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Comparing two CRMs: Microsoft Dynamics vs. Nimble CRM

When choosing between two fully-featured CRMs, you need to know which one has the features that work for you.

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MS Dynamics and Nimble CRM are two of the most popular customer relations management tools in the market today. 

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MS Dynamics vs. Nimble CRM: An Overview

MS Dynamics is a cloud-based CRM tool that helps businesses improve their lead tracking, sales, and customer relationship. With their numerous integrations like Mailchimp, Microsoft Outlook, and Hubspot Marketing, your company will save a lot of time processing relevant data. MS Dynamic can also improve your business’s overall accessibility because of its wide variety of supported devices.

Nimble CRM is a customer relationship management tool that focuses on creating a better work relationship between sales and customer teams and customers. With Nimble, you can monitor, contact, and collaborate with customers effectively through social integrations like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Supported platforms 

These CRM tools have a wide variety of supported platforms that allows you to use their features on your phone, tablet, or PC. These supported platforms allow more accessibility for your company when handling customers and other important data. Here are the supported platforms in MS Dynamics vs. Nimble CRM:

MS Dynamic supported platforms

  • Web-based
  • Android phone

Nimble CRM supported platforms

  • Android phone
  • Web-based
  • iPhone app


MS Dynamics and Nimble CRM each have subscription bundles for you to choose from with a wide variety of features included in each. Here are the available packages in MS Dynamics vs. Nimble CRM:

Pricing in MS Dynamics 

  • Dynamics 365 Plan
  • Unified Operations Plan
  • Customer Engagement Plan
  • Applications and Offers

Pricing in Nimble CRM

  • Free Trial
  • Nimble Contact
  • Nimble Business

Similar features in MS Dynamics vs. Nimble CRM

MS Dynamics and Nimble CRM both have a wide variety of features that can support your company in numerous ways. These features will help you build strong relationships with your customers through data processing.

Pipeline management 

The pipeline management feature in MS Dynamics CRM allows you to process and oversee multiple sales revenue streams in their various stages. Having a program that allows multiple processes increases your company’s productivity. Accessing customer data will help you accurately predict future sales for the company. 

The pipeline management tool in Nimble CRM enables you to identify the weak spots in your sales process by alerting your sales manager about key sales growth metrics. This advanced feature will help you make accurate choices in the future when it comes to managing your sales process. 

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Social media integration 

In MS Dynamics, social media integrations allow you to connect with your customers through your company’s social media account. Their program focuses on allowing you to track and analyze social media posts to better engage your customers. You can also use this feature to better plan your marketing strategy by recording customer reactions to social media posts.

In Nimble CRM, their social media integration lets you receive notifications and data from all of your social media in one place. This helps you plan your next business campaigns effectively by collecting data to predict your customer’s buying decisions. Nimble’s social media integration allows you to stay ahead when it comes to your customer’s needs.

Which CRM tool works best for your company?

If you’re looking for a CRM software that allows you to make better decisions for your company, we suggest you try MS Dynamics. With the MS Dynamics pipeline management tool, you can track multiple sales processes and sales revenue to help you accurately predict future sales for your business. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a CRM software that helps you gain a deeper insight into the activities and interaction of your customers in your business, we suggest you try Nimble CRM. With Nimble’s social media integration, it will help you boost your social media relationships with your customers that could lead to a profitable outcome.

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