May 15, 2023

Top Zabbix Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

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Zabbix is a flexible open-source network monitoring software that can track various areas of network infrastructure, including applications, network devices, log files and servers. Zabbix also serves as a highly scalable software type that can easily handle large and complex network systems. This software offers a fully customizable set of tools that includes dashboards, maps and various reports. Additionally, Zabbix can provide real-time visibility as it relates to the status and performance of your network infrastructure.

Top 5 Zabbix Alternatives & Competitors

The Zabbix alternatives outlined in this article are just a few of the software solutions that are currently available on the market. Take your business’s needs into account when considering these alternatives and determine whether any of them might be a good fit for you. 

Some alternative vendors include:

checkmk: Best for versatility for both simple and complex operations 

PRTG Network Monitor: Best for measuring traffic and system usage 

Datadog: Best for converting extensive tool and application data to offer sufficient insight 

Dynatrace: Best for AI-powered workflow automation 

ManageEngine: Best overall network monitoring software

checkmk: Best for versatility for both simple and complex operations

Checkmk is one of the most comprehensive network monitoring software options available and enables system administrators, developers, and IT managers to quickly identify and resolve any issues across the entirety of their company’s system infrastructure.

Checkmk is useful in monitoring your company’s servers, networks, databases and applications. Should an issue arise, checkmk is a reliable piece of software that will help identify problem areas and leave your team with the extra time to concentrate on other areas of importance. 

Why choose checkmk over Zabbix?

  • Comprehensive reporting and network monitoring 
  • Very low consumption of CPU resources 
  • High degree of automation, which increases the efficiency of system monitoring 
  • Shorter setup time

Why we chose checkmk

Checkmk is used by thousands of companies in the commercial space and its open source design has a broad appeal to businesses the world over. Checkmk is far less complicated than Zabbix, thanks to its shorter setup time and general ease-of-use. Similarly to Zabbix, checkmk is also highly scalable and customizable.    

PRTG Network Monitor: Best for measuring traffic and system usage 

PRTG Network Monitor is a unified monitoring solution that offers real-time infrastructure data and gives IT professionals the tools to locate problem areas throughout their entire network. PRTG can help resolve these problems before they grow and become critical blows to your network infrastructure. 

PRTG closely monitors all system data, traffic, devices, and applications that are pertinent to your IT infrastructure through the use of advanced technologies like: HTTP requests, flows, packet sniffing, Ping, and SQL.   

Why choose PRTG Network Monitor over Zabbix?

  • More flexibility 
  • Quick and easy setup process
  • User-friendly 
  • Highly customizable 

Why we chose PRTG Network Monitor 

PRTG Network Monitor is an impressive software tool for monitoring all network resources. PRTG is highly customizable and allows for better insight into network status across various enterprises. Because of this, team members can act promptly and take appropriate measures well before any issues are reported by the users. 

Datadog: Best for converting extensive tool and application data to offer sufficient insight

Datadog is an excellent monitoring software solution that tracks key business metrics and allows your team to better understand user behavior and system analytics. Datadog provides robust monitoring, and security tools that are designed to work in the cloud. IT teams, security engineers, and business users stand to benefit from the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform since it allows for more intuitive automation and infrastructure monitoring.  

Real-time collaboration among teams in development, operations, business, and security helps to close the gap between problem identification and problem resolution quickly and efficiently. Applications and infrastructure are secured and important business metrics can be properly tracked. 

Why choose Datadog over Zabbix?

  • Ease-of-use
  • Good customer support
  • Affordable cloud service monitoring 
  • Customizable dashboards 

Why we chose Datadog

Datadog is a comprehensive monitoring and analytics software platform that features cloud-based monitoring that enables real-time visibility as it relates to the performance of your applications, logs and system infrastructure. Datadog also lets users collect data from a variety of sources and helps them visualize that data in order to gain insights into how well your systems are performing. 

Dynatrace: Best for AI-powered workflow automation

Dynatrace is a hands-off approach to system monitoring. This intuitive software solution is AI-powered and offers completely automated functionality to enhance workflow. Dynatrace constantly monitors digital environments and digs deep into the data of every user, transaction and application across the entirety of your system’s ecosystem. This allows the smart software to provide actionable answers to any issues that may surface at any given time by gathering insight from system-wide data that is being routinely collected and stored. 

Why choose Dynatrace over Zabbix?

  • AI-powered
  • Fully automated
  • Easily customizable 
  • Easy setup process
  • Ease-of-use

Why we chose Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a stand-out piece of software that can easily monitor and store important system data that is made easily accessible. It provides a real-time analysis of the entirety of your system and better prepares staff to remedy any issues that should present themselves by providing in depth actionable solutions where appropriate.

ManageEngine: Best overall network monitoring software

ManageEngine reviews

ManageEngine is an integrated network management platform that offers real-time system monitoring and delivers on its problem-solving capabilities. The software is able to recognize issues that may exist throughout your network and makes recommendations on how to solve them quickly and efficiently. 

ManageEngine is also a breeze to use and manage, with a UI that is both user-friendly and easy to navigate. The software makes performing most actions simple by offering detailed insights that inform your team’s decision-making along the way.

Why choose ManageEngine over Zabbix?

  • Offers a deep view into network monitoring 
  • Simple UI
  • Easy to use and manage 
  • Boosts productivity 

Why we chose ManageEngine

ManageEngine is a great piece of network monitoring software that actively helps identify issues that may jeopardize the health of your server or system, and allows for the implementation of data-driven solutions to ensure that your network runs smoothly.  

Zabbix limitations

While Zabbix is a powerful open-source monitoring solution, it possesses a number of known issues. This software comes with a level of complexity that may not be to the liking of your team and learning the software can be tricky for those who aren’t already familiar with how it works.

Zabbix is also very resource-intensive and consumes a lot of resources on your monitored system. This can negatively impact overall performance and can also present latency issues. 

Additionally, there is no official support available for Zabbix, so finding help can be a significant challenge. The lack of integration capabilities with certain third-party tools compared to other monitoring solutions becomes very apparent the more you use Zabbix, which is a significant detriment to the software.  

One of the common reasons a company may choose Zabbix is to improve its business process outcomes by taking full advantage of the software’s robust monitoring capabilities. Those companies that require a scalable software system and are dealing with large and complex networks may find Zabbix suitable, but the same cannot be said for many other businesses. 

Smaller companies may not find the need to choose Zabbix to address their needs and would rather select monitoring software that is more budget-friendly, requires the utilization of fewer system resources and is much easier to operate. 

Where Zabbix falls short is in its complexity, limited third-party integration, limited support for cloud environments and a lack of comprehensive community support. You should keep these factors in mind when exploring alternative vendors who may be a better fit for your organization. 

Choosing the right alternative to Zabbix

There are a number of monitoring software solutions available on the market today that may prove to be more favorable choices over Zabbix.

Checkmk is far less complex and more versatile than Zabbix. It enables system administrators, developers and IT managers to quickly identify and resolve issues that present themselves throughout their company’s system infrastructure. 

PRTG Network Monitor analyzes all of your system data that’s pertinent to your IT infrastructure through the use of advanced technologies that Zabbix simply lacks. Meanwhile, Datadog promotes real-time collaboration among teams in development, operations, business, and security, and helps to close the gap between problem identification and problem resolution.

Unlike Zabbix and some other software alternatives, Dynatrace offers a truly hands off experience thanks to a powerful AI feature that identifies network issues and resolves them quickly while also offering completely automated functionality to enhance workflow. 

Lastly, ManageEngine offers a clean UI that is easy to learn and navigate and offers real-time system monitoring that delivers on its problem solving capabilities, which stands to benefit your team members and boost their productivity.

Despite the strengths and benefits these software solutions have to offer, you may find that they’re still not right for your company. If this is the case, we encourage you to continue your search and by now, you should hopefully be able to make a more well-informed decision when considering network monitoring software. 

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What makes a good alternative to Zabbix?

A good alternative to Zabbix offers a user-friendly interface, robust monitoring capabilities, customizable alerts, comprehensive reporting, and easy integrations with other IT infrastructure tools. It should also provide effective customer support and scalable solutions to meet growing business demands.

Can Zabbix alternatives provide similar capabilities?

Several Zabbix alternatives offer similar or even enhanced capabilities, including network monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, and more. They often incorporate newer technologies and features that improve ease of use, automation, and data visualization.

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