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About Workable

Workable, a cloud-based recruitment software solution, was founded in 2012 to help small-to-medium businesses manage their hiring processes. 

Workable was created by third-party recruiters that tired of clunky applicant tracking systems and endless spreadsheets; it was designed to be an all-in-one solution for  hiring. From the creation of a branded careers page, to posting multiple ads to multiple job boards, Workable is the modern recruiting solution that streamlines your process and helps improve upon it by eliminating data entry and tracking key performance indicators. 

The system takes just 15 minutes to set up — no implementation specialist required. Simply create your job postings, and Workable automatically publishes to your careers page, free job boards, and offers discounted postings on paid job boards as well. Workable can also be used to establish an employee job referral program; it automatically tracks referral sources and makes it easy to reward whoever passed the applicant on. Furthermore, Workable reviews the social networks of your users to gather information and source candidates automatically. It also offers a unique feature, the Workable Clipper, which is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to ‘clip’ social and professional profiles and automatically create a candidate profile. 

We recommend Workable to any company looking for a social recruitment software tool, but especially those companies with LinkedIn recruiter accounts or who are working with third-party recruiters. 

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