Sales software can help organizations streamline their processes to see better results from their sales efforts. Businesses that fail to incorporate sales customer relationship management (CRM) software within their sales pipelines are less likely to be able to compete with ones that do. So, what is it about these sales CRM tools and solutions that make them so favorable to companies and organizations?

Sales CRM software combines customer relationship and business data to generate powerful insights for businesses and organizations, allowing them to form actionable data-driven decisions that lead to positive results. Read on for more information about how sales CRM software and tools can benefit organizations in 2022.

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What is sales CRM software?

Organizational sales teams have a lot of factors to consider when developing a sales strategy that will yield positive results. For this reason, many organizations turn to sales CRM software to manage their customer relationships and sales operations. These tools contain features that help sales representatives manage their data, develop data-driven decisions regarding sales processes, and work together to reach organizational sales goals.

Many software products can fall under the category of CRM tools. Although, sales CRM software is designed to assist members of an organization’s sales team with their sales and customer relationship-related work processes. These solutions contain specific features that help sales teams streamline their pipeline management and organize customer relationship data to support their sales acquisition.

Sales CRM software systems can also provide features and capabilities that can be helpful for other business processes, including customer service and marketing. However, unlike CRM tools designed just for marketing and customer service processes, sales CRM solutions collect and utilize data in ways that specifically support sales activities.

Top sales CRM solutions of 2022

Netsuite CRM yes yes yes yes yes yes
SuiteCRM yes yes no yes yes yes
Zendesk CRM yes yes yes yes yes no
Salesforce Essentials yes yes yes yes yes no
VipeCloud yes yes yes yes yes no
Pipedrive Sales yes yes yes yes yes no
Product Task Management Sales Reporting & Analytics Lead Pipeline Management Sales Automation Features Contact Management Quote Generation Features

Sales CRM Software Common Features and Functions

Task management

Sales CRM solutions commonly include features that enable users to track their activity and manage their tasks and schedules to help users keep their daily sales activities on track. In addition, these sales CRM solutions often let users manage their activities and appointments related to contacts, sales, lead development, and deals.

Sales reporting and analytics

Sales reporting and analytics tools can take data from various data sources and analyze them to develop actionable insights, granting users a better understanding of the sales process. Many CRM solutions provide features that help users track and analyze their work progress based on activity reports. However, a popular way sales CRM solutions analyze users’ customer relationship data and information is by generating sales forecasts that predict future sales activity for the user or organization.

Sales forecasting and similar sales data analysis features can provide users insight into predicted revenues, potential leads, and promising sales opportunities. In addition, sales CRM products often display reports and analytics on the users’ sales dashboards, making it easy for them to gain a centralized view of their sales metrics and performance.

Lead pipeline management

Lead pipeline management features enable users to track the status of their lead nurturing and development, allowing them to clearly understand their leads and manage their customizable lead pipelines.

Additionally, many sales CRM solutions provide beneficial lead pipeline management features that involve scoring leads and deals based on specific value metrics to support the sales processes.

Sales automation features

Sales automation features within CRM solutions work to streamline the sales workflow processes. These features can automate repetitive tasks for users based on triggered events. They may also provide automated reminders for users when their action is necessary.

As for sales automation features, an example of automation included within several of these CRM products to support sales processes would be sending automated emails to leads based on specific triggers. Sales automation can also help with maintaining updated data for reporting and analytics.

Contact management

Most CRM products for sales and marketing teams come with contact management capabilities. This is generally a location within the software platform where users can access unified data regarding their business contacts, partners, and leads.

Sales CRM solutions often provide contact management features with unique aspects for their users. This way, users can easily organize their customer contacts and determine the best ways to engage with them with personalized experiences that can lead to more sales.

Quote-generation features

When it comes to selling products and services, it is not uncommon for salespeople to provide quotes that are developed based on specific factors. Of course, calculating these quotes can take time, and the process of identifying the best quote for particular leads can be challenging.

Therefore, many sales CRM solutions have quote-generation features that allow users to designate unified processes for quote generation easily and automatically. While not all of the solutions listed within this piece contain built-in quote-generation features, many support integrations with add-ons or third-party solutions to produce quotes based on customer and lead data.


Integrations can increase the functionality of sales CRM solutions if they connect and work well with users’ software. For example, integrating CRM tools with third-party applications can be highly beneficial for business insights, as these connections enable data utilization and analysis from more data sources.

Additionally, integrating tools may result in more use cases for a particular software. For example, many of the sales CRM solutions mentioned within this resource support connection with external software applications for email integrations, calendar integrations, price quotes, and more.

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