Recruitee and ApplicantStack are great options if you’re looking for dependable applicant tracking systems (ATS) solutions that can help you search for credentialed individuals to work for you. Both ATS solutions have rich features and high customer satisfaction ratings.

Recruitee is Europe’s leading ATS software and is used by over 600 companies worldwide. This ATS software is capable of aiding in the entire recruitment process, from talent sourcing to employee onboarding. ApplicantStack is a top-rated ATS software with countless users from more than 200 industries. ApplicantStack has capabilities for recruitment and onboarding. Users particularly like the software’s user-friendly interface.

In this article, we will compare the main features of Recruitee and ApplicantStack to shed some light on how each software can help improve your hiring process.

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An overview of Recruitee vs. ApplicantStack

Recruitee is an award-winning collaborative hiring software used by Toyota, Starbucks, and Singapore Airlines. Its features include candidate pipelines, job board integrations, smart campaigns, customizable careers site, automation, reports, interview scheduling, and mobile access. Recruitee has mid-range prices. It is suitable for small, mid-sized, and large scale companies.

Like Recruitee, ApplicantStack has won awards for its features and user-friendliness. This ATS is trusted by the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Williams-Sonoma, and Hallmark Canada. ApplicantStack has features for job posting, launching, and advertising. It also has features for pre-screening, reporting, collaboration, and onboarding. This software has low-end prices and can meet the needs of any business size.

Features comparison

Recruitee and ApplicantStack have features for job advertising, interview scheduling, and collaboration.

Job advertising

Recruitee advertises job vacancies for businesses using careers sites, job boards, and social media. The software comes with a careers site with customizable settings so businesses can build their brand, share their vision, and promote their culture. Jobs can be posted to all of the major free and premium job boards around the world. Businesses can create social campaigns and share jobs on all major social networks to broaden their audience reach.

With ApplicantStack, users can create, post, and manage jobs from one place. ApplicantStack lets users create customized postings from scratch or by utilizing one of the job post templates from the system. Job postings are distributed on custom-branded job boards that are designed by ApplicantStack itself to match the brand. After posting your jobs to job boards, publish them on social media sites, career pages, and job search sites as well.

Interview scheduling

Recruitee uses its Scheduler feature to set and book interviews with multiple individuals. Scheduler works with your synced calendar to automatically check the availability of all interviewers. When sharing a Scheduler link with a candidate, they can select a time slot convenient for them and every interviewer participating. With the Scheduler feature, candidates can only choose times where you, and if applicable other interviewers, are all available.

ApplicantStack makes scheduling interviews a breeze. You can even give candidates the power to select a date and time that is mutually available. The system can be synced with Google Calendar and Office 365. You have two ways to schedule: you can choose a time or allow the applicant to select an interview time from pre-cleared calendar slots. If you enable applicant self-scheduling, the candidate will be emailed a link to your scheduling calendar. When they follow the link, they will see your interview calendar. They can only schedule during a slot your hiring team has already designated.


Recruitee incorporates collaboration with task management. Through the software, users can utilize notes and change of status notifications for deeper team collaboration. Recruiters can assign specific tasks to teammates and notify them when changes are made to a candidate profile. Additionally, team members are able to make notes and comments on candidates to enable two-way communication and decision making.

With ApplicantStack, your team can review applications as they come in and rank them to see who makes the cut. Hiring teams can collaborate to score individual candidates and automatically screen applications for keywords or qualifications. Each decision maker or interviewer can enter notes and ratings for job candidates. Because it’s cloud-based, these ratings are easily accessible from any connected device. Tasks can be assigned to an internal user for each candidate, too.


Integrations for Recruitee include tools for pre-assessment, phone number finder, technical assessment, background screening, and payroll:

  • Checkr
  • Personio
  • Codility
  • Interview Mocha
  • SignalHire

ApplicantStack has integrations with applications for file storage, web analytics, job posting, human capital management, and payroll:

  • Paychex Flex
  • ADP Workforce Now
  • Google Analytics
  • Dropbox
  • Indeed

The better suited ATS for your company

With the robust features from Recruitee and ApplicantStack, it’s unsurprising that each software received recognition. The better suited ATS for your company will depend on the specific features you want to add to your recruitment process.

Recruitee has a dedicated mobile application that can be useful for your company if you have team members who need to work remotely. However, you might find ApplicantStack’s job post templates to be valuable to your business if creating job postings from scratch is not your cup of tea.

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