In searching for the perfect applicant tracking system (ATS) software for your organization, it’s always wise to check out choices with high customer satisfaction ratings, such as Pinpoint and JazzHR. Pinpoint is a complete recruitment solution with features to attract, hire, and retain talent. JazzHR is one of the most popular ATS solutions and is especially known for its usability and user-friendly interface. In this article, we’ll compare the key features of Pinpoint vs. JazzHR to help you find out if one of these ATS solutions has the capabilities you need for your business. There are many ATS solutions with rich features that you can consider. Use our Product Selection Tool to get a free list of the trusted ATS solutions today.

Pinpoint vs. JazzHR: What you need to know

Pinpoint, also known as Pinpoint HQ, is the ATS trusted by numerous organizations, including Grant Thornton and Langham Hall. Founded in 2017, this ATS has features for job advertisement, employee referral, employer branding, referrals, interview scheduling, offer management, communication, team collaboration, and onboarding. Pinpoint is better suited for mid-sized to large companies and has high-end priced plans. Over 6000 organizations use JazzHR to find the best people to work for them. Companies that use this ATS include MLB, Atlantic Media, and Red Bull. JazzHR has features for applicant tracking, candidate sourcing, collaborative hiring, compliance and reporting, employer branding, interviews, assessments, and offer management. This ATS is suitable for any business size. It has average pricing.

Features comparison

Pinpoint and JazzHR have features for employer branding, communication, and offer management.

Employer branding

Pinpoint can create or promote your company by building a branded careers site for you. Pinpoint will team up with you to create a careers website that’s intricately crafted to attract the candidates you want to hire. Present your organization the right way to the right candidates with an engaging careers website, customized user journeys, and searchable job listings. You simply need to provide vital details such as your business type and the types of candidates you want to attract; then Pinpoint will use these insights to design, build, and launch your modern careers site that works with your existing brand guidelines and styles. JazzHR provides users with customizable templates for their careers sites and lets businesses create their own brand on their own, even without the help of a web designer or developer. You can choose from over a dozen templates or connect your JazzHR account to your website’s career page for a seamless job-posting experience. In addition, companies will also be provided with branded message templates to make sure every candidate gets branded and personalized responses every time they get in touch with your business.


Pinpoint’s communication feature aims to keep everyone up to date, effortlessly. This ATS comes with a centralized inbox so every member of the hiring team is informed of the communications with each candidate. Also, the centralized inbox makes data protection compliance easier. Pinpoint has customizable templates to make candidate communication fast, consistent, and easy. Keep your candidates engaged and posted about every stage of the hiring process with personalized and automated emails. Save time by sending bulk emails to candidates. Every communication between the team and the candidate is displayed on an easy-to-read timeline. JazzHR lets hiring teams maintain an instant dialogue with all candidates. Users can store personalized message templates in the system and reuse them for quick communication. Inboxes can be synced with JazzHR to receive and reply to urgent recruiting messaging without having to log into the system. This ATS also has an auto-sending feature. Users can choose when candidates will receive pre-drafted email responses as they proceed through the candidate funnel. JazzHR will send these templates to the determined recipients, saving time and effort on your end.

Offer management

Pinpoint helps hiring teams create digital job offers, send them directly to candidates, and manage each step of the process in one central location. You can create custom offer letter templates for each location, department, or job with Pinpoint. Users simply need to add the details specific to the offer such as start date and salary, then select the appropriate offer letter template. Pinpoint automatically populates the offer letter and emails it to the candidate. The system also lets users track offer acceptance. Notifications will be sent as the offer status is updated and hiring managers can log in and see the progress of their hires at any time. JazzHR lets recruitment teams create, document, and manage the offer stage. Replicate and customize approved offer templates to save time and eliminate paperwork. Teams can pre-populate offers with key candidate information like salary, start date, and job title. JazzHR also has reusable offer letter templates to maintain hiring velocity. Offer letters can be sent in bulk to multiple candidates. To complete the offer, companies can digitize offer acceptance and onboarding processes. Important documents can be accessed and signed from anywhere using mobile devices.


Pinpoint has integrations with numerous tools and applications for HR management, messaging, interviewing, talent sourcing, and security:
  • Bob
  • Twilio
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft SSO
JazzHR can be integrated with applications and platforms for assessments, background checks, calendars, video interviews, and payroll:
  • Logi-Serve
  • Checkr
  • G Suite
  • Spark Hire
  • BambooHR

The ATS software for your needs

With the features and capabilities of Pinpoint and JazzHR, it’s easy to understand why thousands of companies trust them for recruitment. The software that is more compatible with your business will depend on your specific business needs. For example, if you want assistance in creating your own career website, Pinpoint is the better choice because the Pinpoint team will actually help you build your site from the ground up. However, if you want to create your branded career site yourself, JazzHR is what you need since the system allows users to explore, build, and customize the site on their own. If you’re still unsure about Pinpoint or JazzHR, use our Product Selection Tool to learn about other ATS options.