Recruitee and Breezy HR are two of the most trusted applicant tracking systems (ATS) solutions that you can use to find qualified individuals to fill the positions in your company.

Recruitee is a leading ATS software in Europe that is renowned for its ease of use. This software can handle everything from candidate sourcing to employee onboarding. Breezy HR is a top-rated software popular for its visual recruiting system. It has features to facilitate everything from promoting jobs to communicating with employees.

We will compare the key features of Recruitee and Breezy HR to give you an overview of what you can expect from each software.

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Recruitee vs. Breezy HR: What you need to know

Recruitee is more than just an ATS software — it also has capabilities for employer branding, job promoting, and talent sourcing. Its main features include candidate pipelines, access to free and paid job boards, candidate video chat, team collaboration, careers sites, email scheduling, reporting, and mobile access. Recruitee has average prices and is ideal for any sized businesses.

Breezy HR is a modern and end-to-end ATS software that helps companies attract and hire the right employees with less effort. The primary features of this software include candidate management, team collaboration, scheduling, email and text messaging, candidate sourcing, careers sites, reporting, and mobile access. Breezy HR offers fixed and affordable rates. It also has a free version. This ATS software is suited for any business size.

Comparing the features

Both Recruitee and Breezy HR have features for interview scheduling, collaboration, and mobile access.

Interview scheduling

Recruitee has an interview scheduling feature called the Scheduler. The Scheduler lets users set interviews with more than one person. It works with synced calendars to automatically check the availability of all interviewers. When sharing a Scheduler link with a candidate, they will be able to choose a time slot that suits them and every interviewer involved.

Breezy HR lets users access all of the interviewers’ schedules side by side and check team availability. Interviews can be dragged and dropped into available time slots. This software also has an Interview Self-Scheduling feature that gives qualified candidates the opportunity to schedule at their convenience. Breezy HR’s scheduling feature is synchronized with each user’s Google or Outlook calendar.


With Recruitee’s collaboration feature, teams can discuss candidates and collaborate to accelerate the hiring process with better outcomes. Users receive real-time updates and notifications from their team. The software lets you store briefs, drafts, documents, or messages relating to the Talent Pool. Users can also mention team members by using the format @name.

Breezy HR ensures that teams are engaged and involved with the hiring process. The system has @mentions and team scorecards that make it easier to get everyone on the same page. The entire conversation flows in real time, so there’s no delay in getting feedback. The @mentions notify and engage the right people. The team also gets access to Candidate Scorecards. Candidate scorecards let users compare candidate ratings using a clean, side-by-side comparison dashboard. Scorecard ratings leave less room for bias and heighten the chances of making a long-term hire.

Mobile access

Recruitee has an Android and iOS mobile app that lets users stay in touch with their candidates and recruiting team 24/7. Access the entire candidate database anywhere. Receive push notifications of the candidates and job openings you follow. The app lets users access Recruitee’s top features such as one-click interview scheduling, task management, and pipeline drag and drop. Users can see the overview of all upcoming and completed tasks. They get the ability to add, edit, delete, assign, and complete tasks. Users can also preview job descriptions, requirements, and additional information. Links from e-mail messages now open directly in the mobile app, too.

Breezy HR also has mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. The HR team can coordinate and schedule candidate interviews through the app. Users can send and receive email and text messages with candidates. Discuss, score, and vet candidates with team members. Easily drag and drop candidates through their pipeline stages from apply to hire. Get real-time notifications for new candidates, candidates’ messages, and relevant team discussions using the Breezy HR mobile app.


You can integrate numerous platforms and solutions with Recruitee, including tools for access management, remote access, time management, payroll, and social media:

  • Personio
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Okta
  • Google Calendar

Breezy HR can be integrated with various applications for team communication, file sharing, password management, web analytics, and onboarding:

  • Google Analytics
  • Slack
  • Zenefits
  • 1Password
  • Microsoft 365

The final decision

With all the valuable features offered by Recruitee and Breezy HR, it’s easy to understand why so many businesses from different industries trust these ATS solutions. However, one software will always be better suited for your business.

Recruitee’s mobile application has better capabilities than that of BreezyHR, making it the better choice if you have team members who frequently work outside the office. The Recruitee mobile app has task management features that can help ensure that team members stay on top of their tasks and responsibilities.

Breezy HR might be the more practical choice for you if you’re just starting a small business because it has a free version. The software can be great for large companies, too, especially if you’re screening a large number of applicants. Breezy HR’s Candidate Scorecard can be helpful for your hiring team if you want them to be able to identify the status of each candidate at a glance.

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