October 16, 2019

Lever vs. Greenhouse: A Comparison Of Top Recruiting Systems

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If you’re looking for an easier way to track and manage job applicants, it’s a good idea to compare Lever vs. Greenhouse. Both software systems offer powerful tools for recruiting and applicant tracking, but they come with different advantages depending on the size of your organization and industry. We’ll examine these recruiting systems side-by-side based on their features, integrations, and security.

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Table of contents

  1. Table comparison of Lever vs. Greenhouse
  2. Core features
  3. Integrations
  4. Security
  5. Choosing the right recruiting software for your organization

Table comparison of Lever vs. Greenhouse

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Official logo for Lever. Official logo for Greenhouse.
Lever Greenhouse
TechnologyAdvice rating 4.5/5 4.5/5
Works best for Any sized business Any sized business
Recruiting Software Features
Candidate sourcing Yes Yes
Talent database Yes Yes
Careers page Yes Yes
Interview scheduling Yes Yes
Collaboration Yes  Yes
Task management Yes Yes
Interviewing Yes Yes
Candidate feedback Yes Yes
Analytics & reporting Yes Yes
Email templates Yes Yes
Diversity & inclusion Yes Yes
Custom fields No Yes
Mobile app No Yes
Automated approvals Yes Yes
BambooHR Yes Yes
Facebook No Yes
Gmail Yes Yes
Google Calendar Yes Yes
LinkedIn Yes Yes
Microsoft Outlook Yes Yes
Slack Yes Yes
Twitter No Yes
Indeed Yes Yes
Security/Privacy Features
Two-factor authentication (2FA) Yes Yes
SOC 2 Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
GDPR Yes Yes
EU-US Privacy Shield Yes Yes
ISO 27001 Yes Yes
Penetration testing Yes Yes
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) Yes Yes
OAuth login Yes Yes

Core features

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Both Lever and Greenhouse offers all the core features you’d expect from a recruiting application. These include candidate sourcing, interviewing, candidate feedback, and a tool for building a custom careers page for your website. Let’s take a look at these four features to see how Lever and Greenhouse perform.

Candidate sourcing

Lever and Greenhouse let you easily add candidates to your company’s talent database. Using this feature, you can save a candidate’s email address, LinkedIn page, current employer, and their resume.

Lever offers a highly-rated Google Chrome extension to add candidates while you browse LinkedIn. Greenhouse also offers a Chrome extension, though at the time of publication, it’s rated much lower than Lever.


If you use Google Calendar to schedule interviews, you’re in luck — Lever and Greenhouse both integrate seamlessly with Google Calendar. This lets you schedule interviews via Google Calendar without leaving Lever or Greenhouse.

Candidate feedback

Lever and Greenhouse use candidate scorecards to let interviewers provide feedback on interviews. Both solutions facilitate structured interviewing by allowing companies to create interview rubrics for every position. This increases interview productivity, promotes consistency, and reduces hiring bias.

After an interview, HR professionals can collaborate on the hiring decision using @ mentions to share comments about a candidate. HR pros can see their peers’ assessment of candidates and gain more insight into their thought process by reading through their summary comments.

Custom careers page

A GIF showing the careers page for Mobify, built with Lever.

Both of these recruiting solutions let you create a custom careers page for your business. Using Lever, you can create a careers page for your public-facing external site in addition to an internal careers site for employees to access. When you create a new job posting, you can select whether you want the position to be visible to only the external site, only the internal site, or on both. Applicants can upload their resume and cover letter straight to Lever from a job posting, or they can apply using LinkedIn.


A GIF showing the careers page for Warby Parker, built using Greenhouse.

Creating a careers site in Greenhouse works the same way. Once you make a new job opening, you can add details about the job and distribute the posting to your external website and internal jobs site. You control which job postings are external versus internal. Applicants can upload their resume and cover letter directly to Greenhouse, or they can choose to apply with LinkedIn.


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Lever and Greenhouse support integrations for a variety of different software systems. These include fairly standard integrations such as Gmail and Google Calendar, but they also extend to Slack and BambooHR. Both systems offer an API for developers.

You’ll notice Lever is lighter on integrations than Greenhouse. In addition to some of the more commonly offered integrations, Greenhouse also integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Expensify, and Dropbox. In fact, Greenhouse offers over 320 integrations for applications that cover everything from background checks to candidate travel.


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Both Lever and Greenhouse use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their cloud computing infrastructure partner. AWS uses a number of digital and physical safeguards to protect clients from bad actors and human error, so you can feel safe storing sensitive data on their servers.

Lever and Greenhouse undergo regular penetration testing to identify potential vulnerabilities, and both companies are SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified. Both Lever and Greenhouse offer two-factor (2FA) authentication as well as SAML-based single sign-on.

Choosing the right recruiting software for your organization

You may be ready to choose either Lever or Greenhouse, but if you’re still weighing your options, we can steer you in the right direction. Use our Recruiting Product Selection Tool to request your free, personalized list of recruiting software recommendations and drastically reduce the time you’re spending on software research. Getting started is easy and takes less than five minutes.