Asana vs. Workzone

Project Management Resources Asana vs. Workzone

Asana vs. Workzone

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Asana vs. Workzone

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Organizing and planning team projects can be complicated and time-consuming. You need the right tool to keep your team on track with your goals, tasks, and schedules. Thus, the need for a project management platform that helps simplify processes for easy collaboration is imminent. 

Asana and Workzone are two project management platforms that offer equally excellent solutions. 

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Asana vs. Workzone

Asana is a project management platform that keeps you and your team organized and connected. It provides flexibility and mobility. With Asana, you can customize your project management interface to suit your work style and perform tasks, finish projects, and reach goals. 

Workzone is a powerful and easy to use productivity and collaboration tool to keep your team on track. It helps you ensure your projects, tasks, and schedules are aligned with your goals. You have a quick overall view of your projects and access to make changes along the way. 

Organizing your team 

Asana lets you customize your work structure and keep your projects organized in one place. Plan, prioritize, assign tasks, share details, and set deadlines in the tool. It keeps you on track with your projects, tasks, and deadlines with its tools that lets you map out plans, identify risks and threats, and remove roadblocks. Collaboration is efficient, saving you on cost and time.  

With Asana, your team performance is improved with increased organization. Your marketing and sales teams plan, launch, track campaigns, and close deals more effectively.Your operations team can build, scale-up, and simplify processes to improve efficiency and enhance productivity. You can also create custom processes, manage team projects and calendars, use Kanban boards, and collaborate with your teams wherever they are — whether in the office or working remotely. 

Workzone offers a unique capability to see the big picture of your projects. Get an overview of project progress and take a closer look at the details of your team projects, goals, tasks, deadlines, calendar, and priorities. 

Workzone helps you transform processes so your team can adopt changes. It balances the power of its technology and the simplicity of its design. As a result, users can optimize productivity, maximize the value of current processes, and develop new ones. It invites your whole team to buy into the process to achieve your goals. 

Automating workflows 

Asana’s customizable Rules feature automates processes and tasks and streamlines workflow. That means leaving the manual work to the platform, and reducing human errors. You can save time for more important tasks — such as planning and strategizing — instead of doing all the repetitive tasks. With Rules, everyone in your team is on the same page, ensuring they follow the right steps as designed. It helps reduce your bottlenecks by simplifying the processes with custom templates and forms.

With Workzone, you see the big picture and understand the status, schedule, and progress of your projects, but the processes and details are automated. Your team can then focus on the tasks that require immediate attention, instead of spending much time on manual tasks that are often repetitive. It automatically notifies you and sends reminder emails and updates of your tasks (to-do list) and plans. It also features time tracking, workload reports, and forms and templates to ensure you stay on track.

Integrating with other tools 

Asana has great integrations to help your team collaborate with flexibility. It connects you to the third-party productivity tools you’re already using such as Slack, Outlook, Tableau, Microsoft Office 365, Google Suite, Zapier, Power BI, and Salesforce.

Workzone offers an open API so you can build custom integrations. And you can also connect instantly with other applications and tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Harvest, Quickbooks, or Slack.   

Which is better — Asana or Workzone?

The answer entirely depends on your business requirements. Which areas or processes of your business do you need to focus on with the software? 

Asana offers simplicity and elegant design; Workzone offers a quick look of your projects. They are powerful project management platforms that deliver easy to use tools.       

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Project Management Resources Asana vs. Workzone