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Trello vs. ProofHub

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Trello vs. ProofHub

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Project management solutions like Trello and ProofHub have helped thousands of companies keep their projects organized. Trello and ProofHub have aided Tumblr and Panasonic in organizing their projects, respectively.

Trello helps businesses handle projects and keep track of their progress through visual collaboration tools. ProofHub helps companies on every step of project management from planning to implementation.

We’ll compare the features of Trello to what ProofHub has to offer to give you an idea of what to expect from each software.

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An overview of Trello vs. ProofHub

Trello was acquired by Atlassian from Fog Creek Software in June 2017. This project management software has features for task management, collaboration, task notification, and mobile access. It has add-ons like Calendar to further expand the software’s capabilities. Trello is used by companies of every size all around the globe. It has a free version and offers inexpensive paid plans.

ProofHub was launched in 2011. It’s a complete project planning software that helps companies manage projects from start to finish. It has features for task management, task notification, collaboration, time tracking, built-in chat messaging, notes, custom roles, and mobile access. ProofHub is suitable for small businesses to large enterprises. It offers flat-rate, mid-range pricing.

Features comparison

Trello and ProofHub have features for task management, notifications, and mobile access.

Task management

Trello’s task management feature lets you assign tasks to team members through Kanban boards. Tasks are created using cards. These cards can be assigned to members through a simple drag-and-drop function. You can add descriptions and due dates to tasks. Files, hyperlinks, and images can also be added to tasks. Users can leave comments on tasks. Every member can see what other members are working on with Trello.

ProofHub keeps tasks organized by letting you assign tasks and subtasks to members. Tasks can be assigned to multiple people or groups at once. Additionally, users can add multiple task lists in a single project and add time estimates to each task for accountability. Tasks in CSV format can be imported to ProofHub. The system has a task history to keep track of task progress.

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Trello will notify users when a new task is assigned to them. They’ll also be notified when someone comments on their tasks, mentions them, or replies to their comments. Users will be alerted when a task assigned to them is due soon. You can be notified in Trello via email or in Trello’s notification tab. Mobile notifications are also sent to users who use the Trello mobile app.

ProofHub’s notification feature informs users about the activities happening in their projects. With this software, you’ll be notified when a new task gets assigned to you or when a file attached to a task or discussion is approved. This notification feature will alert you when multiple time entries are made to the same timesheet. Take note that the notifications in ProofHub cover only the events from the past seven days.

Mobile access

Trello lets you work anywhere you are through its mobile application. The Trello mobile app is downloadable from Google Play Store and the App Store. It lets you create, assign, and reassign tasks. You can customize your boards, lists, and cards. Users can also add or update checklists, labels, and due dates using the app. By turning on notifications, you can be sure you’re getting real-time updates on tasks related to you. Trello works even without internet access.

Similar to Trello, ProofHub’s mobile app is downloadable from both Google Play Store and the App Store. With the app, you can run your projects and teams anywhere. Access an overview of a project’s progress as well as the recent activities in the project. You can collaborate with other users and assign tasks. There’s also a notes feature in the mobile app that helps you take note of important work matters. ProofHub calendar and timesheets are also accessible.


Trello integrates with hundreds of apps and solutions for website creation, online document creation, file syncing, video conferencing, and issue tracking:

  • Dropbox
  • Zoom
  • Jira
  • Google Docs
  • WordPress

ProofHub can be integrated with numerous tools and applications for time management, file sharing, accounting, emailing, and cloud storage:

  • FreshBooks
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook

The better choice for your business

Trello and ProofHub’s features can be beneficial for any organization in any industry. The better choice between the two project management solutions depends on your specific preferences, business needs, and budget.

Trello is great for small teams that simply want a reliable task management tool. This software can take note of  tasks and notify you when a task is due. Best of all, Trello has a free version. However, ProofHub is the better choice if you need more than just task management. ProofHub’s built-in chat messaging can ensure better communication for team members. ProofHub also has a time-tracking feature, letting you measure the amount of time each user spends working on tasks.

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Project Management Resources Trello vs. ProofHub PM