NetSuite OpenAir vs. Workfront

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NetSuite OpenAir vs. Workfront

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing NetSuite OpenAir and Workfront

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Project Management (PM) software solutions are a great tool for team collaboration on a project. Also called Project Portfolio Management (PPM) or Task Management Software (TMS), it allows teams to manage resources, time, and costs through resource planning, task distribution, time tracking, team collaboration, and automated invoicing. Users can access one platform where they can manage activities, available resources, tasks, and time left to completion.

Teams with geographically distributed members benefit from PM software solutions because it allows managers to oversee projects without physical supervision. They can oversee multiple endeavors and mitigate risk by identifying a project’s failing aspects through time tracking apps that forecast project completion dates.

We compare two popular PM software: NetSuite OpenAir vs. Workfront. We’ll consider their features, pricing models, and integrations to determine the more suitable product for your business. Find more products by using our free and easy-to-use Product Selection Tool and receive five recommendations from our experienced Technology Advisors.

NetSuite OpenAir vs. Workfront: An overview

NetSuite OpenAir is a web-based professional services automation software designed for various business sizes and types such as hardware and software companies and service-based businesses. It offers real-time business insights, maximizes billable resource utilization, and increases business profitability through a single, unified platform. Use it to have total visibility into every business aspect including resource and project management, invoicing, dashboards, reporting, and time and expense tracking. NetSuite OpenAir can be configured to meet growing business requirements and is easy to implement.

Workfront is an enterprise project and team management software designed to help large companies improve project process management by streamlining all aspects of a company’s project. It has portfolio management features that improve collaboration and workflows through automatic approval routing, centralized request management, native mobile apps, social media integration, and timesheets and time tracking reports. Workfront serves as one platform for sharing ideas, creating content, managing complex processes, and helping users complete more tasks. With this software, businesses achieve better accountability and engagement.

A comparison of features

NetSuite OpenAir ensures businesses gain productivity and efficiency through its set of features:

  • Reporting and dashboards:

Make evidence-based reports using tools that support specific user needs. NetSuite OpenAir has robust analytical and reporting tools that integrate with third-party applications for real-time data discovery.

  • Resource management:

Users have centralized access to updated resource skills profiles that include work preferences and experience, language expertise, and interests.

  • Expense tracking:

Automate and streamline the entire expense management cycle that integrates with invoicing and accounting systems. Users can easily track and submit expenses for reimbursement and client billing.

  • Project management:

Use NetSuite OpenAir to collaborate on projects in real time and receive accurate project updates at all times to allow managers to quickly address potential threats. Have more satisfied clients and an improved project completion record.

  • Timesheet and time tracking:

Customize the way timesheets are approved. Users can capture detailed timesheets on the go or in the office and enter timesheet approvals using a standard browser.

Workfront has powerful features for automating processes and tasks:

  • Collaboration:

Use the platform for recognition, endorsements, and communicating with your team. Receive automatic notifications to alert employees about required actions and share and manage files seamlessly.

  • Portfolio management:

Keep all digital assets safe in one place. Use Workfront to keep track of employees’ work history and performance.

  • Workflow automation:

Workfront comes with time tracking and real-time metrics that show employees how they influence the bottom line. Allocate resources accurately to allow every employee to grow.

  • Security:

The software protects user data with several security and compliance features such as audit rights, IP addresses, and encryption.

  • Reporting:

Track project status in real time using dashboards to allocate resources and labor.

Comparison of prices

NetSuite OpenAir comes with a 2-tiered pricing plan: Professional and Enterprise suites. Both plans are charged on a per user, per month basis and offer a free trial without requiring a credit card. The Professional Plan is for small businesses and startups, while the Enterprise suite is for large businesses with resource management features.

Workfront has a 4-tiered pricing plan: Team, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The Team plan is for single teams with basic project management features. The Pro plan is for one department that offers complete work management with premium digital content review and approval. The Pro plan can be used by up to 10 departments with work management and premium digital content review and approval. The Enterprise plan is designed for enterprise companies with unlimited enterprise solutions and advanced security.

Comparison of integrations

NetSuite OpenAir integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Boomi.

Workfront has native integrations with various third-party applications:

  • G Suite Integration
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Slack
  • JIRA
  • Microsoft Outlook

Takeaways: Netsuite OpenAir vs. Workfront

Looking at NetSuite OpenAir and Workfront, both software are great business intelligence systems. They have reporting and project management features. However, Workfront’s pricing plan offers more choices for different business sizes. The advantage of NetSuite OpenAir in terms of pricing is its free trial that does not require a credit card.

If you run an enterprise, it’s better to go for Workfront because of workflow automation that streamlines every employee’s tasks for increased productivity. It also offers security and compliance features to protect business data.

Regardless of the size of your business, it can benefit from NetSuite OpenAir’s expense tracking features that ensure resources are distributed and used strategically.

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Project Management Resources NetSuite OpenAir vs. Workfront