Businesses today are becoming more creative in keeping their workforce productive. Even in the context of the global coronavirus pandemic where everyone has to remain distant, people still produce output and work together as a team. Thanks to technology, that makes project management and collaboration tools like Basecamp and ProofHub possible. 

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Basecamp vs. ProofHub: an overview 

Basecamp is a web-based project management tool designed primarily for people and businesses working remotely. It lets you plan and manage your project and organize your team scattered across different locations and time zones. For 20 years and counting, Basecamp operates remotely with offices scattered across 26 cities all over the world.

Another web-based project management platform is ProofHub. It is designed for teams to make collaboration fast and easy, and it’s scalable, fitting any size of business across industries. It shares a portion of the educational and nonprofit markets, although large enterprises, freelancers, and people working remotely are also using the platform. 

Process management  

Basecamp makes working remotely smooth and easy with its tools to help you with managing processes, tracking communications, securing files, sharing documents, keeping your team on track, assigning tasks, setting schedules, monitoring project status, and more. All the tools you need in a project management platform for remote staff are organized in one place. It allows you to take control of your project, make work easy, and enhance productivity. Your team can access the platform and all information anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With Basecamp, it is easy to track the status and progress of your project, organize all your conversations, and ensure that tasks are accomplished at deadlines. 

Proofhub simplifies the complex processes of project management into four interconnected parts: plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver. To help your team with planning, ProofHub features Kanban boards, Gantt chart, tasking, and custom roles. With its Kanban boards, ProofHub empowers your team to self-manage — work on the tasks and move them in stages and visualize your workflows. The Gantt chart makes it easier to visualize in a timeline view and customize projects in detail. It lets you create custom roles to ensure accountability for everyone in the team. And it lets you organize all your tools, data, files, and documents easily and efficiently. To make sure your team delivers on time, ProofHub allows you to create and track events and activities, set benchmarks, and integrate employee timesheets in your project’s timeline. 


Basecamp allows you to divide your work into separate projects. Each project is a customizable workspace complete with all the tools and information your team needs to get the work done efficiently and on time. You can also automate communication with its featured message board, chatbox, notifications, and check-in questions to keep in touch with everyone. Everything is simplified, organized, and accessible by all team members. You can easily look for the information or locate the files you need in an instant.

ProofHub offers full customization, data security, in-app notifications, API access, activity logs, multiple languages, integrations, bookmarks, templates, and advanced search. It delivers a simple interface that allows you to work on multiple projects simultaneously. It organizes all the tools your team needs to work more productively and efficiently, making every member accountable for every assigned task or responsibility. You can customize your workflows and workspaces. All tools, files, and documents are in one place for easy search. And you can generate visually appealing reports with details on the status of your project, team progress, or team workload.


Basecamp provides a platform for open communication in its message board feature to keep your team better organized, more productive, and efficient. On the message board, you can pitch ideas, post announcements, make to-do lists, assign tasks, set schedules, or share files. Everyone can access the board and give or receive feedback. You can also monitor team performance, view everyone’s activities, and stay connected with all the members, ensuring tasks are accomplished and delivered on schedule.

Team collaboration is more productive and engaging in ProofHub. You can give feedback on designs and documents, discuss your projects, and have a group or individual chats with your team. And you can also use @Mentions to keep a team member in the loop. You can do more with ProofHub’s tools: set schedules and assign tasks, create and customize templates, monitor project status and track team communication, and upload and organize files. Discuss with your team plans and strategies in real time via its Discussions portal.


As a web-based application, Basecamp is accessible on any device and on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows OS. So, it provides flexibility, and it offers third-party integrations, including Zapier, Twitter,, Project Buddy, Pleexy,, TaskClone, Calamari, MinterApp, and Ganttify.

You can access ProofHub through the web browser of any device. And it lets you integrate with other tools and apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, FreshBooks Classic, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Google Calendar, iCal, Box, OneDrive, or Outlook. 

Conclusion: Basecamp or ProofHub? 

Basecamp’s advantage is that it’s specifically designed for remote work. So users working away from the office will find it particularly helpful, especially those in software development, design, freelancing, agency, or consultancy service. 

But ProofHub is also great for remote work as it is designed as a team collaboration platform used by academics and freelancers. One of its advantages is that its powerful platform is fully scalable. 

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