Technology has certainly improved recruitment through automation. But technology alone cannot help companies get the best talent, especially when it is used only to collect potential candidates and narrow the list down based on the presence or absence of certain qualifications. Fortunately, today’s software solutions do more. Recruiting software:
  • Helps recruiters reach out to more candidates
  • Automates responses so that communication is regular and continuing
  • Eases collaboration among the recruiting teamTracks candidates  through the entire hiring process
  • Improves candidate experience with the help of technology
This Lever vs. Workday comparison article shares information about two popular solutions. Lever is specifically focused on recruiting, while Workday enables enterprises to manage not only recruiting, but the entire human resources workflow, as well as financial and planning areas of a business. Not sure if Lever or Workday is right for you? Use our HR Software Buyers Guide to get 5 free recommendations from our TechnologyAdvisors that are tailored to your needs.


Lever, Inc. is a privately held software company based in San Francisco. It was co-founded by Nate Smith and Sarah Nahm in 2012. Nate and Sarah were former Google employees who decided to form a startup that will help companies grow their teams. Nate is the author of a real-time web framework that uses the same algorithm that powers Google Docs. Sarah was involved in the growth of the Chrome browser. The company they formed prioritizes values such as collaboration, transparency, and humanity, and all these are reflected in their software. Lever offers the Talent Suite, which is composed of several products for recruitment, candidate relationship management, analytics, and an integration platform. It can be used by businesses of all sizes for all industries. It has customers from the technology, manufacturing, and marketing industries.


Workday, Inc. is a publicly traded software company based in Pleasanton, California. It was co-founded by Aneel Busri and Dave Duffield in 2005. Dave founded Peoplesoft and served as its CEO, while Aneel held senior leadership positions at the company. When Peoplesoft was acquired by Oracle in 2005, Dave and Aneel decided to build a startup that offers cloud-based finance and HR applications. Workday is an online enterprise system for finance, human resources, and planning. It offers several products such as business planning, financial management, human capital management, analytics, and more. It is ideal for medium to large enterprises, and provides solutions for many different industries, including life sciences, technology, and insurance.

Common features in Lever and Workday

Applicant tracking and hiring

Lever Hire is a complete recruiting solution you can use from sourcing and attracting candidates to interviewing, offering jobs, and analyzing reports. You can easily create a candidate listing and compile all information about the candidate in one view. From a single historical record, you can view personal information as well as previous communications, feedback, and status of the applicant. Your company will have its own talent database where you can quickly search for candidates every time you have a requisition. The software lets you build career pages and mobile-friendly job applications. You can schedule interviews in collaboration with the candidates and with other interviewers. Hiring managers can review candidates, leave feedback, and approve job offers wherever they use email clients that sync with the software. It also includes a to-do list tool and customizable interview kits. Workday has a human capital management solution that includes recruiting features. As a complete HCM system, you can find the best candidate from both outside and inside the company. Reminders help you keep track with any recruiting tasks. You can also make the best decisions when making job offers because of unified recruitment and compensation data. It has tools to help you collaborate on interview feedback, schedule or reschedule interviews with calendar sync, and create a referral board. You can manage multiple candidates simultaneously, build career sites, allow candidates to apply on a mobile device, and determine their interview availability.

Reports and analytics

Lever Analytics has dashboards to help you visualize your data. You can access interactive graphs and predictive tools and get information on your entire hiring process using the same platform. The hiring module already includes basic report templates you can readily use. The analytics product adds advanced tools such as 14 additional pre-built dashboards and customizable reports. Get an overview or get detailed metrics easily that will give you insights to improve your recruiting process. You can also import data into the software or export your data to other business systems. Workday HCM includes interactive dashboards that allow you to track key metrics, so you can take actions quickly. It gives compensation recommendations based on machine learning, so you can create competitive offers. You can also use these benchmarks to assess your top performers or compare yourself with your peers in the industry. Aside from HCM analytics tools, Workday also offers a separate Analytics product that has features for showing key metrics and drivers to help you understand workforce trends and for integrating high volumes of data from external sources.

Unique features in Lever and in Workday

Lever candidate management

Lever is a recruiting solution that can be extended to manage candidate relationships. Lever Nurture is an application that works with the hiring module to help you quickly find new and existing candidates you can add to email campaigns. It helps you maximize your existing sourcing tools and lets you automatically send customizable email campaigns on schedule. Improve the response rates by personalizing the email sent by hiring managers. The software provides recommendations that you can expand or narrow, and re-open conversations with automated follow-ups. You can track the performance of your sources, generate reports, and gain insights to improve them. Read also: 5 BambooHR Alternatives to Test Drive Before You Buy

Workday talent management

Instead of candidate management, Workday as an HCM includes a talent management feature that helps you develop employed talents to become future leaders. It has onboarding tools to welcome and train new hires, automate processes, build profiles, and manage internal or international transfers. The software helps employees identify their most valuable skills and lets you get feedback with surveys. It also has tools for goal-setting, regular check-ins, talent reviews, career path development, and retention risk identification.

Which should you choose?

Lever offers a complete applicant tracking system and recruiting solution. It can integrate with other systems and applications through the Talent Cloud Connect product. You can integrate it with Workday products, such as its onboarding application for a unified workflow, data, and insight between the two solutions. Workday is a comprehensive enterprise software that includes products with many features. If you need more than a recruiting solution, its products give you a cloud-based system to help you manage your HR as well as your finance and workforce planning requirements. It also has software partners that can help build and deploy additional solutions. Want more HR software options? Use our HR Software Buyers Guide.