September 8, 2023

Best Garage Door Software 2024

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At TechnologyAdvice, we assess a wide range of factors before selecting our top choices for a given category. We rely on our extensive research, product information, vendor websites, competitor research, and first-hand experience to make our selections. We then consider what makes a solution best for customer-specific needs. 

By defining business needs, we can determine the essential features organizations in various sectors require and select platforms covering all bases. Reputable providers known for their ease of use and customer satisfaction are added to our compilation list for further analysis. We then evaluate each solution based on its features, considering the platform’s usability, integration capabilities, customization options, mobile access, and any other relevant functionalities. The selection process also assesses price plans, hidden fees, customer reviews, and customer support. 

Technology Advice writers often take advantage of free trials and demos to get a first-hand user experience of available software. Finally, we curate a comprehensive list based on the previously stated factors, ensuring readers have the tools to make informed decisions.

Technology drives efficiency, and garage door businesses must embrace innovative solutions to stay ahead. Field Service Management (FSM) software has emerged as a cornerstone for these enterprises, offering tools that transcend traditional scheduling and dispatching. With a focus on enhancing customer experiences, ensuring safety, and streamlining operations, FSM software is revolutionizing the way garage door companies operate. In this article, we uncover the transformative impact of FSM on the garage door industry and clue you in on the top software in the sector.

Based on our expert recommendations, these are the top five garage door scheduling software for 2024:

Housecall Pro: Best for comprehensive features


  • Notifies customers about scheduled jobs
  • Cost-effective
  • Ease of use
  • Professional invoicing


  • Support limitations
  • Transition challenges to and from other software reported

Online booking: Housecall Pro provides an online tool for customers to request services directly from a company’s website or social media.

Quote management: The platform allows businesses to efficiently create, send, and track service quotes and estimates.

Client management: Users can create and manage detailed profiles for all their clients, storing essential information and service histories.

Scheduling and dispatching: The system offers a calendar and GPS tracking for efficient job scheduling and technician dispatching.

Mobile application: Technicians can access job details, create invoices, and capture photos on the go using Housecall Pro’s mobile app.

Invoicing and online payments: The software enables quick invoice creation and supports online payments through integrations like Stripe.

Basic Plan: $49/month for one user

Features: Optimized solutions for your business, including credit card rates as low as 2.59%, drag-and-drop scheduling, real-time dispatching, paperless invoicing, easy estimates, customizable text notifications, in-app employee chat, job cost tracking, review generation, price book management, online booking, employee time tracking, custom local phone number, customizable dashboard, mobile payment processing and tracking, competitive consumer financing, saved key performance reports, instant credit card payouts, mobile app for iOS and Android, and Pro community membership.

Essentials Plan: $129/month for 1-5 users

Features: All Basic Plan features plus QuickBooks integration, detailed job and estimate reporting, visual price book, flat rate pricing, custom checklists, technician performance tracking, equipment tracking, premium review management, employee GPS tracking, postcard and email marketing, expense cards, live website visitor chat, and Zapier integration.

MAX Plan: Contact for pricing; accommodates 1-100+ users

Features: All Basic and Essentials Plan features plus advanced reporting, open API integration, key account onboarding specialist, escalated phone support, and the ability to add users for $35/mo each.

Add-ons included: Sales proposal tool and recurring service plans (These add-ons are an extra monthly cost for the Basic and Essentials plans with a total value of $80).

After evaluating various software, what stood out about Housecall Pro was its all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrated everything from scheduling to invoicing. 

The user-friendly interface ensures teams can quickly adapt to the system without spending hours training. The mobile app allows technicians to manage tasks on the go, capture essential photos, and even process payments directly from the field. 

The online booking feature simplifies the appointment process, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. The integrated CRM system is also invaluable, helping track customer interactions and service histories, leading to more personalized and efficient service. The automated marketing tools and the ability to manage online reviews directly from the platform give users an edge in building and maintaining a strong online presence. 

Housecall Pro is a field service management solution tailored specifically for home service businesses. Catering to over 15,000 businesses nationwide, it offers all of the tools required by service technicians. Key features include online booking, quote management, scheduling, a robust mobile application, and invoicing. While it’s popular among the cleaning, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing industries, it’s also versatile for other sectors, including garage door services. Housecall Pro’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive mobile application make it a top choice for small to medium-sized service businesses.

Jobber: Best for client communication


  • Comprehensive features (real-time scheduling, dispatching, work order management, and more) 
  • Integrated CRM
  • Automated invoicing
  • Extensive third-party integrations


  • No two-way text messaging
  • Platform lags reported

Online booking: Jobber offers an online booking feature that allows customers to submit service requests directly through a business’s website or social media channels.

Quote management: Jobber enables businesses to create, send, and track quotes quickly, and it supports electronic signatures for approved quotes.

Client hub: An online portal where clients can approve quotes, check appointment details, pay invoices, and request additional work.

Client management: Jobber’s CRM stores essential information for each client, including quotes, jobs, visits, invoices, and billing history.

Scheduling and dispatching: Jobber provides a drag-and-drop calendar for efficient job scheduling and supports recurring job schedules tailored to client needs.

Mobile application: Field staff can access schedules, job information, track time, and communicate with office staff and clients using Jobber’s mobile app.

Core: $49/month for one user

Includes: Schedule and manage jobs, send quotes and invoices, online request form, 24/7 client self-serve hub, and digital payments.

Connect: $129/month for 1-5 users

Includes everything in Core, plus automated reminders.

Jobber’s client hub, a dedicated portal where customers can easily approve quotes, check appointment details, pay invoices, and request additional work. 

This feature streamlines communication and empowers clients, giving them a sense of control and transparency. The two-way SMS feature further enhances communication, allowing real-time updates and quick responses, ensuring that teams and clients are always on the same page. 

The automated follow-ups and reminders ensure no appointment is missed and feedback is consistently collected post-service. The ability to send personalized communications, from appointment reminders to thank-you notes, adds a touch of professionalism and care to interactions.

Jobber is a versatile field service management solution catering to various industries, including HVAC, cleaning, landscaping, plumbing, and, notably, garage door services. 

The platform encompasses a core set of FSM features, further enriched with advanced automation and scheduling tools. Jobber offers a CRM for efficient customer relationship management, specifically designed for service businesses with a high volume of recurring jobs. Its seamless integration capabilities with third-party solutions like FleetSharp, Mailchimp, QuickBooks Online, and Zapier further enhance its utility. However, Jobber’s true strength lies in its ability to manage recurring jobs efficiently, thanks to its automated payments and scheduling tools.

WorkWave Service: Best for industry-specific customization


  • Excellent customer service
  • Delivery driver tracking
  • Optimized scheduling
  • Comprehensive dashboard


  • Some simple functions not easily accessible
  • Doesn’t cover all third-party integrations garage businesses might need

Routing module: WorkWave Service offers a proprietary routing module that assists businesses in optimizing their daily and weekly schedules, ensuring efficient service routes for technicians.

Conflict alerts: The system can alert users of potential scheduling conflicts, helping to avoid double bookings or overloading technicians.

Dashboard insights: The WorkWave Service dashboard provides a comprehensive view of key metrics, such as account receivable totals, allowing businesses to closely monitor their financial health.

Property measurement: The software allows for measuring properties from any location, irrespective of weather or time, aiding in accurate service estimations.

Mobile application: A robust mobile application enables field technicians to communicate with the back office in real time, connect swiftly with customers, and accept credit card payments directly in the field.

Activity log: The system maintains an activity log that showcases the most recent actions on customer accounts, ensuring transparency and accountability in operations.

Contact WorkWave for a customized quote. 


Users: 1-5


Users: 6-11


Users: 12 and above

One of the standout features of WorkWave Service is its adaptability to the unique needs of the garage door sector.

The platform offers customizable templates and workflows that align perfectly with the intricacies of garage door installations, repairs, and maintenance. This means that instead of trying to fit your business into a one-size-fits-all solution, WorkWave Service molds itself around your business’s specific requirements. 

The software’s modular design allows you to pick and choose functionalities that are most relevant, ensuring users aren’t overwhelmed with unnecessary features. The ability to integrate with other industry-specific tools further enhances its appeal, creating a cohesive ecosystem tailored for garage door operations.

WorkWave Service is a cloud-based field service management solution designed to offer businesses an all-in-one platform to manage their operations. 

The software provides both desktop and mobile applications, ensuring field workers remain connected to the back office, promoting greater organizational visibility. It includes tools for managing customers, services, and both recurring and one-time work orders. Users can efficiently schedule jobs, make on-the-fly adjustments, and automate dispatching, optimizing routes based on various factors. The mobile application allows field workers to clock in and out, view job details, and even process payments directly from the field. WorkWave Service also offers real-time synchronization with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

FieldOps: Best for integration with external tools


  • Integrates seamlessly with FieldDesk and MapTools
  • Optimized scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Real-time updates


  • Higher priced
  • Mobile app lacks comprehensive features

Sales and marketing module: FieldOPS offers a comprehensive module that monitors installed customer equipment for repeat or replacement sales, tracks sales leads, and analyzes advertising effectiveness.

Sales lead management: Sales leads can be quickly entered into FieldOPS, capturing details such as lead type, job type, source, and disposition from dropdown lists.

Marketing list wizard: This tool extracts customer lists based on various criteria, such as customer type, equipment details, service history, and more, aiding in targeted marketing efforts.

Work order reference: Work orders, parts orders, and service agreements can be linked to sales leads, allowing for in-depth analysis of advertising campaigns and their effectiveness.

Reporting: FieldOPS provides reporting tools to analyze profitability based on sales lead types and other criteria.

Bulk communication: The platform supports bulk email capabilities and can generate mail labels for marketing lists, streamlining communication efforts.

Based on a modular approach. Contact FieldOps for a customized quote.

FieldOps takes the top spot for integration with external tools for the platform’s ability to connect with external programs like FieldDesk and MapTools effortlessly. The result is a unified system that eliminates the need for manual data transfers or duplicate entries. 

This means teams can easily pull data from various sources, be it inventory management, customer databases, or mapping tools, and have it all centralized within FieldOps. The software’s open architecture also ensures that as businesses grow and evolve, users can easily integrate new tools or software without major overhauls. 

This adaptability saves time and reduces potential errors that come with managing multiple standalone systems. Also, the ability to integrate with industry-specific tools means teams always have access to the best resources tailored for garage door operations.

FieldOps by Mobilogic is an all-encompassing field service dispatch scheduling software tailored to both residential and commercial service and installation contractors. 

The software is designed to manage every aspect of a service business, from the initial customer request to the final invoicing. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including customer contact management, equipment and service history tracking, technician scheduling, parts inventory, vendor pricing, and a robust accounting system. 

The platform also boasts real-time job dispatching, text communication with technicians, and email capabilities for forms and receipts. Additionally, FieldOps provides optional modules for inventory management, flat rate pricing, preventive maintenance, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to managing field service operations.

ServiceTitan: Best all-in-one FSM


  • Enhanced conversion rates
  • Advanced reporting and open API
  • Industry specialization for garage door industry
  • Comprehensive application including online and call booking and online payment processing


  • Complex implementation
  • Additional fees for some tools

Proposals and quotes: Create branded, professional-looking proposals and quotes.

Scheduling: Assign jobs quickly and address scheduling curveballs with ease.

Technician app: Maximize productivity on each job with an intuitive mobile app.

Client portal: Provide customers with a personalized experience.

Two-way SMS: Send and receive real-time notifications to all your customers.

Auto reports and dashboards: Visualize your data with customizable reports and dashboards.

Per technician plan: $125/technician/month. This plan is ideal if you have a fluctuating number of technicians, as you only pay for each technician using the software.

Flat rate plan: $398/month, regardless of the number of technicians. This plan could be more economical if you have more than three technicians using the software regularly.

ServiceTitan seamlessly integrates every facet of the business, from initial customer inquiries to final invoicing, within a single platform. Its comprehensive dashboard provides real-time insights into operations, ensuring users are always informed and in control. The mobile application empowers technicians with all the tools they need in the field, from accessing job details to processing payments. Its integrations with various third-party tools mean you don’t need to juggle multiple software solutions.

ServiceTitan is a leading field service management software designed for service businesses, including garage door companies. 

Renowned for its comprehensive features, it streamlines operations from scheduling to invoicing. With a user-friendly dashboard, businesses can monitor real-time performance metrics, manage bookings, and dispatch technicians efficiently. Its mobile application empowers field technicians with tools for estimates, payments, and customer history access. ServiceTitan offers integrations with accounting software and other third-party tools.

Key components of garage door scheduling software

Appointment Booking: Allows customers and staff to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments for installations, repairs, or maintenance.

Technician dispatching: Assigns jobs to available technicians based on their skills, location, and availability.

Route optimization: Suggests the most efficient routes for technicians to minimize travel time and fuel costs.

Real-time calendar: Displays daily, weekly, or monthly views of scheduled jobs, ensuring no overlaps or overbookings.

Job status tracking: Monitors the progress of each job, from initiation to completion.

Customer database: Stores customer details, service history, and preferences for personalized service.

Notifications and reminders: Sends automated reminders to technicians and customers about upcoming appointments.

Mobile access: Allows technicians to access their schedules, job details, and customer information on the go.

Integration with inventory: Checks the availability of required parts or tools for a job and alerts when restocking is needed.

Reporting and analytics: Provides insights into scheduling efficiency, technician performance, and customer satisfaction.

The importance of field service management for garage door businesses

Field Service Management has become an indispensable tool for garage door businesses. Efficiently managing operations, from scheduling technicians to invoicing clients, ensures tasks are executed seamlessly. 

FSM streamlines these processes and enhances customer satisfaction by meeting their expectations for timely and reliable service. Businesses can reduce idle time and wastage by optimizing resource allocation, ensuring technicians, tools, and parts are used effectively. The ability to track job progress in real-time allows for immediate issue resolution and ensures timely service delivery. 

Furthermore, the analytics and reporting features equip businesses with valuable insights, facilitating data-driven decisions that can lead to reduced operational costs and improved service quality. In essence, FSM is the backbone that supports and elevates the operational standards of garage door businesses.

Finding the right garage door software for you

Selecting the ideal garage door software involves finding a partner that aligns with your business’s unique needs and growth aspirations. As the garage door industry evolves, so do the demands of customers and the challenges faced by service providers. 

The right software should address current operational challenges and be scalable to accommodate future expansions and technological advancements. It’s essential to consider factors like ease of use, integration capabilities, customer support, and cost-effectiveness. Engage with peers, seek testimonials, and opt for available trial periods. 

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Garage door software is a specialized tool designed to manage, streamline, and optimize garage door installation, maintenance, and repair operations.

The benefits include efficient scheduling, improved customer satisfaction, real-time job tracking, and enhanced operational efficiency.

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