In searching for a dependable applicant tracking system (ATS) software for your business, it’s good to review some of the leading names in the industry, like SmartRecruiters and JazzHR. These two ATS solutions are used by popular brands and organizations, such as Skechers and SmartRecruiters does more than just applicant tracking. It also has features for collaborative hiring evaluation and offer management. JazzHR has various capabilities, too, including employer branding and candidate sourcing. It has efficient organizing tools to make the recruitment process smoother and hassle free. In this article, we’ll compare the primary features of SmartRecruiters and JazzHR so you can decide whether one of these ATS solutions is right for you. You can get a free list of five recommended software vendors for your business by using our Product Selection Tool, too.

An overview of SmartRecruiters vs. JazzHR

SmartRecruiters is an all-in-one recruitment software solution used by high-performance organizations. The main features of this software include recruitment marketing, candidate assessment, mobile recruiting, recruitment compliance, and analytics. SmartRecruiters also offer useful add-on features such as talent nurturing, AI-powered talent matching, and programmatic job advertising. This ATS is best used by mid-sized businesses to large-scale organizations. It has high-end, quote based pricing. JazzHR is a well-reputed ATS software best known for its usability and affordability. It has an intuitive and customizable system that allows a company to display a superior employment brand. This ATS has features for candidate sourcing, collaborative hiring, compliance, reporting, employer branding, interviews and assessments, and offer management. It’s ideal for any business size and has average-priced plans.

Features comparison

SmartRecruiters and JazzHR have features for talent sourcing, interviews, and collaboration.

Talent sourcing

With SmartRecruiters, hiring teams can discover new sources for candidates and incorporate pre-existing contracts with professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and CareerBuilder. Users can create and manage their Sourcing Dashboard. Companies can expand candidate reach with custom career pages. The recruitment team can communicate with candidates from desktop or the hiring app, too, and send branded email, social, and web campaigns to capture interest and measure candidate readiness for accelerating applicant conversion. JazzHR lets teams post jobs online to dozens of popular free job boards and social media channels with a single click. Businesses can purchase job traffic through pay-per-click and pay-per-post job boards around the web. With this ATS, hiring teams can build their own custom careers page and create an experience that’s consistent with their brand. JazzHR offers various design templates so teams can customize the site to match their Employer Branding. The careers page is easily accessible to candidates and works across all devices.


SmartRecruiters simplifies interview scheduling by drastically cutting the time it takes to schedule interviews. Hiring teams can choose to conduct in-person or virtual interviews with multiple participants and streamline interview management from the system’s easy-use interface. Users can compare calendars of their interviewers side-by-side and in one place. Team members can sync scheduled interviews automatically to the calendars of their teammates and reduce the bias on the interview process using scorecards to standardize feedback from interviewers. JazzHR lets recruiters bring their A-game to every interview. Interviewers can sync personal calendars with JazzHR to view availability in finding interview times that work for everyone. Users can also ask insightful questions to help better inform hiring decisions with guided interviews. Team members can easily compare and assess a candidate’s fit for a role with score-based evaluations and evaluation templates that keep the candidate pool organized with a calculated applicant score. JazzHR automatically calculates a score that makes comparing candidates easier.


SmartRecruiters expedites the hiring process through effective collaboration tools. Companies can engage all decision-makers, leave notes, and communicate in one place. Users can retain a centralized repository of hiring actions, tasks, and feedback. This collaboration feature allows team members to share resumes easily and securely within the platform and monitor hiring team productivity and candidate progression in real time. JazzHR keeps the entire hiring team involved and engaged through its collaboration feature. Teams can seamlessly organize their interview process and maintain schedules across multiple calendars. Users get to see each team member’s assessment in one central view. The ATS keeps everyone updated with its mentioning capability wherein users can simply @ mention any of the team members to keep them in the loop. Users can connect with each other and send alerts about potential candidates straight to their colleague’s inbox.


SmartRecruiters integrates seamlessly with applications for HR management, talent acquisition, time management, onboarding, and background checks:
  • BambooHR
  • Workday HCM
  • Sapling
  • GoodHire
  • Google Calendar
Integrations for JazzHR include tools for web analytics, human capital management, payroll, eSignature, and background checks:
  • GoodHire
  • Rippling
  • Google Analytics
  • HelloSign
  • Zenefits

Which ATS software to choose?

Given the beneficial features offered by both SmartRecruiters and JazzHR, choosing between them won’t be easy. But aside from the fact that SmartRecruiters is better suited for mid-sized and bigger companies while JazzHR fits all business sizes, there are some important details you might want to keep in mind in choosing between the two ATS solutions. If you have team members who need to work remotely, SmartRecruiters is the better choice as it offers a native mobile application for hiring teams to stay connected anywhere they are. JazzHR currently doesn’t have the same feature. However, JazzHR has powerful employer branding capabilities and gives teams the freedom to customize their site to promote their brand more effectively. Still undecided? Know more about your other options by using our Product Selection Tool. You can get a list of reliable ATS solutions worth considering.