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About Workzone

Workzone is a privately-owned software development firm located in suburban Philadelphia. Their eponymous web-based project and document management tool has been helping teams collaborate since 2000. 

One of the more mature web-based project management systems available, Workzone offers an excellent balance between sophisticated functionality and an intuitive user experience, which makes it a great fit for teams with varying levels of project management experience. Workzone users call it the “just right” balance between casual project management tools and enterprise solutions such as Microsoft Project. 

Accessible from any web browser on a PC or Mac, Workzone’s cloud-based project management software is hosted on secure servers and backed up continuously, ensuring data security and redundancy. Your company’s Workzone can be up and running in a matter of hours, and is supported — at no additional cost — by a dedicated team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals dedicated to your success. 

Workzone is trusted by companies of any size or industry; from small advertising agencies to global financial services firms, healthcare organizations, food and beverage companies, or other large enterprises, Workzone is used on marketing and advertising teams, product development teams, or any other department within your organization that needs a powerful, yet intuitive collaborative work platform. Some of their more prominent customers include: Wells Fargo, McCann Erickson, Adidas, Mitsubishi, and Subway.

We recommend Workzone to any company looking for a web-based, collaborative project management tool, but especially those firms wanting an established tool that has already been through its growing pains — and just works.

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