Trello vs. Accelo

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Trello vs. Accelo

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Trello vs. Accelo

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Productivity and collaboration are oftentimes used synonymously. And rightly so, especially in today’s seamless integration of digital technology, business, and daily life. To stay competitive and productive in a changing business landscape and working environment, you need a tool that simplifies project management and collaboration. 

The market is not lacking in productivity and collaboration platforms that offer different ways and means of doing more with less. Two of these software options are Trello and Accelo. These platforms offer individual and collaborative productivity, but they diverge on the means to achieve productivity and focus. Trello is a Kanban-style tool designed for project management and team collaboration. Accelo is specifically tailored to businesses in the service industry, offering a complete service operations solution.

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Trello vs. Accelo 

Trello is a project management tool that helps your company boost productivity and enhance team collaboration. It helps you plan and organize your projects by setting up priorities, managing and assigning tasks, and monitoring progress toward your goal. Its simple and engaging design makes managing your projects — personal or business — easy and fun. 

Accelo is not just a project management tool, it is a cloud-based application and solutions provider that offers automation of service operations. It is designed for small and mid-sized businesses to compete with the big boys in the service industry. It provides automation solutions  for project management, sales and marketing, time tracking, and even client billing for your service business. It has tools that make collaboration easy, thus increasing your team’s productivity and boosting profitability. 

Process automation

Trello’s robot, the AI-powered Butler, helps you automate workflow. It is purposely built-in to simplify tasks and boost productivity. You can use Trello’s custom cards, boards, and calendar commands to organize all the tasks in your projects and to keep your team organized and productive. 

There’s flexibility as your team can access Trello boards and assignments on any device. Your team can work anytime, anywhere, whether in the office, on the go, or from home. Team members are automatically notified of tasks, communications, and deadlines. Trello is a great productivity and project management tool for people working remotely. 

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With Accelo, you can automate, manage, and streamline the processes of your sales, projects, service, and retainers. It’s a complete service operations solution for identifying prospects, closing deals, tracking performance, managing projects, assigning tasks, and more.

Accelo is not your typical productivity and collaboration tool; it also serves as a customer relations management (CRM) tool. Its CRM feature lets you connect with your clients, automates customer data gathering, and provides you with customer insights, so you can focus on keeping in touch with clients, turning relationships into deals.  


Trello syncs and integrates across all your devices and other third-party productivity tools for easy collaboration. Using cards, you can assign tasks to your team, add calendars, attach files and photos, create stunning visuals, suggest and offer ideas, and tag team members in your comments. Collaborating with your team is fun and engaging. 

Accelo unifies project planning, monitoring, and collaboration in a single platform, so it’s easy to organize projects, assign tasks, and track progress and performance. You can also manage client work and track your budget to assess profitability. Teams can access the platform on any device so you can track progress in real-time. Also, Accelo’s process automation solution is scalable.  


Trello’s intuitive and simple to navigate dashboard features drag-and-drop functionality for customizing boards, cards, and lists, and managing workflows. It has built-in templates and boards tailored to the needs of different departments and teams.   

Built for the service business, Accelo streamlines project planning and management, tracks performance and results, and ensures deliverables are done. It features an intuitive and simple dashboard, process automation tools, and great integrations, allowing you to connect every part of your service business.  


You can run Trello on any device and operating system. And it integrates other tools and platforms including Slack, Adobe XD, JIRA, Dropbox, Twoodo, WhereDat, Box, Salesforce, GitHub, and Evernote. 

Accelo also seamlessly integrates other productivity and collaboration tools and third-party platforms such as Google Suite, MS Office 365, Xero, Quickbooks, Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp, Stripe, Paypal, and Slack.  

Trello vs. Accelo: Who wins? 

Trello is purely a project management and productivity tool that excels at what it does and offers as a platform. It simplifies project planning and management and team collaboration. It is incredibly easy to use and its aesthetically simple design lightens the traditionally complex processes and tasks. 

Accelo, however, is designed for the service industry, providing complete automation solutions to project management, marketing and sales, and other moving parts of the business. It functions both as a productivity tool and a CRM. 

In the end, it is for you to decide who is the winner since it all depends on your business requirements. 

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Project Management Resources Trello vs. Accelo