to increase team productivity.   

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Automating processes  

Asana features its automation tool, Rules. It helps you with automating business processes and streamlining your workflows. You can leave the repetitive tasks and manual work to Rules to save time and costs. With this automation tool, human errors are reduced, everyone is on track, and you can focus on planning and strategizing. You can also customize Rules to suit your work style and preferences, so it provides flexibility.  

Accelo’s comprehensive service operations solution automates the processes of your projects, service, sales, and retainers. It allows you to manage the operations with ease — manage projects, assign tasks, track performance, identify prospects, close deals, and more. It’s a complete package. 

Organizing team projects 

Aside from the simplicity of its design and flexibility your team can get, Asana helps foster team culture. It simplifies collaboration, so teams can work more efficiently. Teams can work anywhere, whether in an office setting, at the comfort of their home, or remotely elsewhere.    

You can customize and gather all the tools your team needs in one place for easy access, and it keeps you in control of your projects. With Asana, you can plan and manage projects, assign tasks, set priorities, track deadlines, schedule activities, and generate team reports for insights. 

Accelo combines different tools to help your team become more productive. It simplifies the processes of planning and managing team projects, tracking performance and results, and ensuring tasks are delivered on time. Accelo functions not only as a productivity and collaboration tool but also as a CRM, letting you connect and engage with clients. Its automated data gathering lets you understand your customers better for your team to create effective strategies to close more deals. 

With Accelo, you can connect all teams from every part of your service business. It unifies project planning, monitoring, and collaboration in one place to make organizing projects, assigning tasks, and tracking progress and performance easy. Also, teams can access the platform on any device. 


Asana allows you to integrate its collaboration tools with other productivity platforms you’re already using, including Slack, Office 365, Google Suite, Outlook, Power BI, and Salesforce. It has Zapier integrations to let you access more tools and applications.  

With Accelo, it is also easy to connect to third-party platforms such as Google Suite, Xero, Quickbooks, Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp, Stripe, Paypal, Slack, and more. 

Your choice: Asana or Accelo?  

Asana is designed for teams in every business department across all industries to provide an elegant and stylish collaboration and productivity tool. Accelo, however, is specifically tailored to small businesses in the service industry. So, there’s a difference between the two. 

Asana functions more as a pure project management platform that combines all the tools your team needs. Accelo is not your typical productivity and collaboration platform, it also serves as a CRM. 

So, depending on your requirements and type of business you have, it’s for you to decide which of them fits your needs. But I am partial to Asana, though, for its simplicity. 

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Project Management Resources Asana vs. Accelo