Pinpoint vs. Greenhouse

Pinpoint vs. Greenhouse

We compare Pinpoint and Greenhouse to help you choose the right applicant tracking system for your business.

Managing your hiring process can be a challenging task, especially if you have a large company. Fortunately, you can achieve more than automating your onboarding process with today’s technology. There are a lot of HR software options on the market to help you manage your business.

In this article, we’ll review and compare the different features of Pinpoint and Greenhouse ATS. If you’re ready to speed up your research, use our Product Selection Tool. Enter your feature requirements and user needs, and we’ll provide you with a custom list of HR recommendations that fit your company.

Pinpoint vs. Greenhouse: Overview

Pinpoint is an applicant tracking software that’s designed to automate your recruitment process and allows you to customize your hiring workflows. This HR tool enables you to parse applicant resumes and store it to your applicant database to increase your talent pool for future vacancies. With Pinpoint, you can do more than track your applicant’s recruitment process; you can also automate your interview scheduling for your applicants.

Greenhouse is a human resource tool that helps its users manage the recruitment process of the company. With its numerous integrations and helpful features, your business will have the ability to recruit in a more effective and less time-consuming way. With Greenhouse, your company will have the best and most talented members on board.

Features and programs of Pinpoint vs. Greenhouse

Each tool has its unique take on the typical HR tool set up, which contributes to the overall performance of your HR software. In this section, we will compare the features and capabilities of Pinpoint and Greenhouse:


  • Applicant Tracking
  • Calendar Management
  • Communication Management
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Job Application Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Referral Source Tracking


  • Resume Database
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Pipeline Management
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Data Import/Export
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Event Management

Customer support for Pinpoint vs. Greenhouse 

Support tools help you manage your business processes whenever you’re stuck using one of its onboarding or data importation features. With the help of the support tools, you’ll be able to master and troubleshoot the software. Pinpoint and Greenhouse ATS offer the same customer support tools: 

  • Video tutorials
  • Online customer support
  • Knowledge base

Similar features of Pinpoint vs. Greenhouse

Pinpoint and Greenhouse might be different HR tools, but the main purpose of their software is still the same: to help you hire the best applicants and improve your overall HR processes. Here are some similar features that both Pinpoint and Greenhouse share:

Applicant tracking

Pinpoint’s applicant tracking feature allows you to create and send pre-built templates for faster communication with your potential new hires. This feature greatly reduces the time that your hiring managers spend in sending emails to your applicants. With Pinpoint’s applicant tracking feature, you can significantly improve your hiring workflows by automating your email response.

GreenhouseATS’s applicant tracking feature offers templates for the candidates you’ve decided to hire. This feature will help you monitor and analyze employee performance as compared to other applicants during their training. With GreenhouseATS’s applicant tracking feature, you can compare the progress of your candidates to find the right person for the position.

Resume database

Pinpoint’s resume database feature allows you to parse and store each candidate data into a standardized profile for filtering and comparisons. This feature increases your company’s talent pool that allows you to choose past applicants for future vacancies. With Pinpoint’s resume database feature, you can invite candidates who already applied to new job vacancies in your business that match their profile.

Greenhouse’s resume database feature allows you to store all of your applicant’s information in one storage and arrange it in robust profiles. This feature allows your hiring managers to create custom profiles for each applicant so that you can easily search for certain qualifications in your talent pool. With Greenhouse’s resume database feature, you can schedule an interview with the best candidates in your talent pool faster with each customized profile.

Which HR software should you choose?

Choosing between Pinpoint and Greenhouse can be a hard decision to make, considering that each HR software has benefits to offer your business. If you’re still stuck on which HR tool you should select, don’t worry because we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for an HR management software that offers templates for the candidates you’ve decided to hire, then we suggest that you try Greenhouse ATS. With Greenhouse’s applicant tracking feature, you can compare the progress of your candidates to find the right person for the position.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an HR tool that allows you to parse and store each candidate data into a standardized profile, then we suggest that you choose Pinpoint. With Pinpoint’s resume database feature, you can increase your company’s talent pool with candidates who already applied to certain positions. 

For more HR management software options, make sure to check out our website. Use our Product Selection Tool to get a shortlist of recommendations based on your feature requirements. 

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