As a human resources professional, one of your most important responsibilities is to recruit talented employees for your company. But even before the recruiting process can begin, you need to accomplish several imperative tasks, to name a few:

  • Establish a recruiting strategy
  • Create a proper job description
  • Plan for an evaluation and selection process
  • Outline the metrics for the skills and qualifications needed
  • Match the requirements with applicants being recruited

You can streamline the recruiting process with the help of an applicant tracking and recruiting software. As the resident expert, however, evaluating the software is another item to the already long list of responsibilities you have.

We can help you figure out which system is best for you and take hours off your research process. Simply use our Product Selection Tool to get fast, free recommendations to get started right away. As a sample, this Lever vs. Workable comparison article explores similarities and differences and may give you an idea of available options you can choose from.


Lever Inc. is a private recruiting software company founded in 2012. It has offices in San Francisco and Toronto. The company’s mission is to help its customers grow their team using modern and well-designed applications. With the best online recruiting tools, it lets users source, interview, and hire the best talent for their organization. The company continues to attract investment funds as it continuously innovates with advanced features.

Lever is a suite of applications that aims to give its customers an edge in bringing in the best talent. It has been recognized in the industry not only for its product’s business value but also for its passionate team who consistently help its users succeed. Collaboration, transparency, humanity, gender equality, and inclusion are some of the values important to the company. And they have incorporated it in their software to provide the best of results.


Workable Technology Limited is a privately held software company based in Boston. It was founded in 2012, and has offices in San Francisco, London, Marousi, and Sydney. Before building Workable, the team used to recruit for other companies. They were using a combination of spreadsheets and software that eventually made their jobs unbearable. So, they built their ideal software that is usable and likeable for any recruiting team.

Workable is an online applicant tracking system and recruiting software that lets you find candidates, evaluate applicants, and automate administrative tasks. The software partners with many apps and tools for a wider search and extended functionality. It promises less than 25 minutes of response time from its customer support, and complies with world-class security standards to make sure your data is safe.

Feature comparison between Lever and Workable

Applicant tracking and management

Lever Hire is a complete recruiting solution that starts with a powerful sourcing tool. It is easy to create a candidate profile that consolidates all communication and information about the person in a single historical record. You can create beautiful careers pages for your website, as well as a viewable, mobile-friendly job application. Create interview schedules where candidates can book the time themselves. Let your hiring managers communicate quickly with the rest of the HR team directly from their email. Other productivity tools include a to-do list in your candidate dashboard and customizable interview kits that help in making informed decisions.

Workable lets you attract more candidates with one-click posting. It sends job ads to over 200 job sites and collects and organizes applications as they come in. It then adds the applications automatically to your pipeline. You can create beautiful, mobile-friendly careers pages with simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click tools. Search, filtering, and auto-fill features are built-in. The software emails the candidates with a real-time view of your calendar so they can book an open slot for an interview. Workable syncs with email clients like Gmail and Outlook, so you can stay connected with candidates and your team. A hiring planner automates approval workflows and manages requisitions and budgets. Assessment and interview tools enable fair and fast evaluations.

Candidate search and engagement

Lever Nurture allows you to add new or existing Lever candidates to your email campaigns. Send personalized emails from hiring managers automatically to save time and reduce costs. The software gives recommendations that include past candidates that fit your hiring requirements. You can also expand or narrow the candidate recommendations. Track the success of your sources by getting an overview of the results. Get reports per campaign, sender, role, and other criteria, so you can further optimize your efforts.

Workable gives you access to a searchable database of over 400M profiles, which you can filter by skill, location, previous employment, or experience, among others. Results include a detailed resume and contact info. It can also provide recommendations using an AI engine. The software can identify your top passive candidates and display your job ad on their Facebook and Instagram feeds. Make use of email templates that inform your candidates at every stage of the hiring process.

Analytics and security

Lever Analytics includes visual dashboards that inform you about conversion rates, source effectiveness, and other essential data. You can analyze your data deeper by building custom reports to explore trends. More than 14 pre-built dashboards give you a variety of insight on your recruiting efforts, ranging from high-level overviews to daily operational metrics. You can also import metrics from other systems and export Lever data whenever you need to. Lever is GDPR and EU/US Privacy Shield Framework compliant, as well as AICPA SOC 2 assessed.

Workable gives you automated reports that show your performance. These visual reports are easy to read and share with other stakeholders. It has automated tools to generate required reporting that shows compliance to strict data laws like GDPR and EEOC/OFCCP. To assure users of data security, it is ISO 27001 certified and complies with other world-class standards such as data encryption, security assessments, and third-party audits.

Choosing Lever vs. Workable

Lever gives you the option to start with individual products or grow at scale with its complete Talent Suite. The complete suite also includes Talent Cloud Connect for integration. Over 2,000 company customers take advantage of the more than 20 million candidates they can access through the software. Customers include 15Five, KPMG New Zealand, and Shopify.

Workable helps recruiting teams by providing features throughout the whole hiring process. It also has a fun and rewarding way to maximize referrals. It integrates with over 40 tools and services such as productivity apps, calendars, emails, and HR systems. Today, it has over 20,000 customer companies and has helped facilitate over 1.2 million hires.

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