April 9, 2024

Best Sales Training Programs for 2024

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Advancements in technologies have transformed how people buy and sell. Hence, sales teams must always be updated with the latest trends to remain competitive. That’s when continuous sales training comes into play. Sales training programs increase your knowledge, improve your skills, and build the proper attitude to win more sales. Many tech providers offer sales training and certification that you can leverage to improve your performance and advance your career.

5 of the best sales training programs

Sales training programs can help strengthen your communication skills, establish yourself as a trusted adviser, and deepen your relationships with customers. Become more ethical, an effective listener, an expert negotiator, and a problem-solver by choosing from the best sales training programs below: 

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What is a sales training program?

Sales training programs are online self-paced courses (virtual) or on-site (classroom) instructor-led training, designed to help salespeople gain knowledge of theoretical sales concepts and case scenarios. One of the most sought sales training programs is sales enablement training, which equips reps with the tech skills and tools like sales software to improve their knowledge and skills in navigating the sales process. 

Sales Training for High Performing Teams Specialization (HubSpot Academy) by Coursera

Coursera offers more than 7,000 online courses and degree programs in different fields. It is also a partner of many highly respected educational institutions and software providers, like HubSpot Academy, the organization behind the Sales Training for High Performing Teams Specialization program. 

This four-course specialization series is one of the top sales training programs highly recommended for all types of sales professionals, especially for beginners. Each course progresses from basic selling to mastering sales, where you will learn to coach, train, and manage a sales team for strategic revenue generation. 

Sales Training for High Performing Teams Specialization
Program structure
  • One specialization
  • Four-course series
  • Online self-paced learning
Provider HubSpot through Coursera
Best for All types of sales professionals looking to improve sales team performance and advance their sales careers like sales team leaders, sales coaches
Main topics Building your sales career, techniques for a human-centric sales process, sales team management, and inbound business strategy
Unique features and benefits
  • Courses taught in 22 languages
  • Earn a career certificate directly from HubSpot Academy
  • Can take the courses in any order (each covers individual subject matter)
  • Can apply for a scholarship or financial aid 
Cost 7-day free trial available, $59/month (cancel anytime) or $399/year (with a 14-day money-back guarantee)
Program duration One month at 10 hours per week
Program requirements
  • No prior experience required
  • Completion requirement comes with a certification exam

The Complete Sales Skills Master Class – Sales Marketing B2B by Udemy

Udemy offers a wide range of sales training programs that many sales teams recognize worldwide. Specifically, The Complete Sales Skills Master Class lets you master business-to-business (B2B) sales, sales funnel creation, and strategic marketing. Instructors will walk you through a 30-hour on-demand video sales training to help you master sales.

The Complete Sales Skills Master Class is one of the best sales courses for anyone interested in sales and sales training, as well as marketing and business development. You can take this training if you want to broaden your knowledge of B2B sales.

The Complete Sales Skills Master Class – Sales Marketing B2B
Program structure
  • On-demand videos (53 sections, 587 lectures)
  • Online self-paced learning
Provider Udemy
Best for All B2B salespeople, including entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, CEOs, and account executives
Main topics Master sales skills, marketing strategy, B2B sales, business development, lead generation using top social skills
Unique features and benefits
  • Full lifetime access
  • Accessible on mobile and TV
  • Udemy certificate of completion
  • Can apply coupon and gift the course
Cost $75 (all courses at Udemy have a 30-day money-back guarantee)
Program duration 30 hours, 32 minutes 
Program requirements
  • No prior experience required
  • Completion requirement comes with a certification exam

Sales Training Program: Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) by NASP

The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) created this sales training program to transform salespeople into top performers. This six-week online sales certification program provides effective behavioral training and daily conditioning to help you build the best sales habits and apply proven behaviors to stand out from the rest. 

The CPSP program’s principles are consistency and commitment. You will learn how to replace ineffective sales behaviors with new effective ones (sales habit programming) to attain your sales goals faster. Upon completing this sales training program, you will be able to apply effective sales strategies and establish an instant alignment with prospective customers through sales enablement content and sales tech resources.

Sales Training Program: Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)
Program structure
  • Six weeks of course modules with a final exam
  • Online self-paced learning
Provider NASP
Best for Sales executives, business owners, CEOs, and sales professionals wanting to learn new sales strategies or looking for promotion as team leaders, coaches, or field supervisors
Main topics Best communication styles in sales, developing good sales habits
Unique features and benefits
  • Can choose start date (every Monday) 
  • Flexible payment options
  • Learn little-known techniques from 20 years of interviewing, modeling, and coaching top 1% of salespeople worldwide
Cost $795 (all sales are final, can terminate membership, but no refunds will be granted)
Program duration Six weeks (average of 20 to 30 minutes per day)
Program requirements
  • No prior experience required
  • Complete 45 days of daily modules at 100% completion (a minimum of 80% on time)
  • Complete the exam with an 80% correct score minimum

SPIN Selling Training Certification by Huthwaite International

Huthwaite International developed the SPIN sales training by observing 40,000 B2B sales interactions to determine the best practices of successful sellers. According to the provider, SPIN selling is used worldwide, with 30% of the top 100 companies applying the SPIN methodology to support their sales teams.

In this sales training, you will learn how to build a consistent sales approach, understand how customers make major buying decisions, and overcome objections by applying sales, negotiation, and communication methodologies. Sales managers will learn how to measure sales performance and teach reps how to shorten sales cycles to boost sales.

SPIN Selling Training Certification

Program structure

  • Seven-week class in an in-person or virtual environment 
  • Self-paced learning


Huthwaite International

Best for

Salespeople who want to learn the SPIN sales methodology to advance career as a sales rep, sales manager, or sales executive

Main topics

SPIN methodology for developing a toolkit to handle customer objections, shorten sales cycles, and measure sales performance

Unique features and benefits

  • Has its own sales methodology (SPIN model)
  • Every SPIN trainer is officially licensed 
  • Develop your personalized training plan through the platform


Contact provider for pricing

Program duration

Seven weeks

Program requirements

  • No prior experience required
  • Completion requirement comes with a certification exam

Certified Sales Executive Program Modules by SMEI

This sales training certification program by Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI) is a combination of video content and slide deck, self-paced learning in three modules intended for sales executives. You can purchase modules individually or as a bundle. After completing each module, you will earn a certificate of completion. Once all modules are completed, you can take the timed and proctored final certification exam online. 

Upon passing the final certification exam, you will earn the certified sales executive (CSE) designation, which you can use on your business cards, email signature, and LinkedIn profile. Moreover, you will be granted a digital certification badge that you can use on your portfolio.

Certified Sales Executive Program Modules

Program structure

  • Three modules or certification courses
  • Online self-paced learning
  • All course components include an e-book, videos, and chapter quizzes



Best for

Sales executives, sales managers, and sales leaders wanting to earn the CSE designation to further elevate their sales portfolio and industry leadership

Main topics

Sales management, sales leadership development, salespeople recruitment, salesforce development, goal setting, performance monitoring, motivating salespeople, and sales technology like sales enablement software

Unique features and benefits

  • Purchase modules individually or all together
  • Earn the CSE designation
  • Earn a digital certification badge


$300 base price for each certification course, exam registration fee of $150 (not included in the course fee)

Program duration

Must complete the modules within one year from the date of module purchase (complete the certification process and take the final exam)

Program requirements

  • Preferably with prior experience in sales
  • Completion requirement comes with a certification exam

Who stands to benefit from sales training certifications?

Sales training programs can greatly benefit salespeople across all levels of the organization. Aspiring and seasoned sales reps learn about the sales process and build their sales skills. They learn the best practices for handling customer objections and shortening sales cycles. Moreover, salespeople better understand how customers make major buying decisions and ways to enhance customer satisfaction. 

Specifically, sales training programs help:

  • Sales reps: As you earn more sales certificates, you increase your credibility and portfolio impact among sales executives and business owners. Your certifications reflect your knowledge and skills, as well as excellent sales habits acquired. 
  • Sales leaders and executives: They acquire valuable insights that can guide them in strategic mapping and decision-making. Sales training teaches them how to measure and analyze performance and adopt good selling behaviors from top agents through best practice sharing and use case discussions. 
  • Sales territory planners and directors: Sales training can help them build a coherent sales approach that creates value for their customers. 

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Why is sales training important for your business?

Sales training is one of the core sales management activities that can help your business accelerate sales and overall revenue growth. Sales reps and managers must be equipped with relevant, up-to-date, and accurate information on how to develop their prospecting and selling skills, attain their quotas, and improve their overall sales performance. 

The best sales training programs teach salespeople effective sales strategies to prospect more qualified leads and close more deals, especially if you’re expanding or adding sales territories. Moreover, the best sales training programs can help sales leaders stay updated with the latest trends in sales performance monitoring and sales management, such as technologies for artificial intelligence (AI) for sales enablement and customer relationship management (CRM).

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Tips & best practices for implementing sales training programs

Advance your sales career by investing in the best sales training programs. Here are some tips and best practices to help you kickstart your sales training journey:

Focus on sales training programs that build your selling skills

Many sales professionals, especially new sales reps, get nervous when presenting their sales pitches or product demos. While it is normal to feel this way, allowing anxiousness to take over will reduce your credibility as a salesperson. 

The best sales training programs have practice lessons, live demonstrations, or scenario-based training. These are important in building the right selling skills and behaviors to overcome objections and improve their performance.

Differentiate sales training for new & seasoned sales professionals

While most sales training courses are open to anyone who wants to land a job in sales or improve their selling skills, differentiating a program for new and seasoned sales professionals is important. In that way, the sales training program will be able to address your unique challenges for more effective learning and real-life application.

For instance, if you are a sales executive or manager, pick a sales certification course that can give you additional or higher credentials than what you already have. While high-level sales training modules are more expensive and lengthy, they provide great value because you earn additional designations that you can use for your portfolio. 

Choose a sales training program that fits your industry requirements

Sales professionals have varying roles and responsibilities across industries. Business-to-customer (B2C) sales, like retail sales, differ from business-to-business (B2B) sales such as software or tech solution sales. Find a sales certification course that aligns with your industry for prompt application and the best outcomes. 

Stay updated with your industry trends, such as the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer relationship management (CRM) systems for tech sales, ecommerce, or your specific niche. This will help you determine the most appropriate sales training program to take for advancing your career or boosting your sales. 

Select a sales training program with career growth opportunities

Sales professionals who want to advance their careers should factor in the milestones or career growth opportunities that that program offers. If you are a sales rep, assess if the sales certification course provides relevant training that builds on-the-job sales skills that interest sales managers and sales executives.

We highly recommend taking sales training courses that offer certification, degree opportunities, badges, or gamified rewards.

Finding the right solution for your business

Sales training provides enormous benefits in terms of customer and management points of view. Because the sales process is a common language among organizations, there must be a continuous learning action plan to guarantee success. Sales experts and tech providers have created the best sales training programs in the market with years of industry experience. Your sales team can leverage these sales training programs to bolster your sales with immense velocity.

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Sales Training for High Performing Teams Specialization (HubSpot Academy) by Coursera and Udemy’s The Complete Sales Skills Master Class – Sales Marketing B2B are two of the best sales training programs that can help improve your sales performance.

Get certified and advance your sales career by choosing a sales training program created by highly respected online learning platforms like Coursera and Udemy with a curriculum that provides hands-on or application opportunities for learners.

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