Pinpoint and SmartRecruiters are applicant tracking systems (ATS) solutions that have robust features built to handle the recruitment needs of large enterprises.

Pinpoint is a complete ATS software that helps companies find the best talent through automation and targeted recruitment campaigns. SmartRecruiters is a web-based ATS solution with full recruitment functionalities from recruitment marketing to offer management.

In this article, we’ll compare the key features of Pinpoint and SmartRecruiters to give you an idea of what you can expect from each software.

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An overview of Pinpoint vs. SmartRecruiters

Pinpoint, also known as Pinpoint HQ, is an ATS software developed in the UK. Since the software was introduced in 2017, it quickly became popular because of its ability to simplify the handling of recruitment processes for hiring teams. This ATS has features for automated interview scheduling, automated social recruiting, blind recruitment, branded emails, candidate management, collaboration, custom careers page, custom hiring workflows, and standardized candidate profiles. It has high end prices and is ideal for mid-sized to large organizations.

Founded in 2010, SmartRecruiters is a highly-rated recruitment software made in the US. This software is known for its powerful collaborative hiring capabilities. SmartRecruiters has features for candidate sourcing, recruitment marketing, candidate experience, collaborative hiring, candidate assessment, and offer management. Like Pinpoint, SmartRecruiters is built for mid-sized businesses to large-scale organizations.

Features comparison

Pinpoint and SmartRecruiters both have features for candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, and offer management.

Candidate sourcing

Pinpoint helps source candidates with its automated recruitment advertising capability.

This capability lets the hiring teams launch intelligent and highly targeted recruitment campaigns across social media and other digital channels. Pinpoint has job board integrations that make posting to free and paid job boards quick and effortless. A branded careers site and recruitment agency portal will be crafted for you. This ATS also uses employee referrals and online application forms for an improved audience reach. Careers website, application forms, and candidate emails from Pinpoint are available in multiple languages.

To source more candidates, SmartRecruiters incorporates pre-existing contracts with CareerBuilder and LinkedIn. This ATS helps hiring teams create strategic relationships with talent communities and enables them to organize, sort, and manage high-quality talent ahead of demand. Teams can organize and manage large recruitment campaigns and build custom career pages with SmartRecruiters. The system also lets recruitment teams build and send branded email, social, and web campaigns. Users can communicate with candidates from their desktop or the hiring app. This ATS uses targeted and personalized campaigns to capture interest in passive and active talents.

Interview scheduling

Pinpoint’s interview scheduling feature lets hiring teams schedule interviews without back and forth emails. Users simply need to find a time that works for everyone and the ATS sends candidates a real-time view of available interview slots and lets them book online. Hiring teams can synchronize calendars with Pinpoint and eliminate interview scheduling conflicts. Users can also schedule video interviews.

SmartRecruiters simplifies interview scheduling and cuts the time it takes to schedule in-person and virtual interviews with multiple participants. Teams can streamline interview management from one easy-use interface within SmartRecruiters. Users can compare calendars of interviewers in one location and sync scheduled interviews automatically to the hiring teams’ calendars. The ATS also provides interview updates automatically through dynamic notifications.

Offer management

Pinpoint’s offer management feature reduces roadblocks by creating digital job offers and sending them directly to candidates. The software manages each step of the offer management process in one central location. Hiring teams can customize offer letter templates for each location, department, or job and send personalized job offers to candidates. Offer acceptance rate can be monitored and roadblocks in the hiring process can be identified with Pinpoint. The ATS keeps personal candidate data out of hiring managers’ inboxes and makes GDPR compliance easier.

SmartRecruiters uses a digital offer management process to save time and effort in sealing the deal with candidates. The system offers integrated offer letter templates, configurable forms, and version control for offer letters. Teams can route offers directly to approvers and get notified in real-time on progress. Offers to applicants are extended directly from the platform. Automation of approvals can be set to prevent unnecessary delays in the sign-off. Hiring teams can approve offers from anywhere via any mobile device.


Pinpoint has native integrations with platforms for talent sourcing, communication, interviewing, HR Management, and security:

  • LinkedIn
  • Intercom
  • Google Meet
  • BambooHR
  • Google SSO

SmartRecruiters readily integrates with applications for human capital management, onboarding, background screening, live video interviewing, and behavioral assessments:

  • Workday HCM
  • Sapling
  • GoodHire
  • Spark Hire
  • eSkill

The ATS for you

The comprehensive features of Pinpoint and SmartRecruiters are more than enough to help big companies find thousands of credentialed individuals to fill their positions. In choosing the right ATS for your company, it’s wise to take a look at the features that benefit you most.

Pinpoint is the better fit for your company if you particularly want to improve your interview scheduling process. This ATS allows interviewees to book their interview schedule online — making the entire process faster and smoother for everyone. SmartRecruiters is the choice for you if you want your hiring team to be able to work outside the office. The mobile application from SmartRecruiters lets users manage upcoming interviews, approve pending offer requests, fill out scorecards, and move the candidate through the hiring process.

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