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Asana vs. Milestones

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Asana vs. Milestones

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Vital to the organization’s growth and stability is having the right tools for planning, managing, and monitoring projects. Asana and Milestones Professional are among the many project management platforms available today. The market is highly competitive, and it can be difficult to choose the project management software that suits your business needs.

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Asana vs. Milestones Professional 

Asana is a powerful project management platform that delivers elegant design and has an easy-to-use interface. It helps your team stay organized and keeps you connected and on track. It also offers your team mobility and flexibility so you can work anywhere and complete tasks to reach your goals. 

Milestones Professional is a Windows-based project management and scheduling platform you can use alongside Microsoft Project, Excel, or Oracle Primavera. With Milestones, you have a powerful and fast platform to plan, manage, and track projects, schedule activities, assign tasks and communicate project status. It is designed for project managers and time schedulers. 

Developed by KIDASA Software, Inc, Milestones Professional should not be confused for Salesforce’s Milestones PM+.  

Managing and scheduling team projects

It is easy to plan and organize team projects with Asana as it lets you customize your dashboard to fit your work style, putting all the tools you need neatly in one place. Everyone in your team is on the same page, ensuring they follow the right steps and processes as designed. Asana’s customizable tools, streamlined processes, calendars, and Kanban boards empowers your team and enhances their performance and productivity. 

Asana is great for team collaboration. It’s easy to connect with your team and is efficient in tracking and team communication. It helps you with powerful but simple tools for planning, prioritizing, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and sharing project details with your team. You can map out your plans, determine risks, and eliminate threats. With Asana’s automated notification, team members are reminded of the tasks they need to do to hit deadlines. So, it keeps everyone aligned with the team’s overall objectives. 

Milestones Professional features the tools to help you organize projects, create timelines, sell ideas, streamline work, track results, and present impressive reports. With Milestones, you can get an overview of your projects to see their progress. Thus, it keeps you in control, and it has indicators to help you determine your project’s status. 

With Milestones, you can plan and manage team projects of all sizes and create presentations of your reports. It lets you make schedules easily and integrate them with project trackers. For your reports, you can customize status information and project schedule. Milestones Professional also features a calculation tool to give you an idea about the costs of project and tasks. 

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Distinct features: Asana’s automation and Milestones’ reporting 

Asana’s advantage over Milestones Professional is in the area of workflow automation. With Asana’s customizable automation tool, Rules, processes are automated and workflows are streamlined. It means you can leave the manual, repetitive tasks to the platform. It also helps reduce bottlenecks by simplifying the processes with custom templates and forms, thus reducing human errors and saving time for more important tasks like planning and strategizing. 

Milestones Professional’s edge is on reporting. You can create attractive reports, concise and on point, conveying the important information and insights needed. It allows a single page reporting on the progress and status of your projects. The easy-to-understand reports are viewable in PDF or HTML. It has automation too, but it’s connected to reporting and integrating data from multiple sources with your schedule and reports. You can make impressive presentations using pre-built templates and formats, symbols, bars, and display options. 


For integrations, Asana commands an edge, as you can connect to your favorite third-party productivity tools you’re already using such as Slack, Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar, Power BI, or Google Drive. It also has Zapier integrations that connect you to more tools and platforms.  

Milestones’ integration is somewhat limited only to Windows applications like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project. Even with the popularity of Microsoft, more users would prefer a platform with multiple integrations. 

Conclusion: Asana or Milestones Professional?

Asana offers more features and tools that are not available in Milestones. Milestones’ reporting feature might be its edge, but Asana’s reporting tools are also great and easy to use. So, I’ll give it to Asana.  

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Project Management Resources Asana vs. Milestones PM