A business thrives because of human capital, which is the best resource you have. Getting the right people for the right job is easier said than done. But with the right tools, you can attract talent and keep them in your company. Oracle’s PeopleSoft and Paycor HR are two of the better HR and human capital management (HCM) platforms on the market today. If you need help in your search for an HR platform, use our Product Selection Tool. We simplify the search process. Enter your feature, company size, price, and other user requirements, and we’ll send you a list of HR software options that suit your needs.

PeopleSoft vs. Paycor HR: An overview

PeopleSoft delivers a cloud-based platform offering comprehensive solutions for your HR and people management needs. It features advanced tools with capabilities to transform the way your business attracts, develops, and retains talents. PeopleSoft lets you optimize employee productivity and performance for increased growth while lowering costs. Paycor HR is a human capital management platform that provides the technology and the expertise to enhance your HR performance — from recruiting and onboarding to benefits and payroll. Read also: Workday vs. SAP SuccessFactors

Human resources and data analytics

PeopleSoft seamlessly integrates HR tools and data analytics in its platform, combining cost-efficiency, automation, and cloud technology. It lets you take advantage of its advanced analytics tools to simplify complex data sets related to people management. You can generate reports and visualizations to understand your employees better. Paycor also features integrated analytics that combines HR information, payroll and benefits, and time and attendance data. It comes with real-time data insights and visualization tools, helping you simplify data in a language people understand, so you can generate reports and gain insights for better decisions.  

PeopleSoft vs. Paycor HR: The differences

The two platforms diverge in their approach to providing their clients with human resources tools.

PeopleSoft’s power of the cloud

PeopleSoft takes advantage of the power of the cloud in data storage and process automation. It allows you to work within the system in the cloud. PeopleSoft supports and manages the complete automation of your HR solutions. Since it’s cloud-based, it costs less and saves you time in managing human resources. PeopleSoft’s dashboard delivers an intuitive, modern, and responsive UI/UX accessible on your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. You can personalize your digital workspace by customizing the dashboard and its applications, workflow and processes, templates and pages, and data structures.

Paycor’s complete HR solutions

Paycor is single-mindedly focused on providing a complete HR solutions platform: recruiting and onboarding, reporting, benefits administration, ACA, time and attendance, payroll and tax compliance, and learning management. Paycor comes with a powerful pre-built recruitment dashboard. It lets you attract top talent, create strategic benefit packages, and use data to analyze and forecast needs. Designed especially for recruiters, it has a unique applicant tracking system to help you with recruitment, streamlining processes. Aside from recruitment, Paycor also modernizes and optimizes every aspect of your HR and human capital management. It simplifies employee data, enhances time and attendance management, automates benefits enrollment, manages compliance, and helps facilitate learning and talent development.

Which platform suits your requirements best?

PeopleSoft is best for mid-sized to large corporations across all industries as it provides a unified management platform for HR, finance, supply chain, customer relationship, and enterprise performance. It delivers powerful capabilities, including analytics, customizable dashboard, constant updates, and people support. So you can spend more time on becoming more productive and cost-efficient. PeopleSoft suits businesses in different industries such as manufacturing, health sciences, financial services, sports, government, and nonprofits. It offers a range of solutions from human resources to learning and leadership development. Paycor, however, suits enterprises whether big or small in the human capital management industry — agency, recruitment services, and people support. It also fits every HR department in all companies across all industries. Paycor helps transform your company’s recruitment process with its advanced tools, streamlines employee data and automates benefits, manages ACA compliance, unifies time tracking and payroll, and provides a platform for creating a learning culture. Technology-wise, PeopleSoft has advanced cloud computing and support services. But if you’re focusing on improving every aspect of your company’s human resources, Paycor HR would be a good choice. If you’re still undecided on the HR software that fits your business, check out our Product Selection Tool. It saves you time for research, easy to use, fast, and free of charge.